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Important Information for Agoda Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Offline

Allowed - Disallowed Media :

Cashback - Forbidden
Coupons - Allowed
Banners - Allowed
Text Link - Forbidden
Email Marketing - Allowed
Social Media - Allowed
Deeplinking - Forbidden
M-site - Allowed
App Track - Forbidden

Coupons Policy - Coupons shared by the Cuelinks team and coupons mentioned on the website (generic) are only payable. Please note, Coupon code not provided by Cuelinks and are not available on advertiser website will not be paid.

Agoda campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

No any sought of brand bidding activity on campaign.

Conversion Flow:

1) User clicks on the tracking link
2) User land on Agoda website and made any purchase within cookie period
3) User successfully paid and receive his/her purchase

Cookie duration - 1 Day

Note: PPC is strictly not allowed in this campaign.

Validation Criteria - after booking exhaust

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About Agoda Campaign
Agoda, the world’s fastest growing online travel booking platform. Expanding its roots to the entirety of Asia, the Agoda Affiliate Program is growing rapidly as well. Promoting Agoda Affiliate Marketing through Cuelinks will aid in creating the best traction and attention to your content. With the travel industry expanding on the daily, Agoda Affiliate Commission would be tremendously enhanced with Cuelinks.
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Agoda Affiliate Program: Hotel and other Property Bookings Worldwide

Agoda is an online hotel, flight, and activity booking aggregation platform. It mainly focuses on rented property (20 Lakh+ Worldwide) bookings like hotels, apartments, hostels, villas, resorts, home stays, bungalows, vacation rentals, and more. The Agoda Affiliate Program works only on Hotel and other Property Bookings. The best part here is that Agoda is available in 38 languages so it connects every audience type well. Also, its PointsMAX loyalty program is rewarding.

Agoda Affiliate Commission Rates

The Agoda Affiliate Program works on a CPS model. Moreover, the stay should be completed i.e. you earn only when the user successfully checks-out from the property. This is due to refunds company bears on free hotel cancellations. The Agoda Affiliate Commission Rate is 5% on booking/sale amount. Make a note that there might be a payout threshold for withdrawal. Also, bank transfer charges may apply.

Why Cuelinks for Agoda Affiliate Program?

Cuelinks is the one-stop monetizing destination for all the travel related affiliate programs. Be it Agoda,, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, EaseMyTrip, and others. Thus, all your tracking, validation, and earnings are under 1 roof. Moreover, it helps you manage these peers effectively so that monetization and your audience experience is optimized to the best. Finally, here you get the highest commission rates based on the market trends so you are always on the top of the monetization game. Thus, get the best out of the Agoda Affiliate Program. 

Agoda Affiliate Program Review

One good thing here is that you are paid directly on sale amount and not on the commission earned by Agoda, making things simpler. Agoda as a brand is quite popular in India and Asia-pacific, well known for its lowest prices comparatively. Also, it has been in the travel industry for 18 years now so provides stability in performance. Downside is just that it has many peers where you will find the same property available so the price game is where it plays which in-turn lowers down your commission value. The Agoda affiliate API is well designed and fits well. All-in-all, the Agoda Affiliate Program is worth giving a shot! 

Note: The Agoda Affiliate Program campaigns are subject to change anytime by Agoda and Cuelinks so always check for the latest details.


Does Agoda have affiliate programs?

Yes, Agoda has affiliate programs where you can earn via hotel/property bookings on a CPS (cost per sale) basis. 

What is Agoda commission rate?

The Agoda affiliate marketing program commission rate is 5% of the sale amount.

Is the Agoda Affiliate Commission rate low?

Yes, the Agoda Affiliate Commission rate is low, but this is expected as Agoda also earns a commission and majority of the earnings goes to the property owner. You will see low rates across all major online travel booking players as they all are aggregators. However, you can make good money as online travel booking is what people prefer these days.

Is the Agoda Affiliate Program worth it?

Yes, definitely the Agoda Affiliate Program is beneficial given its market experience, commission rates, low booking prices, good word-of-mouth, service, online hotel booking popularity, and various promotional offers round the year.