5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Try in 2024

Google Adsense is a goto option for many newbie bloggers, influencers, and other content creators to generate revenue via content monetization. However, there are other advertising options as well which can gel well with it or work individually. They will help you get better revenue, long-lasting audience, and quality ads for a stronger impact. Therefore, we have got you the 5 Best AdSense Alternatives to Try in 2024 so have a look and implement as per your content requirements.  


Cuelinks is a smart & extensive content monetization tool for bloggers and other types of content creators. It is well-known in the affiliate marketing world for its aggregate reporting, 2-min installation, and 1000+ campaigns (advertisers). Moreover, for single point of payout, lifetime link management, and Cuelinks API (for mobile apps). It has 20K+ publishers and generates 10M+ clicks per month. Some of its top advertisers include Amazon, Flipkart, Domino’s Pizza, Big Rock, Big Basket, MakeMyTrip, AliExpress, Pepperfry, Ebay, and Nearbuy. Now, let’s checkout its key features. 

Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing Program platform for content monitization as Adsense alternative.

Smart Affiliate Links

Cuelinks generates smart affiliate links automatically from your content. You simply need to add a Javascript code into your content for this. This code is such that it won’t impact your SEO rankings so you can use it to monetize well.


Cuewords is a native advertising tool. It captures all the monetizing keywords from your content automatically and generates affiliate links. Moreover, Cuewords work in real-time and are quick to scan pages.


Cuewidgets is a Contextual Display Advertising tool. It creates ad display widgets and fits them into empty spaces on your web pages. This tool also works on native advertising principles so that your users get what they are looking for or might be in need of.

Cueapps or Cuelinks API

Cueapps is a mobile app monetization tool done via the Cuelinks API. You simply need to install the Cuelinks SDK to make it work. This tool is specially created for mobile app publishers so that they can engage users in ads well on their app.

Cuelinks Chrome Extension

The Cuelinks Chrome Extension helps in comparing merchant (advertisers) payouts. Also, it generates affiliate links automatically from merchant pages and product pages.

Cuelinks WordPress Plugin

The Cuelinks WordPress Plugin instantly turns your website into a money-making one without compromising on your organic traffic. This plugin is available free of cost.  

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Media.Net in Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Media.Net uses contextual ads at its core for content monetization. It includes a lot more in Yahoo Bing network access (large set of ad keywords). Additionally, in huge advertisers hub and programmatic platform (server-side services). Check some of its key features below which makes it one of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives. 

Media.Net in Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Contextual Ads

Media.Net gives you access to the Yahoo Bing network which is a huge marketplace for keyword-targeted advertisers. Thus, it finds relevant keywords for targeting from all your content. Moreover, it does not use cookies and instead uses your website content.

It supports dynamic optimization which helps in selecting the best ad copy for your content. Here, you can customize your own ad-units for better placements on your web pages. There are many innovative ad-units available which can be optimized by the Media.Net team so you don’t have to worry about them.


It gathers information from leading DSPs (demand-side platforms) who are competing in a 1st place auction. Thus, it helps you generate higher revenues with incremental CPMs. The Media.Net marketplace includes display ads, native ads, contextual ads, and video ads. This advertising platform is transparent so you can have a track on almost everything.

Programmatic Platform

The Media.Net Programmatic Platform gets you the best server-side services for uninterrupted & fast performance. Services here include cross-format header bidding platform, native ad insertion, and proprietary contextual targeting engine.

This platform is useful for marketplace access, high transparency & control, extensive reporting, page-load time protection, and global account management. You can opt-in for Fully Managed Header Bidding Platform, Prebid Adapter, and Google’s Exchange Bidding (EBDA).

PropellerAds in Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2024

PropellerAds is a performance-based advertising platform catering to both publishers and advertisers. Some of its key features include automated ad optimization, fraud prevention, and self-serve platform. It ranks among the Best Google AdSense Alternatives in 2024.

PropellerAds in Best Google AdSense Alternatives

CPA Goal 2.0

CPA Goal 2.0 from PropellerAds is an automated ad optimization tool. It uses an AI-powered optimization algorithm which finds the relevant traffic based on your content for best spendings and revenue generation. 

It is a fully automated process so no need of blacklisting or rate optimization. Moreover, it does smart auto-bidding for continuous traffic. Besides, you can use it for testing campaigns from various advertisers.

Target CPA

Target CPA helps in cost-effective media buying. It is a rule-based campaign optimization tool which excludes irrelevant ad placements. It includes adjustable campaign settings for target conversion price, test budget, and similar metrics. Additionally, it helps you do well via both manual and auto optimization. 

Ad Formats

PropellerAds promises 1 Billion users with its top performing ad formats. They include push notifications, onclick ads, in-page push, and native interstitials. Its push notification service can send 1 Million messages in less than a minute which is a unique feature here. 

Amazon Associates in Best Google AdSense Alternatives India

Amazon Associates in Best Google AdSense Alternatives India

Amazon Associates is an Affiliate Marketing program from Amazon. It provides link building tools for monetization. Here, you simply need to recommend relevant products. If a user completes the required actions then you earn commission. It is popular as the Best Google AdSense Alternative in India.

There are many affiliate programs available here. Moreover, it has a huge network of publishers categorized into large publishers, individual bloggers and social media influencers. Amazon promises upto 10% earnings in commission. 


Taboola holds 9K+ digital properties and helps them in generating traffic, engagement, and revenue. The Taboola Feed is a great leverage option here as you get to include it to your web pages. Not only it helps in monetization but also builds a strong audience base. 


Actionable Editorial Insights

You will get Actionable Editorial Insights in the Taboola Newsroom section. It includes data insights, A/B testing and various alert types. Thus, the editorial and audience teams can work to improve the content monetization strategies.

Optimized Paid Acquisitions

Taboola helps to optimize Paid Acquisitions by increasing traffic with positive ROI. Moreover, it helps reduce bounce rate. Additionally, it tracks revenue for each session. This all in-turn increases ad quality. 

Audience Exchange

Taboola exchanges your audience with other partners and third-party sites. This helps in increasing relevant traffic to your site and in-turn results in better conversions.

Sponsored Content

Taboola says to hold the largest marketplace of sponsored content. This will help you monetize your text and video (in-feed) contents. 

These were some of the Best Google AdSense Alternatives out of the many out there. Do share with us which ones you use and why in the comments below.

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