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Important Information for Nature Journal Affiliate Program

Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords 
Advertisements using search engines Search engine marketing is permissible only to the extent that no prohibited material is embedded. The following is prohibited: • Brand-Bidding, i.e. bidding on keywords, specifically on trademarked keywords such as “Springer” or “” • Uses of a trademark or misspelled version in the display URL • Use of a trademark or misspelled version in the display title • Use of trademark or misspelled version in the display text • Listing of products within Google Shopping product searches Springer trademark policy: The brand names, Nature and, may not be changed or expanded through usage. Combinations of various words containing the mark or brand, derivative words or orthographic mistakes are prohibited.

Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content 
• Uses of a trademark or misspelled version in the display URL • Use of a trademark or misspelled version in the display title • Use of trademark or misspelled version in the display text

Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content 
Guidelines for affiliate websites Websites having the following content are prohibited: • Erotica / pornography / sexual content • Depictions of violence • Drugs • Politics • Discriminatory statements or displays regarding race, sex, religion or nationality, physical handicap, sexual orientation or age • Copyright infringements • Use of trademark-protected designations as well as misspelled versions thereof • Other unlawful content, in particular content that is harmful to minors or that can be prosecuted Affiliate websites must be structured and designed so as not to create a likelihood of confusion with the site. The affiliate websites must have a proper legal notice on the content provider and include a proper data protection statement. Cookies may be set only if an item of Advertising Material has been visibly displayed on the Affiliate website and a website user has made a voluntary and deliberate click. Users of an affiliate website must have the opportunity at any time to return to the page which they had last viewed. The browser function “back” (or “go back”, etc.) may not be deactivated. 6.5. When redirecting the user to a Springer website, the Springer website URL must appear in the browser address bar. The URLs, links and display texts referring to must be clearly identified as such. An affiliate website may not use any of the following tools or techniques: • Browser add-ons • IFrames, Postview • Paid mailer, forced-click systems • Banner networks, toolbars • Web crawlers • Torrent traffic • Facebook ads/fanpages/offers containing Springer tardemarks or promotion, Twitter/Facebook Offers • Masking/modifying of links Mobile apps and Facebook apps may not be used without the express approval of Nature.

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About Nature Journal Affiliate Campaign

Nature is the world’s foremost international weekly scientific journal. It publishes the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Nature’s landmark papers, award winning news, leading comment and expert opinion on important, topical scientific news and events enable readers to share the latest discoveries in science and evolve the discussion amongst the global scientific community.