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Important Information for Axis MF_CPL Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking- Offline

Brand – Axis MF

Product – Mutual Funds

Validation Criteria – KYC Verified Leads will be paid.

Targeting: Pan India

Targeting audience - Age Group: 25+ M/F, Income: 5L & above.

KPI - Need 3% Transactions

Daily Cap - 20 Leads

Please Note - Do do not push any Cashback/Any type of incent/Fraud/PPC/Brand bidding or miss-communicated content other than the shared emailer and SMS content, doing so will lead to a huge penalty of Rs. 5 lac, blocking payments & validations (including all campaigns) and will no longer work with us.

Terms and Conditions for running Emailer campaigns.
  1. If any misuse of channel/content or using the cross channel is observed by the client team, the penalty will be imposed i.e. Rs. 5 Lakh or double the RO value (whichever is higher).
  2. If any escalation is received from Compliance or SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) for marketing malpractices, the Publisher will be solely responsible for the penalty.
  3. Publisher or sub-publisher will be directly answerable to the client or other legal parties in terms of penalty cost or issues raised by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) in case of misrepresentation of the information.
  4. Emailer activity should be done in a brand-safe environment.
  5. The mandate only allows a publisher/sub-publisher to run Email campaigns, using any other channel apart from email is not allowed.
  6. Publishers will be penalized for manipulation with the creative, sender name or subject lines.
  7. Traffic should only be delivered from demographic & geo-targeting set by the client.
  8. Only use approved sender names & content from the client, otherwise, it will be directly penalized.
  9. Any changes made in the link if found will be penalized.
The session/clicks to KYC ratio should not be more than 8-10%

Emailer -'
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