10 Best VPN Affiliate Programs & How to Promote Them

VPNs are one of the safest ways to browse the internet today and with the increase in Cyber frauds, crimes, and stricter content restrictions & rules, more people need a VPN today than ever. Interestingly, the VPN niche is also known for offering one of the most lucrative affiliate commissions. You get some of the highest paying & best VPN affiliate programs to promote with commissions up to 100% (you read that right). With so many VPN affiliate programs out there, we decided to conduct our thorough research & craft a list of the top VPN affiliate programs comparison, payouts, commission, joining & everything else you need to know. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Server is as the name suggests a virtual server where your connection is encrypted & private. It is a safer/private way for your computer/network to connect to other ISPs, networks, websites, devices, etc. Since your connection is private & virtual, using a VPN also allows you to hide your online identity from ISPs, scammers, agencies, etc. 

What audience needs a VPN? Below are examples of 10 audience groups who can be your customers if you are planning to promote a VPN affiliate program. 

Examples of audience groups who may need a VPN service & can be your customers:

  • Freelancers who need to communicate with global clients 
  • Business professionals & travellers who frequently travel and connect to public Wi-Fi networks
  • Journalists who may need to access restricted information.
  • Online Gamers who need a VPN to unlock certain game items/skins restricted in their country & to protect against DDoS attacks.
  • Streamers who want to access region-restricted content 
  • Students who use public Wi-Fi on campus 
  • Frequent online shoppers who are afraid of their data being stolen 
  • Traders who trade in cryptocurrencies 
  • Website owners & bloggers who write local news & articles for international countries
  • Computer, electronics and tech enthusiasts may need a VPN for beta testing software or developing region-specific apps. 


How to Promote a VPN Affiliate Program?

There can be several ways affiliates can promote their favourite VPN affiliate programs. If you are just starting out as a blogger or a social media influencer, chances are you might get overwhelmed with the amount of options available to you. To give you a bit of clarity or a headstart, we are sharing below some simple ways affiliates can promote a VPN affiliate program to their audience. 

  • Write & publish blogs and articles on VPN uses, benefits, importance etc 
  • Use your social media to share quick tips on protecting online identity or inter-related topics such as how to safeguard yourself from scammers, how to clean your browser’s cookies from time to time, etc 
  • If you are a streamer who streams restricted websites & content such as the Dark Web or the Deep Web, you could educate your audience on different viruses, online frauds, scams, trends, phishing links, etc & promote your favourite VPN to your audience 
  • Cover frequent news on your blog or social media about any recent cyber attacks, etc & promote your VPN affiliate program as a means to be safe 
  • Do VPN reviews. Everyone loves an honest, in-depth review of a service they plan to invest in
  • Collaborate with other content creators in your space. Take it up to the next level by offering an exclusive discount/incentive to your audience 


Important: Before we begin, please note that some of the following affiliate commission rates are only applicable if you join the Cuelinks affiliate network which gives affiliates an instant, free access to 1000+ programs including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, McAfee, Hostinger, & a lot more.

Comparing the Top Best VPN Affiliate Programs 2024 

VPN Site Norton VPN Surfshark NordVPN AviraVPNAtlas VPN Express VPNPure VPNHola X-VPNCyberGhost VPN FastestVPNPotato IVACY 
Monthly website visitors (approx)35M+6.3M15M4.2M1.3M8.3M1.9M2M116.7K2.9M872.8K18.9K667.8K
Available plans prices 1 year: $49.991 year VPN + Antivirus: $119.99 1 Month: $10.99
12 months: $3.99/month 24 months: $1.99/month 
1 Month: $12.99
12 months: $4.49/month 24 months: $2.99/month 
1 Month: $10
12 months: $78 Mobile plan: $5.99/month 
1 Month: $11.99
12 months: $4.08/month 36 months: $1.79/month 
1 Month: $12.95
6 months: $9.99/month 12 months: $8.32/month 
1 Month: $12.45
12 months: $3.13/month 24 months: $1.97/month 
1 Month: $14.99
12 months: $7.69/month 36 months: $2.99/month 
1 Month: $11.99
12 months: $9.99/month 24 months: $4.79/month 
6 Months: $6.99
12 months: $2.03/month 1 month: $12.99/month 
1 Month: $5
12 months: $1.66/month Lifetime: $600 
1 Month: $11.99
12 months: $5.99/month
1 Month: $9.95
3 Years: $3.99/month 5 Years: $1/month 
Countries allowed Multiple CountriesAll countries United States Multiple countries All countries All countries All countriesAll countries All countries All countries All countries All countries All countries 
Commission Range Up to 105%$32.06 to $38.48$11.40 to $13.6852.50% to 90% 42.75% to 51.30% $13 to $3618.75% to 75% 60% per sale 37.50% to 75% 30% to 100% 35% to 100%22.50%37.50%
Cookie Duration 1 day 30 days 30 days 90 days 30 days 30 days 1 day30 days 30 days45-days90 days 30 days7 days 
VPN Affiliate Program LinkJoinJoinJoinJoinJoin Join JoinJoin JoinJoinJoinJoinJoin


