Easy Steps to Make Money through AliExpress Affiliate Program

As of 2017, AliExpress is the soul provider of the biggest online retailer services world over. Offering almost everything you can think of, AliExpress has over 130,000 active sellers, that serve buyers from more than 200 different countries & regions. Their massive base of buyers has made AliExpress a household name among people seeking reasonably priced quality materials produced straight out of the manufacturing giant, China. Considering their products are purchased in bulk from all over the world, the AliExpress affiliate program makes for a great choice offering an impressive commission to affiliate marketers. 

Making an absolute killing with AliExpress Affiliate Program is possible simply because commission per sale varies from a minimum of 2% to a whole 50%! That’s right, you can get close to 50% of the monetary value of a product depending upon what you were advertising/promoting through your content.

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How does AliExpress Affiliate Program work for Affiliate marketers?

The first and foremost factor that makes AliExpress affiliate program hit it off with digital marketers is the huge amount of revenue it helps generate. In 2016 alone, AliExpress affiliate program paid out over $100000 per month with top sellers making up to $20000 every month. In just a month!

Therefore, it’s a given that you can earn large amount of payouts with AliExpress affiliate programs. Apart from the monetization aspect, here are some more benefits of creating content for their program :

  • AliExpress caters to several countries all over the world with various modes of safe payment.
  • AliExpress also supports 16 languages in total unlike several other Affiliate programs.  
  • AliExpress unlike so many other Affiliate programs carries product from a very wide collection of clothing items, home decorations, electronics and other accessories. No matter what your niche, AliExpress will certainly not disappoint. 
  • All transactions that take place on the portal are integrated via an Escrow Service. An Escrow service ensures that payment is only released post a successful purchase is made at the buyers end.
  • AliExpress products are mass manufactured straight out of China. That implies the prices of products is much lesser than their supposed competitors. Your followers would feel compelled to make a purchase.
  • Unlike many famous affiliate programs, AliExpress offers a much longer cookie duration of up to 30 days. The usual cookie duration only last up to 24 hours or so. A longer cookie duration means that within that time frame you will get paid as long as a successful purchase has been made.

How can I earn money with the AliExpress affiliate program?

The essence of earnings is really very simple: bring in a buyer, earn a percentage of the purchase. The percentage can vary, from a minimum of 2% to a max 50%. You ability of bringing in new buyers will govern how much you eventually make from the AliExpress affiliate program.

With the AliExpress affiliate program you can work with 3 models in order to earn :

  • Partner links
  • Referrals – the webmaster receives a fee for attracting users (% of their earnings or purchases)
  • Cashback – the percentage of cashback from purchases made through the affiliate link (usually a 30% reward from cashback).

What does a commission mean?

In affiliate programs of Aliexpress, you receive your payout only if the customer referred to the site has actually made a successful product purchase. This is the only form of earnings for webmasters such as yourself. The site does not pay any money for the clicks, views of ads, or any other form of advertisement.

How much can you earn?

You get a fixed commission from each sale, its size can also depend on the monthly level of funds brought in by your links. How much can you earn in this way? From ridiculous 10 dollars to 30 thousand dollars per month (30 thousand is the amount that, according to AliExpress, their best webmasters earn that much).

If you work on a referral program, you consistently earn 5% from the income of the partner involved.

How are payments made?

Payments can be made monthly basis. It should be noted that the processing time for the order is 50-70 days i.e. every buyer you bring to Aliexpress makes a profit immediately, and you – only in about two and a half months.

Affiliates set a different minimum amount for withdrawal of funds. As a rule, it’s 10 dollars. They have the authority to charge a commission for withdrawing funds.

What makes AliExpress Affiliate Program better than AliExpress Dropshipping program?

Many bloggers and content creators are confused that the AliExpress program and the AliExpress dropshipping program is the same/similar. However, both these programs are extremely different from one another.

The AliExpress dropshipping program allows you to promote your own products for which you may not have a significantly big platform for. The dropshipping program lets you earn as much profit as you wish since setting up the profit margins is completely up to you. Both of these things are drastically different as AliExpress affiliate lets you promote products on their official website and earn a predetermined commission for each purchase. 

A safe protocol when starting afresh in the affiliate marketing domain is sticking to the AliExpress program since you can easily promote their products without having to invest an unprecedented amount of time on curating your own website or online store. 

How to register for AliExpress Affiliate?

In order for you to register, here are the steps to follow :

  • First, register yourself with the official AliExpress website or on the official partner site of AliExpress – E-commerce. 
  • For the correct registration, a special form is to be completed, which is available on the site under the tab ‘Affiliate Program’ right at the bottom of the landing page.

Terms and Conditions for registering :

  • Only individuals above the age of 16 are allowed to register.
  • Only the relevant information should be entered while registering.
  • It is essential to give a functioning e-mail address and correct contact details, as they will be required for the registration confirmation and future association with the service. 
  • The client should confirm the data as early as possible in order to successfully be able to withdraw funds. 
  • Users can edit contact information if necessary. 
  • It is important to update the information in a timely fashion to receive payments on time.

And there you go! It’s really just that easy! Now, you can start promoting products on your personal website, blog or a social media profile. AliExpress will provide you with an API that you can use to promote the products. Each sale that is generated from your unique affiliate link will earn you the commission as promised.

Types of bloggers that would be benefited through AliExpress Affiliate

Since AliExpress sells a plethora of items pertaining to fashion, home decor, electronics and other everyday essentials. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a gadget reviewer, a DIY crafter on Youtube, a home decor hacks blogger, AliExpress can be your solution to the ultimate affiliate marketing. 

In summation, this program lets those people earn some steady income through AliExpress while keeping everything quite simple overall. AliExpress affiliate program is an amazing feature of the ecommerce giant and provides a great way to earn some extra money online without having to put in a lot of work. Just give it a try and see if it works out for you!

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