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Important Information for Travelstart Program
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User must not use the Travelstart Brand or any part of it or any mark, name or brand confusingly similar to the Travelstart Brand or any part of it whether to promote your site(s) or for any other reason. Without limitation you must not : (i) register or apply for registration of or use any domain name; or (ii) use any keyword, metatag or other or other means of advertising on any internet search engine ; or (iii) Affiliates utilizing search engine marketing for traffic generation will not be allowed to bid on Travelstart's brand name or any combinations thereof which incorporates Travelstart, the Travelstart Brand or any part of it and , without limiting any other rights or remedies which Travelstart Limited may have, in the event that you register, apply for or use any domain name which includes "Travelstart" you will immediately upon request of Travelstart transfer that domain name back to us.

The affiliate will retain complete control over their site(s) and must ensure that they continue to be appropriate to Travelstart terms and conditions. Your site must not contain any content of the sites or materials proprietary to Travelstart unless prior written permission has been obtained, or it is material obtained through the Travelstart affiliate programme. Travelstart will remain completely separate from the affiliate's site(s) and as such Travelstart will not be included in any claims, damages and expenses relating to the development, operation/maintenance and contents of your site. Affiliates should continually be aware that their conduct has the potential to affect the Travelstart image and should therefore conduct their activity in a way that does not damage or have a negative impact on the Travelstart brand.

The Marketer will earn commission for every paid booking generated from its websites. Travelstart shall have the right to amend the Commission payable on 30 days' written notice to the Marketer. It is specifically agreed that Travelstart may deduct, from commission earned in respect of the sales of Travel Products, for any fraudulent bookings, charged-back amounts due to fraud and any other amounts as may be owed to it by the Marketer, before paying over to the Marketer the balance of monies due.

Travelstart shall administer all transactions relating to the Travel Products concluded on the Websites, by means of, inter alia, tracking of transactions, collection of monies from purchasers of Travel Products, payment of expenses including, but not limited to, payment to travel providers for Travel Products sold Travelstart shall at all times, for the duration of this agreement, allow the Marketer access to the transaction tracking facility contained in the Marketing Software, in order that the Marketer may directly track and verify all clicks and bookings made on the Websites by product category. Travelstart will then confirm these bookings as approved or cancelled and pay commission on that. Commission calculation is based on the total amount of sales made for domestic sales and international sales separately. Travelstart shall be responsible for compiling the affiliate's monthly commission information. It is the full responsibility of the affiliate to correctly execute tracking links and tracking codes in order to reduce the occurrence of any discrepancies in reporting, tracking and commission accrual.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, Travelstart shall be entitled to market products similar to the Travel Products directly to its customers ("Direct Sales"), notwithstanding that such customers may previously have purchased Travel Products from the Marketer. The Marketer shall have no entitlement to monies received by Travelstart in respect of such Direct Sales.

Travelstart will be in no way be held liable for any damages or loss of revenue, profits or data resulting from participation in the Travelstart affiliate programme.
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About Travelstart Campaign
Travelstart is Africa's Leading Online Travel Agency - book your flight online to get the lowest fares available. Travel made simple!
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