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Adobe Affiliate Payout Categories

Creative Cloud & Document Cloud
Monthly plan of one month subscription fee
Annual plan (paid monthly) of one month subscription fee
Annual plan (prepaid) of one year subscription fee
Adobe Stock
Monthly plan (USD)
Annual plan: (paid monthly) - (USD)
Single Purchase: (one-time payment)
3 standard assets a month (paid monthly) of o ....
Trial, invalid and fraud orders, renewals

Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link

Disallowed Media

Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
POP Traffic
Native Ads
Social Media
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)

Countries Allowed

Colombia Flag Colombia
Azerbaijan Flag Azerbaijan
Hungary Flag Hungary
Brazil Flag Brazil
Ireland Flag Ireland
Finland Flag Finland
Ecuador Flag Ecuador
Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong
Italy Flag Italy
France Flag France
Egypt Flag Egypt
Belgium Flag Belgium
United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom
Argentina Flag Argentina
Israel Flag Israel
Austria Flag Austria
Costa Rica Flag Costa Rica
Indonesia Flag Indonesia
Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg
Morocco Flag Morocco
Portugal Flag Portugal
Peru Flag Peru
Tunisia Flag Tunisia
Romania Flag Romania
Mexico Flag Mexico
Kuwait Flag Kuwait
Thailand Flag Thailand
Singapore Flag Singapore
Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia
Norway Flag Norway
New Zealand Flag New Zealand
India Flag India
Poland Flag Poland
Turkey Flag Turkey
Russia Flag Russia
South Korea Flag South Korea
Taiwan Flag Taiwan
Japan Flag Japan
Qatar Flag Qatar
Canada Flag Canada
Slovenia Flag Slovenia
Slovakia Flag Slovakia
Spain Flag Spain
Philippines Flag Philippines
Denmark Flag Denmark
South Africa Flag South Africa
Netherlands Flag Netherlands
Czech Republic Flag Czech Republic
Latvia Flag Latvia
Estonia Flag Estonia
Sweden Flag Sweden
United States Flag United States
Germany Flag Germany
Australia Flag Australia
Venezuela Flag Venezuela
Malaysia Flag Malaysia
Bulgaria Flag Bulgaria
Chile Flag Chile

Important Information for Adobe Affiliate Program

Following publishers are not allowed:

a.       Coupon/Deal/Promo sites
b.       SEM/SEA/ Paid Search
c.       Display/Retargeting (Any advertising with ad exchanges)
d.       Browser extension
e.       Adult content or any other content which doesn’t fit Adobe’s brand

Additional Allowed - Disallowed Media:

PopUp / ClickUnder - Forbidden
SEM - Forbidden
Doorway pages - Forbidden
Brand bidding - Forbidden
Cashback - Forbidden
Toolbar - Forbidden
Adult - Forbidden
Banner-teaser networks - Allowed
YouTube Channel - Allowed

Adobe Campaign does not help with the missing transaction

Tracking Information:

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any purchase.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Similar Campaigns

About Adobe Affiliate Campaign

The Creative Cloud client is an excellent starting point for any creative project. Start and update your desktop programs without detours. Files stored with Creative Cloud are easy to manage and share. Download fonts from Adobe Fonts or high-quality, royalty-free content directly from the application. Use Behance to publish your work as well as a source of inspiration. And best of all, the client never gets in the way, but you can always get it when you need it. So you can focus on the implementation of your ideas.

About Adobe Affiliate Program

Adobe, the multinational computer software company specialised in building software for a wide variety of content such as graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia assets, etc. Its flagship products includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe, and Adobe Reader. What many may not know is that Adobe also has an affiliate program that incentives people to promote Adobe products. As an Adobe affiliate, you can promote the Adobe Creative Cloud monthly or yearly subscription, Adobe Stock subscription plan or single-purchases of any Adobe assets. With Adobe being a pioneer and one of the top creative software as a service (SAAS) companies in its space, recommending Adobe products as an affiliate can be of great value.

Sign up Free and Join the Adobe Affiliate Program

To join the Adobe Affiliate Program, visit an affiliate network website such as Cuelinks. Sign up for free and enroll yourself as an affiliate to the Adobe affiliate program almost instantly. Find all the details about the Adobe Affiliate Program that you need to get started from payout commissions, eligible products to promote, cookie duration to countries supported. So, be sure to join the Adobe Affiliate Program for free with Cuelinks!

Adobe Affiliate Program Commission Rates 

Adobe Affiliate Program commission rate details are important to know before you consider to join the program. The affiliate payout rates of the Adobe Affiliate Program are above-average and range anywhere from 6.25% per sale to 63.75% per sale on Cuelinks. It is important to note that different products of Adobe can have different affiliate commission rates. Overall, the Adobe affiliate commission rates are rewarding and certainly make the affiliate program worth joining.

Adobe Affiliate Payout Categories: What can you promote as an affiliate

Below are some of the products you can promote under the Adobe Affiliate program:
  • Creative Cloud Subscription 
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Stock 
  • Adobe Document Cloud
  • Adobe Lightroom

How to Promote the Adobe Affiliate Program

Adobe Affiliate Program is an affiliate program in the Art and Photography niche. You can easily promote the Adobe Affiliate Program on your website, social media or blog and earn a good commission. Promote relevant Adobe solutions to your audience’s needs such as Adobe Photoshop for art and photography, Adobe Document Cloud for managing and creating multi-media assets, Adobe Stock for photography , web development and video creation, etc. 
Where to promote the Adobe Affiliate Program:
  • Mobile devices: Yes 
  • Laptop/ Desktop devices: Yes 
  • Cookie tracking duration: 30 Days
  • Deeplinks allowed: Yes
  • Incentives/ Cashback allowed: Yes 

Adobe Affiliate Program Review 

Here’s a review of the Adobe Affiliate Program: Adobe Affiliate Program is one of the top affiliate programs to promote in the art, photography and creative niche. The service is used by not just artists, and photographers but also by graphic designers, web designers, small business owners and students, working professionals. There’s immense potential to make money as an affiliate when you join the Adobe Affiliate Program. You can promote the program on your website, social media, or blog and given the popularity and application of the Adobe services, it is certain to be of great value to your audience.

FAQs Adobe Affiliate Marketing Program

Does Adobe have an affiliate program?

Yes, Adobe has an affiliate program that offers incentives and affiliate commission for promoting some of the Adobe products. You can join the Adobe Affiliate Program for free on an affiliate network such as Cuelinks 

What is the commission rates of the Adobe Affiliate Program?

The commission rate of the Adobe affiliate program varies depending on the product you are promoting. Joining the Adobe affiliate program via an affiliate network such as Cuelinks, you can receive anywhere from 6% to 65% affiliate commission on promoting the Adobe products. 

Can anyone join the Adobe Affiliate Program?

Anyone with a relevant audience and from a supported country can join the Adobe Affiliate program. Simply visit an affiliate network like Cuelinks and sign up for free!