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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for CharlieTheTraveler Program
Tracking Details:
What reasons are commissions declined :

1.Order cancelled - Yes - An example is the customer cancels the tour 31 days before the tour is to officially begin. Customers are entitled to cancellation refunds.
2.Item was returned - No
3.Customer failed credit check - No
4.Breach of programme terms and conditions - Yes - An example is CharlieTheTraveler needs to cancel the tour due to a pandemic. Such instances are rare. CharlieTheTraveler has very rarely cancelled any of its tours around the world.
5.Duplicate order - Yes - An example is the customer accidentally pays twice for the identical tour for the same person.
Item was out of stock - Yes - An example is CharlieTheTraveler needs to cancel the tour due to extreme weather conditions and/or political turmoil. Such instances are very rare.
Other - Yes - All cancellation terms and conditions for customers can be read here:

Allowed - Disallowed Media:

Cashback - Allowed
Community - Allowed
Content - Allowed
Discount Code - Allowed
Email - Allowed
Loyalty - Allowed
Search - Allowed
Behavioural Retargeting - Allowed
Media Brokers - Allowed
Are there any other restrictions that publishers need to consider? For example promoting adult content or age restricted products. - Forbidden
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About CharlieTheTraveler Campaign
CharlieTheTraveler is a preferred supplier for both Expedia and TripAdvisor. At the time of writing, we have a 5-star ranking on Google. We operate our own multi-day, action-packed, first-class packaged tours in 21 countries.
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