Common Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need to Know

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Producing impeccable content is certainly not a cakewalk. It takes proper planning and invaluable amount of time to come up with something spectacular. The effort content creation takes cannot be described in words. However, garnering centre stage and the right audience for your content in this massive sea we call the Internet is a different ball game altogether.

Getting the right visibility to your content can be very difficult at times. Since your hardwork and great content not only deserves to be seen but also warrants it’s full monetary worth, signing up with an affiliate marketing brand or tool makes for an excellent decision to sort your future for marketing your fabulous content.

If you’re someone who is hesitant to approach affiliate marketing, we are here to convince you otherwise! Because once you are fully able to enjoy the benefits of your hard-work reaching all over the world and the money it makes, there would be no going back!

Here are seven Affiliate Marketing myths and we’re totally down to bust them! And in case you want to brush up your knowledge on Affiliate Marketing, read our article in depth here.

Signing up for an Affiliate Program comes at a cost

We as creators and online publishers have often thought it would be extremely expensive for us to associate with an Affiliate Marketing Program because everything comes at a cost. This couldn’t be any further from the truth because signing up with any program such as that is always free i.e. it basically costs absolutely nothing to sign up. All you have to do is visit the site/program you’re willing to associate with and simply go through their sign up process. Affiliate Marketing Programs will never ask you for an incentive for signing up with them. Therefore, you ought to shoot down this misconception pronto.

Affiliate Programs take a huge cut from your content’s earnings

Well if there’s a service that aids you in promoting your content and growing your user base to exponential levels, they ought to be charging you a huge cut of what you earn, right? Turns out that’s not the case at all. Many Affiliate Marketing Programs only charge a very nominal amount from the commission earned through a blogger or publishers content, which the merchant delivers to them on the sale made via your affiliate link, and passes on the rest to you. Affiliate Marketing Programs such as Cuelinks passes on 75% to 90% of this commission onto you, which is quite an impressive amount.

The Affiliate Marketing Program controls what products you can and cannot endorse

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A very common recurring myth in the minds of many bloggers is that we are not in full control over our content when we partner with an Affiliate Marketing Program. The whole idea of affiliate marketing is to help creators spread their wings and bring readers to them and in no way to hamper their endorsement choices. All an Affiliate Marketing Program does is create a suitable link for the product in question and give it to you for you to make use of it in a way YOU find suitable.  

Affiliate Marketing cannot be automated

Automation-as-a-Service Market Worth 6.23 Billion USD By 2022

In this day and age, when technology is a puppet play in our hands, it’s quite ridiculous to think that Affiliate Marketing cannot be automated to a very significant degree. Affiliate Marketing programs want you to give your content your 100%. There may be part of the marketing process that you do not particularly enjoy, that is why affiliate programs come with tools referred to as plugins to help you perform all such tasks. While not enjoying such tasks is one thing, not being able to actually keep track of all the links or not being able to stay in full control of your content is a different part of the problem. Therefore, affiliate marketing programs provide you the avenues to put such tasks on autopilot so as to not only help you successfully promote your content but to reduce your labour and help you perform all those manually impossible tasks like a pro.

The Affiliate Marketing Industry is too crowded

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As content creators we tend to forget that not only are there new people entering the Affiliate Marketing domain, there is an equally high number of web users increasing rapidly day after day with no end in sight. Considering how massive and limitless the world wide web has become, you can completely remove the idea of going rogue because the online Industry of content creation is here to stay. The Internet is the largest marketplace in the world and therefore an exquisite number of opportunities are going to continue to stay and open up.

Running an online affiliate business is a cakewalk

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While a traditional business requires capital, a proper game plan and most importantly an entrepreneurial streak, an online affiliate business association may seem very less cumbersome and easy. However, the hurdles faced on the Internet are far more different but equally challenging to that of a traditional business.

While one might require attracting customers to a store, the other requires bringing potential customers to your fine content and convincing them to make a purchase through your affiliate link. While one might require you to take up a lease, the other would require you to cultivate a platform for a reader and potential buyers to surf and go make a purchase.

Although you might not have to handle transactions and customer complaints one on one, the task at hand of running an online affiliate business is still difficult and requires a lot of craft.

An Affiliate Marketing Program is a Money Printing Press

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Associating with an Affiliate Marketing Program doesn’t mean it’s a miraculous two minute job and you can make a load of money just after writing one article.

Affiliate Marketing is a form of art that requires skill just like any other creative line of work. The key is to produce content that can sustain you in this sea of the Internet meaning it takes hard lobur, a huge commitment and 100% consistency. Creating quality content takes more practice than we recognise. The only way to truly make money is the conventional way, with hard work, a great work ethic and a bull’s eye strategy.

Starting with an Affiliate Marketing Program has its challenges, however the above mentioned myths certainly don’t do you any favours either. It’s important that we approach the concept of Affiliate Marketing without any prejudices and give it a fair shot before shooting it down.

If you’re someone who is starting out afresh in the world of Affiliate Marketing, Cuelinks is definitely worth a consideration. But what is Cuelinks?

Cuelinks is a quick 2-minute monetization tool to help your content garner center stage and attract the right audience. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, Cuelinks has strategies to help you monetize your content to its maximum. For the Publisher, Cuelinks aggregate reporting, provide a single point of payout and a lifetime link management service. For the Advertiser, Cuelinks ensures your content makes its way to the most suitable audience with smarter targeting, a worldwide reach. Furthermore, Cuelinks also helps you analyze these results and organize ideas to utilize these results to their optimum.

Consider visiting our article on 10 foolproof ways to make money from blogging and learn a few money making hacks on the Internet.

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