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CyberLink Affiliate program

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1 day



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Countries Allowed

United States Flag United States

Important Information for CyberLink Affiliate Program

CyberLink campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes purchase
2. Sale is counted & added

Allowed/Disallowed Media

Search Campaigns - Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords  
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Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content ,, ,,,,,  www.CyberLink.comwww.cyber-link. com ,, etc.

Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content  
Official Site Official Vendor © ® and ™ Discounted from official store Cheaper than Prices lower than

Search Campaigns
 Direct Linking - Forbidden

Search Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers  
"Affiliates can only bid on branded keywords with saving/coupon/cash back messages with broad match modifier** (BMM), phrase, and exact match: for example, CyberLink coupon, CyberLink saving, PowerDirector coupon, PowerDVD coupon, CyberLink saving, PowerDirector saving, PowerDVD saving, CyberLink promo, CyberLink promo code, etc. Affiliates may not bid on the following Trademarks and Product Names with any match type: CyberLink, Cyber ​​Link,, Cyberlink Inc., Cyberlink Corp, PowerDVD, Power DVD, PowerDirector, Power Director, PowerDirector (version number), PowerProducer, Cyberlink Media Suite, etc. and associated misspellings of trademarks: for example, ciberlink, cyberlinks. When advertising with paid search providers, affiliates may not use Broad Match to bid on any terms that include trademarks or proprietary brand name of CyberLink. Above policy applies to territory and engines including US (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Canada (Google, Yahoo, MSN), UK (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Germany (Google , Yahoo, MSN), Australia (Google, Yahoo, MSN), New Zealand (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Japan (Google, Yahoo, MSN), France (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Belgium (Google, Yahoo, MSN ), Austria (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Switzerland (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Brazil (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Netherlands (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Denmark (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Hong Kong ( Google, Yahoo, MSN), Israel (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Luxembourg (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Malta (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Martinique (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Mexico (Google, Yahoo, MSN ), New Caledonia (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Reunion (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Saudi Arabia (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Singapore (Google, Yahoo, MSN), South Africa (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Sweden (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Taiwan (Google, Yahoo, MSN), United Arab Emirates (Google, Yahoo, MSN). In the following territories/search engines the above restrictions apply only on running English language campaigns – in campaigns in languages ​​other than English and in search engines other than the ones specified the above restrictions do NOT apply: Barbados(Googe, Yahoo, MSN), British Virgin Islands (Googe, Yahoo, MSN), Cayman Islands (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Cote d'Ivoire (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Croatia (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Cyprus (Google, Yahoo, MSN) , Czech Republic (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Finland (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Greece (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Gibraltar (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Iceland (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Ireland (Google , Yahoo, MSN), Italy (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Luxembourg (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Monaco (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Norway (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Philippines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) , Poland (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Jamaica (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Jordan (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Kenya (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Portugal (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Russian Federation (Google , Yahoo, MSN), South Korea (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Spain (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Qatar (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Saint Lucia (Google , Yahoo, MSN), Thailand (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Turkey (Google,Yahoo, MSN), The Bahamas (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Tonga (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Vatican City (Google, Yahoo, MSN), Russia (Google, Yahoo, MSN). In any territory, affiliates should never state or imply that they are the “Official Site.” Affiliates may not use symbols such as ©, ® and ™ in conjunction with the term Cyberlink. Affiliates may not use the following display urls: ,,,, etc. or Redundant display URLs: For example,  as they are to be used by the advertiser ONLY. Publishers must never state or imply that they are the ""Official Site"". Publishers are not allowed to direct link to Cyberlink's website in their Paid Search Ads."

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