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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for Paysense CPI Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Online

Targeting audience - Income more than INR 18000++   Credit Score > 650

Brand Bidding is prohibited. Keywords - Paysense, PaySense

User Flow : 
Install - Mobile no. - OTP Verification - Basic details - Credit score check

General Terms :
  • All allowed traffic sources are mentioned in the campaign detail.
  • Authentic promotional methods should be used to promote the campaign.
  • Advertiser holds the complete right to deny all pending payments in the event of fraud or malpractice.
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About Paysense CPI Campaign
Install PaySense app to get an instant personal loan app within a few hours. PaySense has partnered with IIFL and Fullerton for disbursing personal loans.&nbsp;<br><br>Over 10,00,000 users have already installed the PaySense app to get a personal loan for medical emergencies, marriage expenses, buying two-wheeler, paying school and college fees, upgrading to new electronics, paying credit card bills, buying jewellery, for home decor, etc.&nbsp;
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