Reservations affiliate marketing program

Reservations Affiliate program

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Important Information for Affiliate Program

Reservations Campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes purchase
2. Sale is counted & added

What will you be paid on? affiliates will be paid on Completed Bookings for Commissionable Accomodations.
  • Commissionable Accommodation means a hotel Accommodation, including any resort, inn, villa, hostel, motel, etc., but excluding any Non-Commissionable Accommodation.
  • Completed Booking means a Reserved Booking for which the Accommodation has been paid for in full, has not been canceled, modified, and/or refunded in full or in part, and has been used in entirety (i.e. the customer paid for and stayed at the hotel they booked, and the customer has completed their stay at the hotel).
  • Non-Commissionable Accommodation means (i) any group reservation, including group reservations of any hotel Accommodation; (ii) any rental car Accommodation; (iii) any Accommodation reserved through our call center; (iv) R.Club Exclusion. For any Reserved Booking made by a customer who, at the time the Reserved Booking is made, was an existing member of our R.Club loyalty program, such Reserved Booking is not commissionable, even if the Accommodation itself was a Commissionable Accommodation, and even if the Reserved Booking was attributable to you.
  • Reserved Booking means a reservation of an Accommodation that has been made by a customer on our Site.

About Reservations Affiliate Campaign is on the mission to bring the human-touch back into the world of online travel, to enhance our customer's experience and take them places they have never been. We are passionate about redefining the booking and planning experience for today's travelers.