Complete Guide: How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the Amazon India affiliate program is a popular choice because of the size and the authority of the brand in the online shopping space. In fact, it is very likely that many affiliate marketers began their journey in this sphere as an Amazon affiliate marketer. If you are planning to follow in their footsteps, here’s an article that answers all the questions you might have about Amazon affiliate program and how to make money from it.

Table of Contents:

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Why Amazon India Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs in the country?

Getting started as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

How to Monetise your Website and How to Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program Campaign

How to Make the Most of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Do’s and Dont’s of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

It is nothing but promoting the products and services of Amazon on your website, blog or channel to earn a commission on any sale made via your online property.

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the oldest and most lucrative programs out there, and thus, the most reliable way to make money online.

Why Amazon India Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs in the country?

Amazon India Affiliate Program

With the rise of online shopping and internet penetration around the world, there are thousands of online stores offering affiliate programs. However, the Amazon India affiliate program is considered among the best by many, here’s why:

  1. The sheer volume of products and categories available on Amazon India, makes it extremely easy for you as an affiliate marketer to find a niche and/ or think of content ideas for your Amazon affiliate blog or web property. The more ideas you have, the better content you create, the more opportunities you get to promote the Amazon affiliate program through your blog and the more money you are likely to make.
  2. With such a vast and diverse catalogue of products on offer on Amazon India, the Amazon affiliate program becomes a perfect fit for blogs, websites, and channels belonging to any niche like books, cooking, fashion, electronics, gadget review etc.
  3. Amazon is the most customer friendly brand on earth. This brand prides itself in providing genuine and quality products, on-time delivery and hassle-free returns and refunds. Thus, Amazon India is a favourite among online shoppers. This makes it easy for you as an Amazon affiliate marketer to convince your readers about the reliability and quality of products you are promoting via your affiliate site.
  4. Amazon India affiliate program offers commission on around 26 different categories available on Amazon India. The affiliate commission offered on some of these categories are as high as 7.62% to 9.15%.

Getting started as an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started as an Amazon affiliate marketer:

  1. Select a Niche:

Choosing a niche for your website or blog or channel is important because it helps you build a specific targeted audience and establish yourself as an authority in that particular subject. This helps build trust in your content and product recommendations.

It is always better to choose a niche that you are interested in or passionate about so that you are motivated to put in the effort and time required to build a decent online presence, which you can then hope to use to make money using the Amazon affiliate program.

Examples of niches that you can monetise with Amazon affiliate program:

  • Fashion
  • Parenting
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home Decor

2. Set up A Website and Post Content on it Regularly

Setting up a website is not as difficult as you’d think. Here are some articles that will tell you exactly what you need to do:

As far as posting content on your website is concerned, you just need to develop discipline and make it a point to write a fixed number of articles every week. Develop a content calendar, think about what topics you can write on during which time of the year, so on and so forth, and stick to it.

3. Build Traffic

Once you set up your website or channel, and start posting regular content on it, you need to promote it using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Snapchat et al to get a steady stream of visitors daily. You can also promote your website on various forums and communities like Quora, Reddit, Roposo and others that are relevant to your niche.

While promoting your website, take care that you do not simply tell people to read your article or spam the platform with links to your blog. Be more genuine in helping and advising people and contribute to these platforms in a meaningful way.

4. Monetise the Website

To be able to make money from your website you have to start inserting affiliate links of Amazon India, and of the products and services sold on it, in your articles. You need to convince your readers to click on these Amazon affiliate links on your site and shop using them.

How to Monetise your Website and How to Make Money from Amazon Affiliate Program Campaign

Sign up with your blog or website on Cuelinks . Once your blog or website is approved by the Cuelinks team, you can start using the various Cuelinks tools to start minting money by promoting the Amazon Affiliate Program campaign.

Here are the different ways in which you can promote the Amazon Affiliate Program campaign using Cuelinks’s various tools:

1. Cuelinks JavaScript Code: Once your account has been approved, you can install the Cuelinks JavaScript code in your webste’s footer, which converts all your Amazon India links into Amazon affiliate links automatically.

Cuelinks installation

After signing in, check the left hand side panel; click Installation > JavaScript. Copy the code given and paste it in your website’s footer, then you won’t have to worry about converting individual links into affiliate links ever.

2. Cuelinks SDK: If you have a mobile app of your website, then you can also monetise it with the Cuelinks SDK. Go to Installation > Android SDK and download the guidelines on how to install it in your Android app.

3. Cuewords: This is a one-of-its-kind tool created by Cuelinks to help affiliate marketers multiply their earnings faster. Just switch on this smart tool and it will automatically recognise the most relevant words and hyperlink them with relevant affiliate links, without you having to do anything. You can turn it on from Installation > Cuewords.

4. Cuelinks Google Chrome extension: This is the quickest way to create individual Amazon affiliate links without opening any other page. Just download the Cuelinks Google Chrome extension and sign in to your Cuelinks account; now whenever you are browsing Amazon India, the extension will prompt you to create the affiliate link of the page you are on. You can copy it with a click and promote that Amazon affiliate link through your content.

Cuelinks Google Chrome extension

If you use some other browser then, on the Cuelinks dashboard, go to Resource Center > Link Kit. You can use this tool to create individual Amazon affiliate program links for your website, and even add SubIDs to it for recording and tracking unique user attributes, banners, traffic sources, and/or link placement to figure out what’s working for you and what isn’t.

