Bisleri affiliate marketing program

Bisleri Affiliate program

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Bisleri Affiliate Payout Categories

Payout Applicable only for 20ltr, 10ltr, and 5ltr water cans
Payout on purchase of 501 & above
Payout on purchase of 500 & below

Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link

Disallowed Media

Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
POP Traffic
Native Ads
Social Media
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)

Countries Allowed

India Flag India

Important Information for Bisleri Affiliate Program

NOTE : Please run the campaign on approved creatives in an ethical way. Please do not run this campaign on any unapproved inventory, only approved creative to be used, also Please do not target Stand (one of the product on site. It is not payable)

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any transaction.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Missing Transactions:
Please note commission only payable on 20ltr, 10ltr, and 5ltr water cans in Bisleri. Rest all consider as non-billable.
 Orders coming with amounts less than INR 200 will not be Billable.

About Bisleri Affiliate Campaign

Bisleri@Doorstep is a platform designed for your convenience, enabling you to order Bisleri products in one click & receive it at your doorstep. Regular users can simply subscribe products of their choice at a suitable frequency and avail a loyalty discount. In addition you can choose from the exciting offers & discounts that will be available from time to time.