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Allowed Media
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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for Pelago Program
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Tracking - Online

Not allowed Media :

Brand Bidding
Pop up, Popunder & Tabunder
Push Notification
Search Engine Marketing

Traffic Quality and Adherence to Guidelines:
Unusual Browsing, Clicks, Sales, Program Usage, or Robots:
Affiliates are strictly prohibited from generating abnormal traffic through automated programs,
robots, or any method that artificially inflates clicks or sales.

Traffic from Non-Compliant Sources:
It is strictly forbidden to generate traffic originating from websites involved in explicit content,
gambling, violence, drugs, weapons, malicious information, politics, child abuse, or any
non-compliant content.

Prohibition of Traffic Hijacking:
Affiliates must refrain from participating in traffic hijacking activities, including mass clicks for
attribution hijacking, traffic manipulation through devices, and traffic originating from
virus-infected devices.

Avoidance of Traffic from Abnormal Devices:
Affiliates are not allowed to utilize spam registration devices, simulator devices, or any other
abnormal devices to generate traffic.

Prevention of Invalid Orders:
Affiliates should abstain from generating fake orders, abusing vouchers, or engaging in improper
or abusive transactions.

Restriction on Invalid or Unusual User Behavior:
Generating traffic with invalid or unusual user behavior, as identified by Pelago's systems, is
strictly prohibited.

Non-commissionable SKUs- Universal Studios Japan Tickets (Direct Entry) | Studio Pass | Super Nintendo World (p1z4v)- Gardens by the Bay Tickets (p0zni)- [Pelago Exlcusive] Pelago Singapore Attractions Pass (pfqos)- Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets (pxffb)- LKY: THE EXPERIENCE (pziq8)
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About Pelago Campaign
Why travel experiences you ask? ‘Pelago’ comes from the word “archipelago” - a group of islands that lie in harmony – reflecting how we bring together a wide selection of experiences across the region, connecting travellers to different cultures and ideas.
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