Best Food Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in India

We all seem to have embraced social media as a long lost friend. The influencer eco-system has become the pictorial document of one’s life experiences, artistic skills and even one’s day to day activities. Many such influencers have actually been able to turn their content into a full-time income after a period of time with consistent blogging, vlogging and posting breathtaking artistic images.

Ushering visibility and sales can get slightly difficult due to the influx of so many Affiliate Programs advertising their uniqueness and products. However, tying up with the perfect publisher or blogger can help solve that problem! Various brands are targeting influencers that can enhance their sales and help them establish a strong hold over a major chunk of the population. In return, these affiliate programs pay out a heavy commission to these respective publishers and bloggers. As you make money, their social media presence becomes more prominent.

Therefore, running a food blog is a wonderful way to add some extra income if you focus on the best affiliate programs for food bloggers. And that’s where we can help you find your footing in this massively growing blogging front.

Here are the top best Food Affiliate Programs to kick-start and help make your food blogging career flourish! Also, if you’re new to the idea of what Affiliate Marketing is, you can read our article on The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Swiggy Affiliate Program

India’s most leading food ordering and delivery service has taken the nation and influencers by storm. Bringing the best restaurants in the neighbourhood to the urban foodie, the Swiggy has come a long way since it’s Bangalore start-up days. Swiggy has become the catalyst in making food delivery not only fast and efficient with live order tracking but also simple and easy. With their App developed completely in-house, we are able to receive our food packages in as less as 25 minutes! Additionally, there is also a no minimum order policy. Swiggy has become the go-to App for many of us on the daily and people seeking offers and discounts on food. If you manage to gather a reader’s interest for a particular deal for the first time on Swiggy via your blog or social media, the Swiggy Affiliate Program can fetch you Rs 22.50 to 27.00* per sale. Given its popularity, ease of use and reliability; convincing your audience to order food from it would work in your favour. Swiggy would make for a great Food Affiliate Program for you to invest your time and energy in.

Pizza Hut Affiliate Program

The most cherished and loved food item around the world is without a doubt, Pizza! With a variation to suit every country’s taste and traditions, Pizza never fails to impress us. Ever since the beginning, Pizza Hut has promised to make people happy and make Pizza Night special! Exceptionally proud to serve their special Pizzas swiftly with a smile, Pizza Hut has become the most loved Pizzaria all over India. With freshness, taste and affordability guaranteed, their dining experience is the finest around town. Offering a payout of upto Rs 67.50 to 81.00*, Pizza Hut Affiliate Program would make for a great addition to your food blog.

Dominos Affiliate Program

Another Food Affiliate Program on our list pledges to be the best Pizza delivery company in the world. Dominos became the leader in the Organized Pizza Market in the home delivery segment in India long before food delivery at your doorstep was even a thing. The first ever brand to bring convenience to our lives is still deeply embedded in our hearts. Dominos reminds us of not only mouth watering Pizza with authentic breads made in-house but a long trustworthy relationship over the span of many years. Their commitment is not only to make the best Pizza base but to ensure an ever-growing consumer base as well! People mostly gravitate towards Dominos as they offer excellent quality, first-class service, affordable prices and guaranteed timely delivery. Therefore. the Dominos Affiliate Program certainly makes for a good food affiliate program to promote on your blog with a payout upto Rs 16.50 to 19.80* per sale.

KFC Affiliate Program

What was once a fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky that specialized in fried chicken has now become a food giant spanning globally.

KFC began to expand in India modifying their very American flavours to suit a more localized menu. It was the most extensive meat-free menu across KFC’s worldwide operations. It introduced a vegetarian menu that included rice meals, wraps and side dishes. It was this move on KFC’s part to hit off with their Indian consumers. KFC also began using Indian spices and cooking techniques to localize its chicken dishes. Today, KFC has found its footing all over India and has been exceptionally well received. With foodies searching for best deals on the Internet, your blog could certainly grab their attention. KFC Affiliate Program offers a payout upto Rs 23.62 – 28.35* per sale. And thus, would make for a good investment for your food blog.

Faasos Affiliate Program

Famous for their signature wraps, quick meals, Royal Chicken Rice Feasts and many more such mouth watering delicacies, Faasos is an Indian “food on demand” company. Answering our day to day question of “What’s for food today?” with “Eat Good. Eat exciting.”; Fasoos has a wide range to choose from. Faasos Affiliate Program would work exceptionally well among the youth of India since it’s common culture to order fast food online.  A wholesome breakfast, Indian meal boxes, Chinese, South Indian, Rice and Biryani combinations get delivered to your doorstep in almost no time at all! Faasos Affiliate Program offers a payout of upto Rs 67.50 – 81.00* per sale.

Behrouz Biryani Affiliate Program

None of us can deny our obsession with biryani. Biryani holds a special place in our hearts so much so that it is irreplaceable. Behrouz Biryani celebrates all that is great about Indian food – the garlicky aromas, vibrant hues, the fluffy rice and those addictive curry flavours. Behrouz Biryani can easily tempt the biryani lovers following your blog. Given the obsession surrounding biryani, an affiliate program such as this would be a good investment. The Behrouz Biryani Affiliate Program have a payout of upto Rs 101.25 – 121.50* per sale from your affiliate link, which could help you multiply you revenue tremendously.

Firangi Bake

The Firangi Bake Affiliate Program has the highest payout of  Upto 135.00 – 162.00* per sale from your food related content blog. Exquisite in-house breads incorporating bold global flavours to please the desi foodies, Firangi Bake has been a breath of fresh air. Their food items are incomparable to anything else out there. For a unique dining experience, just about any hardcore foodie would want to try a baked item at Firangi Bake. If your core audience is a hardcore lover of baked items, a Firangi Bake Affiliate Program would help embellish your blog really well.

Helping your audience make wise food decisions can be extremely crucial for the success of your blog. And devoting your valuable time to these top food affiliate programs can certainly help them as much as it can help you!

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