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Important Information for Cars24 Program
Tracking Details:
Cars24 CPL campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Conversion Flow:

1. User clicks on the link and reaches the landing page
2. Fills the lead form and click on the book appointment, that gets tracked on HO 
3. The user gets an appointment confirmation notification
4. User has to visit the cars24 branch for inspection which will count as a sale and will appear in the client report

SMS Content :

1. Want to Sell Your Car? Get the best Price of Your Car At CARS24<<bitly>>
2. Get The Best Price Of Your Car Only At CARS24<<bitly>>
3. Sell Your Car Hassle-Free in Single Visit only at CARS24<<bitly>>
4. Looking to Sell Your Car? CARS24 offers Best Price. Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer. Book Now<<bitly>>

Note - Only inspections are payable 
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About Cars24 Campaign
Selling a car is an extensive and uncertain process. One is never sure of their car’s real market value. Listing online leads to more time consumption,&nbsp;<br>multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling etc.CARS24 makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience. If you’re thinking about selling your<br>used car, but don’t want the hassle that comes along with it, you’re in good hands.
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