Top 13 Antivirus Affiliate Programs Worldwide 2024

Antivirus software was not required way back, but now is a necessity, and in coming years will become more of an essential part of our digital world. Also, with yearly/quarterly renewals, the Antivirus Affiliate Marketing space will be always blooming. Therefore, we have got the Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs of 2024 (so far) from around the World for all those into the Internet Security niche. Even those who can cross-relate Antivirus Softwares with their quality content well, can make well-deserved money with accurate tracking, timely validations, and promised payouts!  

Avira Antivirus Affiliate Program 2024

Download Avira Free Antivirus 15.0.2004.1825 for Windows -

Avira Prime (its paid antivirus) protects from scams, identity theft, financial loss, and secures online activities with free VPN. It also speeds up and cleans the PC for peak productivity. Moreover, Avira is awarded for Best usability, Anti-Phishing, Malware Protection, Real-Word Protection, and Performance by AV Comparatives. The Avira Prime subscription covers upto 25 devices, and the company comes up with upto 50% discount offers frequently so will make a great deal for your users. Commission Rates for the Avira Antivirus Affiliate Program 2024 are sky high at 100%+ which makes it one of the Best high commission antivirus affiliate programs! The 3 month cookie period is also impressive!  

Commission RatePayout Upto 90.00% – 108.00% / Sale
Cookie 90 days
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, India, United States, Germany, Australia 

Avast Affiliate Program for United States

Online/Offline Avast Antivirus Software, For Windows at Rs 560/piece in  Faridabad

Avast’s Premium Antivirus Security comes with additional layers of advanced security and privacy. In 2020, it achieved Cybersecurity Breakthrough. Then in 2021, it got Approved Endpoint Protection from AV Test. Moreover, it has 13,520+ 4-star reviews (average) on Trustpilot! Avast also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee! These are the key reasons why the Avast Affiliate Program is in this list. It allows Incentivized Traffic!   

Commission RatePayout Upto 22.50% – 27.00% / Sale
Cookie 1 day
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 90 days after validation
Countries United States

Kaspersky Antivirus Affiliate Program Vietnam

Kaspersky Vietnam has antivirus solutions for families and businesses starting from 180,000 VND. It covers all Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. In 2023, it prevented 437M cyber attacks, blocked 106M malicious URLs, and disabled 112M malicious objects! Furthermore, the Kaspersky Antivirus Affiliate Program for Vietnam has a 1 week EPC of 3312.37 VND! It allows social media promotions, deals & coupons, what else do you need!

Commission RatePayout Upto 10.50% – 12.60% / Sale
Cookie 30 days
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries Vietnam 

Kaspersky Affiliate Program India

Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus, For Windows at Rs 999 in Bengaluru

The Kaspersky Affiliate Program for India excels in antivirus renewals. Thus, you don’t have the hassles of getting new users. However, on the down side, social media and deal & coupon promotions are barred. Still this Kaspersky antivirus affiliate campaign has a convincing conversion rate. Here, antivirus plans start from ₹400/year so every budget audience can benefit, and so do you! 

Commission RatePayout Upto 37.50% – 45.00% / Sale
Cookie 30 days
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries India 

Norton Affiliate Program

Norton AntiVirus Software - 2024 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

The Norton Antivirus Plus comes with antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection. It gives 100% Virus Protection Promise with 2GB Cloud Backup and access to 3 PCs or Macs. Norton’s mobile security is also popular. Besides, the Norton Affiliate Program is among the best high commission antivirus affiliate programs with more than 100% earnings!   

Commission RatePayout Upto 105.00% – 126.00% / Sale
Cookie 1 day
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 70 days after validation
Countries Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, North Korea, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, United States, Australia, Malaysia 

McAfee Antivirus Affiliate Program

McAfee Support Community - Disable popups on McAfee AntiVirus Plus - McAfee  Support Community

McAfee is a subsidiary company of Intel so with years of trust, you can definitely bank on the McAfee Antivirus Affiliate Program. You will find it in all Intel processed Laptops so it has a huge customer base. The McAfee Affiliate Program has worked great in the Gamer Security category so you can optimize it as well. McAfee is renowned for its total security solutions.

