Top 10 Free SEO Tools to help Optimize your Affililiate Campaign Performance in 2024

Today, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become a key member for a site’s performance on search engines. There are many SEO tools available that make the task of optimization incredibly easy & efficient. These tools help you find out insights(data, errors, ideas, etc) required to improve your website’s rankings. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Free SEO Tools that will help you Optimize your Affiliate Marketing Campaign Performance. Moreover, these are free of cost so start exploring.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a part of Google Ads so if you want to reap benefits out of it then firstly create your Google Ads account. Now, simply search for a word which closely resembles your products or services. You will get thousands of keyword ideas which can be used to optimize your rankings on search engines.

Google Keyword Planner tool for SEO Keyword research

You will get insights into average monthly searches, competition(low, mid, high), bid amounts for top of the page, and much more. Moreover, you can also refine your keywords with many filters available like brands, colors, gender, product type, etc. Additionally, you can also broaden your search using keyword recommendations on the top of the page. Finally, you can also download the keyword ideas for free.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics to track your website and app traffic performance

Google Analytics is a free marketing tool from Google which helps you track and report user activities on your website. These activities include session insights, bounce rate, pageviews, active user count, and much more. You can also peep into your audience with cohort analysis and lifetime value. Cohort analysis helps you find groups of coherent audiences along with data insights whereas lifetime value finds you the best audience which will always keep on coming to your site.

You can also work on user acquisition metrics like Google Ads, search console, social media campaigns, and other campaigns. This will help you understand how your users actually reached you and thus will better your operations.

User behaviour is one another important part here. Here, you can analyse behaviour flow i.e. a user’s journey on your website. Moreover, site content, speed, and search data can be used to improve the user experience and thus increase traffic.

Finally, on the business front, conversion metrics come into play. Here, you can set and track your goals which can be leads, revenue, ROI(return on investment), and more. Besides, the ecommerce section gets you the sales data and ways to better it. You can also use the multi-channel funnel to experiment and determine the best path for conversion.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console to monitor Organic traffic from Google Search Engine

Google Search Console helps you in tracking & improving organic traffic via Google search. This can be done with various tools and reports available here. Thus, you can monitor your site’s performance via data like clicks, impressions, ctr(click through rate), position on SERPs(search engine result pages), and more.

It also lets you know how Google crawls, indexes, and serves your site pages so that you can improve for errors. Moreover, it sends you an automatically generated email notification whenever it finds issues on your page. 

You will get the keywords and queries used by users to come to your site with this tool. This will help in keyword optimization. The AMP and mobile usability sections help in making the respective pages better. The rich results section gives you recommendations by which you can improve your structured data for better visibility. All in all, Google Search Console is a useful tool for SEO purposes.

Ahrefs in Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Ahrefs paid SEO tool

Ahrefs provide SEO tools that take care of both on-page and off-page SEO. It’s clients include top brands such as Netflix, Facebook, Shopify, Adobe, LinkedIn, Uber, and more. The USP of Ahrefs is fast performance and accurate results. That’s why its in Top 10 Free SEO Tools list. Now, let’s check the tools on offer.

Site Explorer: Here you will get the keywords for which your peers are ranking on SERPs. Moreover, you will get to know your best pages i.e. the ones that generate maximum traffic. Another important tool is backlink checker which analyzes backlinks on other sites(of the same industry) so that you can increase your backlink density.

Keywords Explorer: It helps you get keyword ideas along with their usage so that you can select the ones beneficial for your business. Also, those keywords which have the potential to rank. Moreover, you get ideas from other search platforms such as Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and more.

Site Audit: It runs through all the web pages to find any SEO issues or technical errors. It puts through this data with possible solutions so that you can fix them accordingly. Some of the key issues include site speed, missing content on tags, social media card errors, Hreflang issues, and internal & external link mapping. 

Rank Tracker: This tracker checks 24×7 on peer performance so that you can act accordingly to improve your site’s performance. Some of the key data points here are visibility, average position, traffic, SERP features, and position.

Content Explorer: It helps you find the best performing pages along with the worst ones so that you can act accordingly. Moreover, it gets you details of new sites linking to your site so that you can exercise link building activities. Besides, it also works on social media’s content.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed insights helps your to optimization of core web vitals and website speed

At Google Page Speed Insights, you simply need to enter a url to improve that page’s speed via Google sources. This tool analyzes the content in the pages to deliver fast performing sites. Moreover, it recommends changes that can speed up your site or decrease the loading time.

