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Aggregate Reporting :

Managing all data on Excel sheets is confusing and hectic. Comes in Cuelinks with its Aggregate Reporting that gives you detailed insights like clicks, EPC, Conversion Rates, and everything you need from all merchants on a single dashboard. This makes affiliate marketing easier for beginners too,sounds good?

Instant Installation:

Waiting to get your website monetized is definitely not a good idea. Get instant installation with Cuelinks as soon as your account gets approved. You just have to copy-paste the javascript code into your website footer and bam! All the links in your content, no matter how old they are, get monetized instantly.

Top Affiliate Programs:

Cuelinks has 1000+ affiliate programs and campaigns from the biggest online stores and merchants, waiting just for you. Forget wandering here and there and get all the best affiliate programs under one roof. All these merchants and stores will help you earn more and more with your content.

Single Payout Point:

Contacting hundreds or thousands of merchants to get paid? Let Cuelinks help you with its Net 60 payout payment from all merchants and affiliate programs gets transferred to your bank account directly, saving you from the hassle. Just keep producing great content and leave the problems with Cuelinks.

Lifetime Link Management:

Affiliate networks or merchants frequently change their affiliate program which makes all the existing affiliated links non-existent or it simply redirects your user to a broken page. However,with Cuelinks, publishers need not worry about updating all such links because, with us, you are using the original URL.

Cuelinks API:

We also have an API available for publishers, who want to integrate Cuelinks more closely with their App. You can change your website redirection script to redirect links via our server and monetization will be completely taken care of.Integrating with our HTTP API is very simple. Simply provide us with your publisher ID and the destination URL, you want to send the visitor to, and we will take care of the rest.

Cuelinks: An All-in-One Solution for Affiliate Marketing

Cuelinks is an all-in-one solution for monetizing your content online. With 1000+ affiliate programs, smooth payouts, nicely arranged data, and a great support team, Cuelinks offers everything you need to earn more from your website.

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Best Domestic & International Affiliate Programs!

Cuelinks has a large number of affiliate programs domestically and internationally. When looking at domestic affiliate campaigns, you can work with merchants like TATA Cliq, Myntra, spandeal, Global Desi, Croma, and more. And internationally, you get affiliate programs for Amazon, Flipkart, Adidas, and many other merchants. Get ready to feel your wallet getting heavier.

You Can Trust Cuelinks, Just Like Everyone Else

Founded in 2012, Cuelinks has earned the trust of countless publishers and advertisers just like you. We have helped them with their affiliate marketing journey in numerous ways and your experience with us will surely be a breath of fresh air.

I have seen so many platforms like Earnkaro, Earnpe and many but your service is good and fast as you are giving good commission as compared to others and I have not faced any problem till now and I will continue with you only. I like your service and interface also very well maintained.

Vaishnu Prasad
Youtube Owner, https://www.youtu...

Cuelinks has been a strong partner for our to provide cashbacks and rewards to our users. The team is prompt with timely outcome driven support and resolutions for a wide spectrum of challenges as and when they arise.

Karan Agarwal
VP Product,
Decorative background