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Targeted Digital Marketing with Cuelinks

Explore the Full Potential of Targeted Digital Marketing with Cuelinks

As per an industry study conducted in 2022 by PMA, the average return on ad spending (ROAS) for an affiliate channel for e-commerce brands is 12:1 which means for every 1$ spent, brands make 12$ in return. Many marketers today from large to small companies are adopting affiliate marketing to drive their sales numbers. At Cuelinks we take pride in offering our merchants the full potential to do targeted digital marketing by allowing them to run a wide range of affiliate marketing campaigns that best suit their needs.

Capitalize on the Power of Social Media Influencers to Make Some Buzz for Your Brand

Promote your brand’s affiliate program through social media influencers, content creators, and micro-influencers, and let your brand make some buzz in the social media world. On Cuelinks, we have social media influencers and publishers from diverse niches and interests.

Make Your Performance Marketing Campaign Simplified & Rewarding

Tap into our partner marketing program and start maximizing your ROI on paid media and performance marketing. With our robust tracking software, you can track the nitty-gritty of your marketing campaign and optimize it with comprehensive marketing analytics and metrics. Our affiliate partner marketing solution is tailored to meet the needs of data-driven marketers and brands like yours.
Simplified & Rewarding

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Take Your Partnership Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Text & Display Ads

Advertise outside the box through great content with valuable keywords and attractive ad units.

Worldwide Reach

As the largest content monetization platform in India and globally recognized, we make sure you get the best global reach.

Multi-platform Channels

Diversify your reach across blogs, news portals, forums on websites as well as mobile apps.

Smarter Targeting

Reach the right audience with the power of contextual targeting and various attribution models.

Robust Campaign Management

Get access to an army of quality publishers with easy and robust campaign management features

Track and Optimize

Analyse the results and optimize your campaigns to get the best out of your affiliate marketing campaign

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