How to Earn Money via Telegram Affiliate Marketing in India?

Telegram is one of those social media underdogs who have come out really well in this Covid-19 period. Getting your audience to join your Telegram channel or group is now a cake walk, thanks to the huge popularity of this free social media app/platform. Also, it has got amazing features like Telegram Bot, unique stickers, fast & higher data downloads and uploads, niche internet community, and more! That’s why is the need for Telegram Affiliate Marketing.

If you are looking to Monetize your Telegram channel or group, and also take your audience through the best of your content/industry/niche then this article is for you! We’ll let you know How You Can Earn Money via Telegram Affiliate Marketing Campaigns in India as well as around the world.

How to Earn Money via Telegram Affiliate Marketing in India?

Before moving ahead, first let’s breeze through the Cuelinks Telegram Bot which will help you for Instant Monetization! You simply need to give your links to this bot and it will convert them into Affiliate (money making) links. After which you can share them on your Telegram channel or group. Tracking happens 24×7 with report generation so you just need to focus on your passion and monetization happens automatically! You can check out our detailed article on How to Earn Money via Cuelinks Telegram Bot? A Guide for Quick Affiliate Link Conversion for more info.

Top 10 Categories for Telegram Affiliate Marketing in India with Earning Rates

Whatever your niche, Fashion, Tech, Entertainment, Education, Travel, etc. there are Telegram Affiliate Marketing campaigns available for all. Thus, you can choose the best ones based on your niche. For instance, if you are a stock market (technical analysis is something interesting😉) expert then you can promote financial campaigns which will help your users access new & better opportunities. If you don’t find your desired one below then you can also search for Affiliate Marketing Campaigns here to find them.

Fashion Campaigns for Telegram Affiliate Marketing 

Fashion enthusiasts can make use of these affiliate campaigns for their Telegram channel. Also, people sharing fashion knowledge in their groups can benefit. 

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Myntra 7.50% – 9.00%CPS (cost per sale)
Ajio 6.00% – 7.20%CPS
Lenskart ₹84 – ₹100.80CPS
Tata CLiQ3.00% – 3.60%CPS

Electronics Campaigns for Telegram Affiliate Marketing 

Influencers with sight on electronic gadgets like laptops, televisions, home & kitchen appliances, etc. are the best beneficiaries here. Moreover, those who keep a check on price drop for deals & offers can use them.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Croma 1.69% – 2.02%CPS
Amazon 6.34% – 7.60%CPS
Flipkart ₹6.21 – ₹7.45CPI (cost per app install)
Samsung 2.48% – 2.97%CPS

Gifting Affiliate Campaigns for Telegram

Gifting is suitable for many Telegram monetizers because whatever the occasion, gifts make it special always! Moreover, now people can send gifts from India to abroad and vice versa which makes it even better.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
FernsNPetals6.75% – 8.10%CPS
IGP6.38% – 7.65%CPS
Flower Aura6.75% – 8.10%CPS

Food Telegram Affiliate Campaigns

This is the evergreen affiliate category on Telegram, thanks to today’s 10-min grocery delivery, online food delivery offers, and great availability of food chains across the country. 

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Cadbury Gifting33.75% – 40.50%CPS
Domino’s Pizza ₹21.00 – ₹25.20CPS/CPO (cost per order)
Swiggy ₹18.75 – ₹22.50CPS/CPO (cost per order)

Finance Affiliate for Telegram

If your Telegram group talks about stock market, mutual funds, SIPs, credit cards, etc. then these finance affiliate campaigns are worth it.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Axis Bank Mutual Funds₹150 – ₹180CPL (cost per lead)
Bank Of Baroda Credit Card₹337.50 – ₹405CPL
Fi-Money Android App ₹225 – ₹270CPL and CPI

Travel Affiliate for Telegram 

Today, travelers are keen to know how to get a trip done on budget so if you have something like “Bali Trip done in ₹5000: know how”, then get growing with flights, hotels, activities, tour packages, and similar monetization schemes. 

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
MakeMyTrip₹123 – ₹147.60CPS
OYO Rooms5.40% – 6.48% CPS
Air Vistara₹82.50 – ₹99CPS
Cleartrip ₹202.50 – ₹243CPS

Baby Care Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Many new baby care companies are coming in the market due to rising demand and great profitability. You can also have your share in this by promoting high paying campaigns here.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Mothersparsh 22.50% – 27.00%CPS
Firstcry ₹22.50 – ₹27CPS
Hamleys 4.42% – 5.31%CPS
Mamaearth 18.75% – 22.50%CPS

Health & Fitness Telegram Affiliate

This has become very important due to the severe impact Covid-19 has had all over the world. However, since it is ‘health’ no one will want to take risks so please promote smartly and responsibly.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Pharmeasy ₹202.50 – ₹243CPI & CPS
Netmeds5.40% – 6.48%CPS
Himalaya Wellness3.60% – 4.32%CPS
MyProtein India6.75% – 8.10%CPS

Education Campaigns

Learning from Home has become a new normal for kids, teenagers, and all lifetime learners. This has brought in online education with interactive coaching, 1-on-1 sessions, live exams, and more. Telegrammers having a knowledge hub can be benefitted here.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Udemy 9.00% – 10.80%CPS
Byju’s 6.00% – 7.20% CPS
Coursera 7.50% – 9.00%CPS

Software Affiliates for Telegram 

Software affiliates earn the highest, but do you know why? Definitely its the high demand and most used service, but also the affiliate campaigns which make it rise. Gamers, Developers, Designers, and other enthusiasts on your Telegram channel can be made aware of these.

Affiliate CampaignEarning RateCampaign Type
Adobe 63.75% – 76.50%CPS
Vimeo 2.25% – 2.70%CPS
NordVPN31.20% – 37.44%CPS

This was all about How to Make Money via Telegram Affiliate Marketing in India for influencers, bloggers, and others who make an impact in some or the other way.

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