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Important Information for Delta Exchange CPI Program
Tracking Details:
Delta Exchange CPI campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Geo: India
soft KPI - 5% first deposit

Fraud Rules :

1.Wrong Country– Installs/events coming through other countries will be flagged
2.Click Injection – Installs that come within 10 seconds or less from the click would be rejected.
3.Click Spamming - Site IDs with less than 14% installs occurring between 10sec and 2 hours of the clicks are flagged and all installs coming from that Site ID would be rejected. (Minimum installs = 50)
4.Fraud incent (Day 2 retention below 4%) Calculated on a site ID basis (Minimum installs = 50).
5.Wrong App Version – Installs coming from an older app version(7 days after the App was updated) won’t be billable.
6.P360 Fraud – Any install which has Post attribution events blocked on P360 will be deducted from the installs and will not be Billable
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About Delta Exchange CPI Campaign
Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Users can trade (long/short) perpetual swaps, futures and options on Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, DeFi, & 70+ tokens and cryptocurrencies.
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