Commission RatePayout Upto ₹ 560.18 – 672.22 / Sale
Cookie 7 days
Deeplink No 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries New Zealand, India, Japan, Australia, Malaysia 

AVG Antivirus Affiliate Program

The AVG (Avast) Affiliate Program [Full Review] - YouTube

AVG is a 33 year old digital security company. It has got everything in the antivirus space with virus, malware, ransomware, and fake/unsafe websites detection & eradication. Its world-class products in AVG internet security, TuneUp, AntiTrack, BreachGuard, and more have made the AVG Antivirus Affiliate Program a success. They have monthly and yearly antivirus subscription plans with good deals promoted frequently. 

Commission RatePayout Upto 11.25% – 13.50% / Sale
Cookie 1 day
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries All 

SurfShark Antivirus Affiliate Program

Join the best VPN affiliate program - Surfshark

SurfShark has its antivirus under SurfShark One which is a cybersecurity bundle for all-over protection. It scans downloaded files, gives webcam protection, and tackles new viruses. SurfShark One discount goes as high as 75%! The SurfShark Antivirus Affiliate Program works in a restricted space, but once you get a knack of converting users, it’s a lottery! This is because its loyal & heavy VPN user base are the ones converting the maximum!  

Commission RatePayout Upto ₹ 32.06 – 38.48 / Sale
Cookie 30 days
Deeplink No 
Payment 90 days after validation
Countries All 

Reve Antivirus Affiliate Program

REVE Antivirus-Virus protection| Antivirus| Email Security

In just 10 years, Reve Antivirus has got a client base in 78+ nations. It is based in Singapore, India, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong, and is part of Reve Group (IP communications, web based software, roaming application since 2003). Reve Antivirus is well-known for its business solutions with Advanced Endpoint Security and management-free flexible licenses. Therefore, the Reve Antivirus Affiliate Program is among the Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs in 2024 so far! 

ESET Antivirus Affiliate Program Singapore

Eset Affiliate Program - Payout, Review, and Sign Up

ESET is a household name in the antivirus and internet security space. It excels in data encryption, password management, and securing online transactions. ESET has around 7k 4.5 star (average) reviews on Trustpilot. Moreover, it has 13 R&D centers Worldwide! AI, Sensory network, End-user tasks, and Multi Layered security is what makes the ESET Antivirus Affiliate Program highly demanding. Commissions are less but quarterly sales are highly impressive. 

Commission RatePayout Upto 3.00% – 3.60% / Sale
Cookie NA
Deeplink Yes 
Payment 60 days after validation
Countries Singapore 

Bitdefender Affiliate Program

New offer Launched: Bitdefender Affiliate Program -

Bitdefender is a 23 year old antivirus company based in Romania, United States, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. Its USP is threat prevention, detection, and response solutions Worldwide. The Bitdefender Affiliate Program is currently unavailable but will resume in a short time soon. Most Affiliate Marketers generally make good commissions with the Bitdefender Antivirus Affiliate Program. 

Malwarebytes Antivirus Affiliate Program | Malwarebytes Labs

Malwarebytes made its name via Enterprise-grade endpoint security (takes down threats without interrupting business). It is a success due to the various security layers it provides in laptops, servers, and mobile. Malwarebytes is MRG-Effitas certified for overall protection, exploit, online banking, and ransomware. Therefore, the Malwarebytes Antivirus Affiliate Program is one of the best Antivirus Affiliate Program. 

Webroot Affiliate Program

Webroot - Antivirus Software Affiliate Program Reviews - Affpaying

Webroot is an American cybersecurity software company that provides Internet security and threat intelligence services. With Webroot you are sure to save anytime due to its heavy promotions throughout the year (this can be a selling point). Its USP is faster scans with claims of 6X fast among its peers. On the trust front, it has got 285M+ devices with its antivirus among homes, businesses, and enterprises. Thus, the Webroot Affiliate Program can be a good start to your antivirus affiliate marketing journey!

These were all the Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs Worldwide in 2024 so far. Stay tuned for more antivirus affiliate campaigns. The antivirus renewal sales seem easy but not as many advertisers have restrictions on promotional campaigns so you need to play smart!   

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