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Important Information for TunePat Program
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General guidelines :

1. Publishes are not permitted to use the iFrames, toolbars, pop unders, pop ups and layer advertising content that would result in loading the promotional material of TunePat, on the computer of the user, without obtaining authorization. The traditional marketing methods that can generate sales are only allowed.
2. TunePat brand, trademark and product name are not allowed to be mistakenly or similarly rewritten or distorted. Keywords such as tunepat, tune pat and etc. are not being permitted to be used in your domain.
3. No TunePat products are allowed to be sold on online stores such as eBay and Amazon or auction-related websites. Do not change the name of TunePat products or submit the same name to the third party platform for sale.

Product/Content/Pricing guidelines :

1. You are not allowed to change the name of any TunePat product and provide it to another website. 
2. As a publisher, you should never exaggerate the functionalities that are provided to the users through TunePat products.
3. Prices must be consistent with the official website of TunePat. Any discount promotion of TunePat products by affiliates should be authorized by TunePat. You are not permitted to offer any incentives, bonuses or coupons to the customers. In case if you have a discount promotion plan, you are encouraged to get in touch with us.
4. You may not copy the content and style of the official TunePat website or imitate it as a formal official website.
5. The publishers are not allowed to bid on brands and trademarks of TunePat. In addition, variations or misspellings of the brand should not be used. Please don’t use terms and symbols such as "™", "®", "©" or "official", when you create a link to the affiliate URL.
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About TunePat Campaign
TunePat Inc. is a program development company and specialized in the development of music converter and video downloader. TunePat launched TunePat Amazon Music Converter, TunePat Spotify Converter, TunePat Tidal Media Downloader, and TunePat Apple Music Converter designed to convert music from Amazon Music & Spotify & Apple Music to plain formats.
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