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Payout on Core, Launch, Power, Pro, WP Core, WP Launch, WP Power, WP Pro, R-1000N, R-2000N, R-3000N & R-4000N, Reseller VPS 2GB, Reseller VPS 4GB, Reseller VPS 6GB, VPS-2GB, VPS-3GB, VPS-4GB, VPS-5GB, VPS-6GB, VPS-7GB, VPS-8GB, VPS-9GB, VPS-10GB, VPS-11GB, VPS-12GB, VPS-13GB, VPS-14GB, VPS-16GB, Custom Commercial Class Server, Commercial Class 1000, Commercial Class 1000 G4, Commercial Class 1000 G4 Managed, Commercial Class 1000 G4 Metal, Commercial Class 2000 & 3000, Commercial Class 2000 & 3000 G4, Commercial Class 2000 & 3000 G4 Managed, Commercial Class 2000 & 3000 G4 Metal, Aspire & Essential, Aspire & Essential G4, Aspire & Essential G4 Managed, Aspire & Essential G4 Metal, Advanced, Advanced G4, Advanced G4 Managed, Advanced G4 Metal, Elite, Elite G4, Elite G4 Managed, Elite G4 Metal, VPS-18GB, VPS-20GB, VPS-22GB, VPS-24GB, VPS-26GB, VPS-28GB, VPS-32GB

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Payout on cVPS-3, cVPS-4, cVPS-6, cVPS-8 & cVPS-12, cVPS-16, cVPS-32, cVPS-12

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Payout on cVPS-1, cVPS-2

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Important Information for InMotion Hosting Program
Tracking Details:
InMotion Hosting campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

Company reserves the right to deny membership to the Program for any reason. By joining the Program, Affiliate agrees to the following Company policies, or restrictions and Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that Affiliate’s website(s) or publishing location shall not (and shall not enable others to): 3.1.1. Incorporate or use of Company’s trademarks (i.e., InMotion Hosting) in Affiliate’s marketing URL (e.g., inmotionhosting-reviews, inmotion-hosting, in-motion-hosting, bestinmotionhosting). If Affiliate uses a domain with any Company trademark, Affiliate will be subject to suspension or termination from the Program and all commissions will be forfeited by Affiliate; 3.1.2. Conduct paid search campaigns that utilize keywords such as, but not limited to, ‘inmotion,’ ‘inmotion hosting,’ ‘inmotion web hosting,’ ‘inmotion hosting coupon,’ ‘inmotion hosting discount’ or the like are strictly prohibited; 3.1.3. Direct a link to; 3.1.4. Use Company’s URL as the displayed URL for any advertisements; 3.1.5. Use iframes or any other techniques or technology that places Affiliate’s affiliate tracking cookie (or other tracker) by any means other than an actual click-through; 3.1.6. Have “InMotion” or “InMotion Hosting” in any capacity as a part of Affiliate’s username;
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