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Accessories (Pillow, Mattress Protector, Comforter)

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Sofabed and Mattresses

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Important Information for Sleepyhead Program
Tracking Details:
Sleepy Head campaign does not help with the missing transaction. 

Conversion Flow:

1. User lands on LP and complete transaction.
2. Sale transaction is counted on Panel.

Important Information:
• The final numbers would be billed as per the advertiser and would be updated at the time of billing.
• Cookie duration for the campaign is: 30 days
• Deeplink is allowed in the campaign.
• Multiple transactions in a single session are not available.
• SEM is not allowed.
• Missing sales will not be entertained.
• Payout is tracked on Standard payout. It will be updated at the time validation.
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About Sleepyhead Campaign
Memory foam. In 1966, NASA developed a technology to help airplane seats absorb shock better. The tech led to the innovation of a material made up of small chambers infused with millions of gel beads. Slow spring back foam, as it was first called, was also used in helmets, hospital beds, prosthetics and even shoes. Renamed memory foam, it’s become the material of choicefor mattresses.
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