The Diagnostics feature helps in identifying errors. Some of them are in the web front load, third party code, and scrolling performance sections. It also shows you passed audits which you can keep in mind for future improvements. It has qualified for Top 10 Free SEO Tools because of its ease of access and quality metrics.

Google Trends in Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Google Trends tool for trending topic research

Google Trends lets you know about the trending searches in the country on Google platforms(web/image/news search, Youtube, Google Shopping). You can even get insights from all over the globe. This tool shows you interest over time for a particular search via graphs. Moreover, you get to know the interest region wise.

For a particular topic, you can find queries and keywords in two tabs namely rising and top. The rising tab shows the currently trending ones while the latter shows those who are ranking high in the selected time duration. Thus, this section helps you find the right keywords to target. Now, let’s checkout another 2 sections which are crucial here.

Daily Search Trends: Here, you get a list of trending topics on the current day. It is sorted from the most searched on the top to the least trending on the bottom. You will get the search volume and related queries for comparison. Moreover, you get news which is related to the topic for in- depth details. 

Realtime Search Trends: These are the topics which are trending since the past 24 hrs. You will get the latest trending topics on the top. This section is most useful for those who’s campaigns require news data.

You can also subscribe to your related topics for automatic alerts from Google Trends.

Copyscape in Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Copyscape plagiarism checker tool

Copyscape is a plagiarism detection and content management tool. You can check for articles in it to know whether they are served by coping or have genuine content. This is important because Google will rank you lower if it finds duplicate content on your pages. Moreover, it is possible that your site might be banned by Google.

There are 2 tools here namely Copyscape Premium and Copysentry. The premium one will check for plagiarism whereas Copysentry will place copyright banners on your site so that content thieves get well aware of the consequences they might face.

It also has an api which you can insert in your site. It daily or weekly browses the web for duplicate content and alerts you when it finds any. You can also find plagiarism within your own content. Besides, you get features like copy/paste originality checks, PDF & Word file uploads, batch search, private index, case tracking, and WordPress integration.

Screaming Frog

screaming from paid SEO tool for website audit and bot crawl monitoring

Screaming Frog is a web crawler which helps in technical SEO audits on your website. It lets you know many important bugs and enhancements so that you can improve your onpage SEO functioning.

It finds broken links and server errors. Also, catches pages which do faulty redirection. You can also check on page titles and meta data and do changes accordingly. This is useful because sometimes few pages have the same text or might even be blank. Moreover, it gets you pages which are low on content so that you can add some.

You will get to know the pages that are blocked by meta robots, robots.txt, ‘no follow’, and other canonicals. In addition, data like social media tags, extra headings, and more can be fetched. You can also create XML and XML image sitemaps for priority and frequency change identification.

In the free version, it crawls a maximum of 500 pages whereas in the paid one, there is no limit. The free version has many features like hreflang attributes, site visualization, and the ones mentioned above.

Google Rich Results Test

Google Rich Results Test overview tool

Whenever you search on Google, you get a title in blue, link in green, and some text content at the bottom. Google Rich Results are those which add more to this i.e. it shows more content in structured form like carousels, images, tables, FAQs, and more. The Rich Results Test tool helps you identify these in your page. You will get to know which all rich results are available in your page so that you can manage them.

You simply need to enter your page url or a particular code, select from ‘Googlebot Smartphone’ or ‘Googlebot Desktop’, and click on “Test URL” to generate results. It will show either “page is eligible for rich results” or “page is ineligible for rich results”. If it is eligible then you will get what all it will show like articles which are featured in “Top Stories”. Then, breadcrumbs, logos, sitelink search box(includes a search box in your SERPs layout), and more. This tool is free of cost. 


Moz paid SEO tool for authority checking of a website

Moz is a set of software tools to help you achieve complete SEO goals. It does site audits for checking technical SEO. Then, it does rank tracking for keywords, competitors, and more which helps in improving rank in SERPs. Next is backlink analysis where you get to know anchor text and domain authority. You can also find lots of keyword ideas along with keyword analysers.

The free tool gets you linking root domains, ranking keywords, and spam score. It also shows top pages by links and top linking domains with page authority score. You also get to know the discovered and lost domains over a period of time.

The top performing keywords based on volume and CTR(click through rate) are shown with their visibility score so that you can focus on key ones. Moreover, their ranking position is also shown along with the list of branded keywords.

The top featured snippet section gives you queries for which these snippets are available. Besides, which keywords are ranking as per their position is also shown. For instance, there might be 156 keywords in rank 1-3, 857 in 4-10, and so on.

These were the top 10 free SEO tools. What do you think about them? Do let us know in the comments below.

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