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Important Information for Sunveno Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking : Online

Canceled/Returned orders will not be payable.
Max Transactions Allowed - 3 orders are allowed per user in a month
Reselling/bulk buying is not allowed.
Coupons Policy - Coupons shared by the Cuelinks team and coupons mentioned on the website (generic) are only payable.
Please note, Coupon code not provided by Cuelinks and are not available on advertiser website will not be paid.
COD Sales are subject to successful delivery confirmation from advertiser.

Tracking Information:
Frequency - Realtime
Cookie Duration - 30 Days
Web - Available
Mobile Web - Available
App - Not Allowed
Deeplink - Allowed
Multiple Conversions - Not Allowed

Promotion Methods:
Display - banner - Allowed
Blog - Allowed
Media Buying - Native - banner - Allowed
Media Buying - Social - Allowed
Media Buying - Search Generic KWs - Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand KWs - Not Allowed
Media Buying - Search Brand + Generic KW - Allowed
Media Buying - Display - Allowed
Media Buying - BH - Not Allowed
Telegram / Whatsapp Groups - Allowed
Reseller - Allowed
Toolbars / Extension - Allowed
Mobile app - Not Allowed
Coupon / Deals - Allowed
Cashback - Allowed
Email - Allowed
Meta search - Not Allowed
Influencer - Allowed
Partner Network - Not Allowed
API/Data filling - Not Allowed
SMS - Not Allowed
Social media - Allowed
You tube - Allowed
Push Notifications - Allowed
Pop Traffic - Allowed
Content Lock - Allowed
Smartlink - Not Available
Sale Amount Currency: INR
ADV_SUB: Order Id
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About Sunveno Campaign
Established in 2005,&nbsp;Sunveno<span>&nbsp;was founded with the sole motive to cater to the needs of the caring mothers so that they can have the best of maternity and baby products to help them fulfill their motherhood needs. It is a one stop platform with a wide range of functional and trendy products/accessories to meet your general and special needs.Products that serve you on a daily basis or if it is the trending “mommy-stuff” that you have been craving for, everything available within a single click to you.<br><br></span><span>Our Research &amp; Development is specifically dedicated to design and develop high-quality maternity and baby products like Mummy bags, Diaper bags, Bed sheets, Body-shapers and so on. We want the magnificent mommies to have the best for their child and have the unmatched comfort 24/7, being a mother is not easy but we will always strive to ease off the process for you.<br></span><br>User-friendly categories:&nbsp;With customer satisfaction at our core, we have designed and segregated the stores so that various products matching your needs and desires can be bundled up thereby making sure that you do not end up switching from one place to another in order to cross-check your shopping list.<br>
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