Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Niche Blogs

Men and women expressing themselves through clothing is an artistic phenomenon that has traversed through centuries. The passion for fashion is as old as the invention of clothing. And when came the digital world knocking on our doors thus transforming our lives forever, self-expression also found a new medium. 

Projecting personalities to the outside world has become the new norm. You may come from the most remote small towns, in a corner of the world unknown to most, yet your online presence could turn you into a potential celebrity. Simply because you have a sense of style that makes you unique. This pushes people to want to ape you and style their clothes just like you! Women express themselves every single day with what’s their OOTD or what online stores have on sale, what they bought and how to style those outfits. These stylish women are flaunting their creativity, making big bucks and traveling all around the world.

Making big bucks? You must be wondering how that works. While there exist various means of earning online through content creation, affiliate marketing is probably the most effective means to do so. Major clothing brands belonging to the fashion industry know that the best people to market their products are fashion bloggers. Bloggers at the top of their game contribute lakhs of rupees in consumer revenue to fashion companies and in the process make a name for themselves.

Here we discuss the best affiliate programs for fashion niche blogs to channel your inner fashion blogger goddess! In case you would like to read further into Affiliate Marketing, consider delving into our detailed article here.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

Making your web traffic work for you is of utmost importance for the success of any blog. Bringing in traffic to your blog for not only fashion enthusiasts but potential buyers is what will help you achieve the end goal of generating an income. AliExpress is one such program that due to its great product service and customer support has gained great popularity. Therefore the AliExpress Fashion Affiliate Program has had a huge success when it comes down to generating sales through affiliate marketing. With an immensely fulfilling commission that can go as high as 50% on each sale driven via your content, AliExpress should certainly be on top of your list of all the affiliate programs to try out.

The AliExpress Affiliate Program has several payout categories ranging from bronze, silver, diamond to gold. Similarly, the payout range vary from lowest to highest i.e. 4.50 to 5.40%*. 

Myntra Affiliate Program

It is without a doubt that India’s Fashion capital is the go-to online shopping platform for most of us trend obsessed ladies. Myntra has also managed to grasp the attention of those that are full fledged Instagram bloggers. Due to their religious follow up with latest trends and that too from high end to basic apparel stores, the Myntra Affiliate Program is sure to stay.

Whether it’s through Instagram, Youtube or personal blogs; the Myntra Affiliate Program gives out an impressive payout ranging from 3.90% – 4.68%* per successful sale. We completely recommend putting in your sweat to the Myntra Affiliate Program if you truly wish for your fashion blog to flourish. 

Tata CLiQ Affiliate Program

Love how everything just clicks? Because Tata CLiQ is the fashion label to make your whole world click. Authenticity sourced from the top most fashion brands such as Mango, Forever21, Forever New, Truffle Collection, Aldo and many more brands from all around the globe is in their DNA. Having become the most seamlessly easy to shop online platform, Tata CLiQ has found their mojo among the young and on-trend fashionistas in their infancy. And now that Tata CLiQ is one of the top most online stores, fashion blogs and bloggers have a gold mine at their hands. The Tata CLiQ Affiliate Program has a generous payout of 6.00% – 7.20%* per sale.  

LimeRoad Affiliate Program

LimeRoad is a rage among the trend savvy fashion bloggers. With entire sections dedicated to handpicked editor choices and even celebrity style guides, LimeRoad is more than just your ordinary apparel shopping online store, it’s an entire fashion manual for experts and amateurs alike.

If you’re completely new in the fashion blogging scene, investing your energy and time into the LimeRoad Affiliate Program would be a very lucrative move. The payout per sale ranges as high as 7.50% – 9.00%*! Which in our opinion is quite a steller amount.

AJIO Affiliate Program

This unique apparel e store has an impressive closet to shop from. From workwear to casual to even workout wear, Ajio is on top of their game every season of the year. From AJIO’s label to renowned international brands, forget having to spend hours figuring out what’s trending globally. You can bring in the traffic from any corner of the world which is a major draw if you’re planning on growing your blog internationally.

AJIO Affiliate Program has surpassed the payout of several apparel e-retailers which ranges from an impressive 11.25% – 13.50%* per sale. That’s definitely a grab-worthy opportunity for fashion bloggers such as yourself. 

Fbb Online Affiliate Program

Stylish yet affordable is Fashion At Big Bazaars motto. Fbb has been to trusted brand for the fashion conscious for 8 years and counting. The household label known to making shopping fashion on a budget a cakewalk has an affiliate program totally worth every fashion bloggers time.

Wishing your subscribers/followers to stay in touch with future fashion trends through your impeccable content is easy with Fbb Online Affiliate Program. With a payout of 9.00% – 10.80%* per sale, your mission to make India more stylish can certainly meet both needs- creative and financial.

NNNOW Affiliate Program

This official online e-retailer gives one easy access to several international brands with authentic, fresh and in-season goods. If you’re missing out on a personalized shopping experience on the world wide web, NNNOW is the go-to place where they place their highest commitment in customer satisfaction. A broad range of apparel, footwear and other fashion accessories to cater to the several needs of their varying customers just like the varying readers arriving to go through your written content.

If you’re a content creator looking for avenues of earning a large payout, the NNNOW Affiliate Program is a definite store to consider. A large payout ranging from 24.22% – 29.07%* per successful sale will leave you feeling truly fulfilled.  

Helping garner traffic to your blog with affiliate programs is as difficult as bringing your own spin the what’s on-trend. Giving fashion advice is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and therefore you have a serious task at hand.

Figure out an affiliate program that fits in your niche (in this case, fashion) and also your personal sense of style in today’s time is a chore. But why just one? There are so many affiliate programs that will speak to you and Cuelinks is one place where you have a plethora of options to choose from.  When you get approved by the respective affiliate program, you gain access to a special trackable link for the products you want to promote that too for a lifetime! When someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn the payout commission.

Setting up your affiliate program links via Cuelinks is super quick and easy so that you can create content absolutely hassle-free!

For more information regarding how other affiliate marketing works you can just visit Cuelinks.

Disclaimer : * The Payout Rates may vary from time to time with Merchant’s Changing requirements.  

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