Norton VPN Affiliate Program: The No.1 Best VPN Affiliate Program in 2024 

Norton VPN is more than just a VPN service provider. It is a leader in the anti-virus and anti-malware software space too. Garnering more than 35M visitors each month to its website, Norton VPN is one of the most popular VPN services and of course one of the best VPN affiliate programs to join. What makes the Nordton VPN affiliate program gain the number 1 spot on our list are the following reasons:

  1. One of the most popular & trusted VPN services globally 
  2. High commission rates & faster payouts with Cuelinks 
  3. Upsell & cross-sell easily with Norton’s vast range of products and increase your affiliate revenue 
  4. One of the very few top VPN affiliate programs on the list to allow affiliates to promote its program with cashback & incentives.

Norton VPN affiliate commission: Up to 105% 

Recurring affiliate commission: No, Norton doesn’t provide recurring commissions since affiliates get a higher commission rate upfront on the sale they make. 

How does the affiliate program work? Simply join the Norton Affiliate program through Cuelinks, once approved, start promoting Norton’s services and get paid for every sale you make. 

Norton VPN Affiliate Program Joining: Norton allows several country affiliates to join its VPN affiliate program including India, Philippines, Indonesia, etc. Join Norton VPN affiliate today with a few simple clicks on Cuelinks.  


Nord VPN Affiliate Program: Top Popular VPN Affiliate Program in 2024 

Nord VPN started in 2012 is one the most popular VPN service today in the world. As per the data from Similarweb, NordVPN generates about 15 million visits to its website every month. This gives you as an affiliate the added advantage of promoting a brand with high trust and popularity. 

What makes Nord VPN the best VPN affiliate program in 2024 are the following 3 reasons: 

  1. Nord VPN carries the highest searches/popularity currently so there’s an existing trust value there 

2. High trust value and popularity mean easier conversions 

3. Nord VPN affiliate program’s 3-month Earnings Per Click (EPC) is Rs.5.37

Nord VPN affiliate commission: $11.40 to $13.68

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes, Nord VPN allows recurring commission for its VPN affiliate program 

How does the affiliate program work? Affiliates can promote the NordVPN affiliate program on their social media, blog, or website through text links or banners. You get paid for every VPN sale made through your link. 

Nord VPN Affiliate Program Joining: The Nord VPN affiliate program is completely free to join and you get instant access, if you join the Nord VPN affiliate program through Cuelinks – Sign up now! (it’s free) 


Surfshark Affiliate Program: High-paying VPN Affiliate Program 

Surfshark has to be the best high-paying VPN affiliate program in India and globally. What is even better is that, unlike the NordVPN affiliate program, the Surfshark program allows all country affiliates to participate. So whether you are from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or the US, you can easily join and earn money. Notably, Surfshark also ranks no.3 in web searches with NordVPN being in the number 2 spot. Recently, the CMO of Surfshark, Mr. Regimantas Urbanas also announced that the company has managed to acquire 1 million paying customers in the first 30 months itself. And well, it’s no secret that Surfshark spends a lot on its marketing efforts which is a good thing for you as an affiliate. 

Surfshark VPN affiliate commission: $32.06 to $38.48

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes, Surfshark provides one of the best commission rates on both, new sales & recurring ones.

How does the affiliate program work? Surfshark allows anyone from any country to join its affiliate program. Affiliates can also earn free months to their subscription upon inviting their friends & families.  

Surfshark VPN Affiliate Program Joining: Cuelinks is the best affiliate network for small creators or beginners to join the Surfshark VPN affiliate program instantly for free. 


Express VPN Affiliate Program: Best Commission Rates 

Express VPN is one of the top premium VPN service providers globally and they provide one of the best commission rates with faster payouts. Affiliates can earn $13 on the sale of a 1-month ExpressVPN package, $22 on the sale of a 6-month ExpressVPN package & $36 on an annual plan. You get paid every 15 business days and the commission rates might be increased depending on the sales volume. This makes Express VPN one of the best VPN affiliate programs to join for everyone from beginners to expert affiliate marketers. 

Express VPN affiliate commission: $13 to $36

Recurring affiliate commission: No, Express VPN doesn’t provide a recurring commission since they choose to provide a higher commission rate upfront per sale. 

How does the affiliate program work? Express VPN affiliate program is easy to join and anyone with a blog, website, or social media presence can start promoting & earning. You earn a one-time commission for every VPN package sale you make.   

Express VPN Affiliate Program Joining: All country affiliates can join the Express Affiliate Program. However, a Paypal account is a must. 


