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Important Information for Unacademy CPR Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Online

Targeting- Geo's- PAN India Attribution time : 30 days Age- Male-Female, 18 and above, students preparing for competitive exams

Demographics- Male and Female of age 18+.


- All cap limits and reporting are listed in UTC+08:00 timezone
- No brokering
- No adult traffic
- No viral ads
- No Adwords traffic
- No social traffic including Facebook, Snapchat, etc.
- No pop-under or redirect traffic
- No push notifications
- Only use approved creatives or else payment will not be issued
- If sending in-app inventory, device ID's must be passed or else payment will be forfeited
- App name must be passed back, or else payment will be forfeited
- Over 50% of leads are expected to occur within the first hour frthe om click. If not, then leads may be susceptible to non-payment
- Leads with a CTIT shorter than 25 sec
- Leads with a CTIT shorter than 25 seconds and over one hour will be flagged for click fraud and subject to non-payment
- Leads outside the targeted geo, coming from a jailbroken device, and/or having abnormal post-event patterns will not be paid for
- Leads from phones with OS versions two times older than the latest software will be looked into
- If new device rate over 30%, leads may be reversed

Soft KPI: Clean Registrations

P360 - Enabled

- Appsflyer Protect360 is used for fraud detection, flagged traffic will be non-payable
- Any conversions delivered over the allocated cap will be non-payable.

Daily Cap - 50 Reg. (Do not overdeliver, the client is not paying for over-delivery and it hampers the campaign performance)

Over Delivery won't be  paid.

KPI : Sign up- test prep70% | Sign up-High ARPU 50% | Sign up - purchase 5-7%

Creatives : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18jqbbi74V87UQZegv1m93RskVxPxsodv?usp=sharing
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About Unacademy CPR Campaign
Unacademy, India's Largest Learning Platform is your companion through your exam preparation journey. On the Unacademy Learning App, you can attend Live Classes by Top Educators, get your doubts cleared and test your preparation via Live Test Series, Quizzes, Practice Section and much more. Make your preparation count with Unacademy. Let's Crack It!
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