Unlock Unlimited Earning Potential with Mobile SDK

Don’t just limit your affiliate income to your website. Unlock new affiliate earning opportunities with our Cueapps tool, a quick and simple mobile Android monetization solution. Follow 3 simple steps to install Cuelinks SDK in your mobile Android app and let Cueapps do the work of instantly converting your in-app normal links into profitable affiliate links. With Cueapps delivering real-time monetary value to your mobile app, there’s no limit to how much you can earn!

Chrome Extension

Reveal and Compare Affiliate Payouts on the Go!

Ever visited a merchant website or a product page and wanted to know or compare its affiliate payout? We know our affiliates have been there which is why we built Cuelinks Chrome Extension, a simple web browser extension that reveals and lets you compare the affiliate payout of any merchant website or product, or service page that is registered on our platform. You can also instantly create and share affiliate links from the merchant or product page itself.

Free WordPress Plugin to Monetise Your Blog or Website

Monetizing your WordPress website has never been easier. Just install the free Cuelinks WordPress plugin from the WordPress Plugins directory, activate the plugin, verify your Cuelinks Publisher ID, save changes, and check the status of the installation in your dashboard’s Javascript Installation tab. You have successfully monetized your blog or website!

Wordpress Plugins
Telegram Bot

Start Earning Affiliate Income with Cuelinks Telegram Bot

Don’t have a website to monetize but still want to become an affiliate and turn normal product links into affiliate links on the fly? Cuelinks Telegram Bot makes it easy! With Cuelinks Bot, you can convert more than 5 links into affiliate links in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is log in to your Telegram, find the Cuelinks Telegram Bot, provide your Cuelinks channel ID, and verify it. Upon verification, you are all set to start converting normal links into affiliate URLs that earn you an affiliate commission.