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Important Information for Rupee Redee CPI Program
Tracking Details:
Rupee Redee CPI Campaign does not help with missing transaction.

Conversion Flow -

- User Download the app
- User install the app
- Loan Calculator (on Landing Page)
- Mobile verified using OTP
- Email verified using OTP
- Successful Loan Application Submit 

Note :

Monthly Income of the applicant must be >15K (ideally between 15K to 50K) - Must be having valid KYC (AADHAAR, Voter Card, Driving License), PAN, Bank Account - Can operate a mobile or work on a website i.e. has access to internet - Must be using Net-Banking - Non-credit card users (our TG is someone who doesn’t has the access to credit, usually has to borrow from friends/relatives/office etc.) 

SMS Content - 

- Believe or not! Get loans in your bank A/C 24*7 in just few minutes. Min Documentation. 100% online. Apply Now <Link>
- In just 5 minutes! Get Personal Loans starting Rs.5000 directly in bank account. Avail loans 24*7. 100% Online. Apply <Link> Now

Mailer Sender Name - RupeeRedee / Instant Loan / Online Loan / Fast Loan / Personal Loan

Mailer Subject Line -

-Instant personal loan in just 5 mins 24*7
-100% online loans for your instant needs
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About Rupee Redee CPI Campaign
RupeeRedee is a new-age financial services platform that leverages technology to make lending quick and easy
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