5. Cuelinks WordPress plugin: This is a great substitute for the Cuelinks JavaScript code if you have a WordPress blog or website. Just download and install the plugin from here, enter your Cuelinks publisher ID and all your Amazon affiliate links as well as all other merchant links will be affiliated and tracked by Cuelinks.

How to Make the Most of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

Now that you know how to become an Amazon affiliate marketer, let’s learn how you can be awesome at it. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of Amazon affiliate program:

Your choice of niche is important:

While you must choose a niche you are interested it, you must also see to it that it is a profitable niche like baby care products, mobile phones, kitchen appliances etc. You may either choose a niche with a wide range of inexpensive products or a niche with a limited selection of high-priced products to make money.

If you are writing about mobile phones this week and baby products the next, you are going to have a hard time trying to rank on search engines and building a loyal audience and authority for your website. If you are interested in multiple categories or themes, it is always better to have separate websites for each niche.

Win the trust of the audience

Quite a few of the most successful Amazon affiliate websites are review sites. While some focus on reviewing only latest gadgets, others review various products under a wide range of categories. However, the common thread between these sites are that their content is detailed and helpful.

Writing genuine and detailed reviews of products and services in your chosen niche is a proven way to make great money from Amazon affiliate program. When you recommend a product to your readers, make sure you answer all the questions any customer might have about the product, so that you can convince them to make an informed purchase. Even exhaustive buying guides make great Amazon affiliate marketing posts.

Invest in a better theme

Spend more time testing different layouts and themes for your Amazon affiliate marketing website and zero in on something that converts better. You will also find website themes specifically for review sites available online. Try one of them if your Amazon affiliate marketing site is a review site.

Keep updating old content

To increase your chances of making a sale, you need to increase the traffic on your content. One way to get more people to visit your site is to keep updating the best performing posts and pages. If you have a niche blog then you must update every single blog post at least once a month to keep it relevant and make it rank higher on search engines.

Google gives priority to articles that are updated regularly. Make sure you display the date and time of every update you make to your articles.

To build a successful Amazon affiliate website, you need to improve it’s visibility on the internet. For this you need to optimise it for search engines. Here are some SEO tips that you should know.

Choose your URLs carefully

To rank higher on Google and attract more traffic, try using the exact keywords that you are targeting in the URLs of your articles. However, you also have to take care that the keywords stay relevant even when you update your articles. Changing URLs of your articles is not a great idea.

Add affiliate links in text as well as images

In order to convert your readers into customers use Amazon affiliate links in your article as much as possible, without appearing spammy. One affiliate link per 100 words is quite acceptable. It has been observed that links given in the body of the articles convert better than links given anywhere else on the page. So you can promote the Amazon affiliate program by adding affiliate links to your text. Make sure the words you hyperlink are relevant like product names, price, brand names, store name etc.

Also, add images, preferably product images, to your articles and add Amazon affiliate links to them. Affiliate links on images also convert well.

Use ‘Buy Now’ buttons

A clear call to action always works better than anything else. Add a clickable ‘Buy Now’ button in your articles or images that takes the reader directly to the Amazon store page.

There are WordPress plugins that you can use. Be careful that the size of the button is between 200 pixel to 400 pixel. It shouldn’t be too small to be visible or so large that it is bothersome.

Your primary aim should be to get clicks, because when you get a click on your Amazon affiliate links, a cookie is dropped on your reader’s browser. The Amazon affiliate program uses 24 hour cookies. So no matter what your reader purchases in the next 24 hours on Amazon India, you will get a commission for it.

Plan content around sales and festivals

The chances of converting your visitors into customers are much higher during sales and festivals because people are in the mood for shopping. Amazon India hosts dedicated sale pages during almost all festivals including Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day et al.

So, plan your content around these festivals and special days with articles like top products to buy or top discounts to grab or best gifts for Diwali, to get maximum clicks on your Amazon affiliate links.

Promote Amazon affiliate program through your email list

Email marketing is one of the first marketing promotional efforts you can take to build your blog’s readership base. For the uninitiated, here’s an article on how to build an email subscription list and why is it important

You can ask people to sign up for exclusive reviews, buying guides and various other exclusive information to start building your email list. You can then use this list to promote your Amazon affiliate links during sales and festivals.

You can then send your subscribers promotional emails and newsletters with Amazon affiliate links inserted in them, during sales and festivals.

Create product comparison tables

You can put together some best-selling products under a single category and compare their features and price making it easy for your readers to choose a product. Insert ‘Buy Now’ buttons in the final column of the table to urge people to click.

Publish weekly posts

Another way to make more money out of the Amazon affiliate program is to publish some recurring weekly posts like ‘Best Deals of the Week’ in your chosen niche. You can also do a weekly post on the Bestsellers of the Week on Amazon India in your niche or the Best Products to buy from its Bestsellers page or Global Store.

Such product discovery posts have high conversion rates because they attract a more targeted audience i.e. people who are actually interested in buying. In fact, a number of successful Amazon India affiliate marketing sites are product discovery sites. E.g. ThisIsWhyIAmBroke is a site that finds the weirdest products sold online and curates them in one place for its visitors.

This is Why I Am Broke


Be patient

Blogging and affiliate marketing require a lot of discipline and investment of time. Do not expect results in just a few weeks. Even if you work 6 hours a day, it will take months to build a steady traffic and start earning money from it.

If you have any more tips on how to make the most of Amazon affiliate program, do share them with us in the comments section.

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