Avira VPN Affiliate Program: Best Commission Rates 

Avira is an award-winning VPN & security software company that offers a lucrative commission rate in the VPN affiliate space. Affiliates who join the Avira Affiliate Program through Cuelinks can earn up to 90% commission on the sale promoting Avira VPN, Avira antivirus software, etc. Note that this commission rate applies to countries except for India. Indian affiliates can earn up to 50% commission which is still quite generous. Avira also ranks 4th on our list of the best VPN affiliate programs due to reasons including its credibility, popularity and high commission rates. 

Avira VPN affiliate commission: 50% to 90%

Recurring affiliate commission: No, Avira doesn’t provide a recurring commission since you get a good commission upfront.

How does the affiliate program work? Avira is an award-winning software company that has several products including antivirus, VPN, software updater & more. Affiliates earn up to 50% to 90% commission for every sale they make.   

Avira VPN Affiliate Program Joining: Currently Avira allows only 9 country affiliates to join its VPN affiliate program. The list includes India, the US, the UK, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, & Australia. 


Pure VPN Affiliate Program 

PureVPN is one of the leading VPN affiliate programs in the world with more than 3 million users using their service. The company has more than 6500 VPN servers and affiliates from all countries can join the affiliate program for free with the Cuelinks network. The PureVPN affiliate program offers a commission rate of 18% to 75% per sale. Definitely one of the best VPN affiliate commission rates out there. 

Pure VPN affiliate commission: 18% to 75% per sale

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes, PureVPN offers recurring commissions on its VPN packages.

How does the affiliate program work? It’s simple. Affiliates drive traffic to PureVPN via desktop device and for anyone who buys through your link, you earn a small commission.   

Pure VPN Affiliate Program Joining: Anyone from any country can join the PureVPN affiliate program for free on Cuelinks 


Atlas VPN Affiliate Program 

AtlasVPN is yet another one of the best VPN affiliate programs to join for high commission rates and reliable service. In 2021, AtlasVPN became a part of Nord Security which of course needs no introduction. Affiliates can earn anywhere up to 42.75% commission per sale and can promote the program via various mediums including cashback, incentives, POP traffic, email, native ads, deals, banners, etc. If you are starting out with your affiliate marketing journey, we will highly recommend the Atlas VPN affiliate program simply because of the number of features it offers for its advertisers & affiliates. 

Atlas VPN affiliate commission: Up to 45% 

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes Atlas VPN provides recurring commissions. 

How does the affiliate program work? The Atlas VPN affiliate program offers both one-time & recurring commission rates. Additionally, affiliates earn on both new sign-ups and renewals.   

Atlas VPN Affiliate Program Joining: All countries & anyone with a relevant audience and presence can join the AtlasVPN affiliate program  


IVACY VPN Affiliate Program 

Moving on to our list of the best VPN affiliate programs, we have the IVACY VPN affiliate program which provides up to 37.50% commission per sale. While IVACY VPN is not as popular as Surfshark or Nord VPN is, you can still promote the IVACY VPN program and earn a good sum of commission. Despite a few setbacks in its service, IVACY VPN is still widely used all around the world. 

IVACY VPN affiliate commission: Up to 37.50%

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes, IVACY VPN offers both upfront commissions and commission on renewals. 

How does the affiliate program work? IVACY Affiliate Program lets affiliates earn with its hefty commissions on one-time sales as well as earn a small commission on every renewal. Affiliates can also use cashback and incentives to drive their sales. 

IVACY VPN Affiliate Program Joining: Anyone from any country can join the IVACY VPN affiliate program almost instantly with Cuelinks


Hola VPN Affiliate Program 

Last but not the least, Hola VPN affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs out there. With more than 16 years in the business, 263M downloads & a freemium model, Hola VPN is a popular choice among many. As an affiliate, you can promote the Hola VPN affiliate program to your audience and earn as much as 60% commission in sales. Not just that, HolaVPN also offers commission on renewal subscriptions. 

Hola VPN affiliate commission: Up to 60%

Recurring affiliate commission: Yes, affiliates not only get a chance to enrol in a high VPN affiliate commission program but also get a commission on renewals. 

How does the affiliate program work? Hola offers all its affiliates some hefty commissions on its monthly subscription, 1-year subscription plans and 3-year plans. Affiliates earn both one-time sale commissions and renewals.   

Hola VPN Affiliate Program Joining: With Cuelinks, you can easily join the HolaVPN affiliate program in a few clicks. 

So this was all about sharing the top VPN affiliate programs that you can choose from. There are of course more VPN affiliate programs such as CyberGhost, Fastest VPN, etc that are indeed some of the best ones to join. So don’t limit yourself to just this list just like Cuelinks doesn’t limit your options when it comes to choosing the best affiliate programs. Choose from over 1000+ affiliate programs on the Cuelinks network. 

Do share with us your thoughts with us in the comments below. Also, if you own a blog or a website, chances are you know how important web hosting is. Do consider reading our “Best web hosting affiliate programs in India with high payouts.

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