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30 Days
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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for Oukitel Program
Tracking Details:
Oukitel Campaign does not help with the missing transactions.


1.1 Follow the Oukitel social network promotion specifications. It is not allowed to use the official account of Oukitel, and it is not allowed to use related gifts named with Oukitel (except for those authorized separately).

1.2 It is not allowed to use false promotional advertisements other than Oukitel. Such as exaggerated discounts, false copywriting, and so on. Please pay attention to the change of discounts on our sites and modify your promotional copywriting immediately. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the loss.

Brand bidding/Abnormal traffic:

2.1 Any paid advertising requiring the addition of keywords (including contextual and targeted) prohibits the use of the Oukitel trademark name. It is also forbidden to use the Oukitel brand name as a keyword in combination with another word: Oukitel to buy, Oukitel news, a review on Oukitel, Oukitel website, and any other similar options. It is also not permitted to use the advertiser’s company name in his link, heading, or advertising text of the advertisement. (except for those authorized separately).

2.2 Abnormal traffic: We don’t allow publishers to buy lots of spam traffic to pull down our conversion rate. We don’t allow publishers to use fraudulent ways to increase sales.
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About Oukitel Campaign
<div>In 2019, we launched our very first portable power station, driven by our commitment to providing sustainable power solutions. We continue to invest heavily in portable power supply, solar technology, and smart home backup power systems. Oukitel's vision is to empower individuals with access to renewable energy, contributing to a greener planet and a sustainable, eco-friendly future.<br></div>
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