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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for Creditmantri CPL Affiliate Program

Tracking - Online

Validation Criteria - 
·       Customer should enter a mobile number and he/she will receive OTP which is to be entered as the following step.
·       The next step is to fill in details like DOB, Pan card number, Marital status, Email ID etc.
·       Once the details are entered, customers will be able to see their credit score. If the customer falls under the valid criteria* (mentioned below), the pixel will fire.
·       In the next page, delinquent customers will be landing on our subscription products page.
·       For each valid profile & subscription product purchase

Targeting: Pan India

Targeting audience -  Age Group: 25+ M/F, Income: 5L & above.

Validation Criteria will be on:
- Profiling

General Terms:
All allowed traffic sources are mentioned in the traffic sources.
Authentic promotional methods should be used to promote the campaign.
Advertiser holds the complete right to deny all pending payments in the event of fraud or malpractice.

Brand bidding is prohibited.  Credit Mantri , CredtiMantri Finserv Private limited 

Note: The user needs to have a credit History to be able to check the credit score. 

Flow of the campaign : Mobile Number --> OTP --> CreditScore will be displayed.

About Creditmantri Affiliate Campaign

CreditMantri is an online financial services company that uses technology and the digital medium to change the credit delivery model in India. CreditMantri is a credit marketplace offering a wide range of credit-related services to both borrowers and lenders in order to make the credit process simpler, transparent and more efficient for all the stakeholders.