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Nirafinance CPI Affiliate Payout Categories

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Important Information for Nirafinance CPI Affiliate Program

Nirafinance CPI campaign does not help with the missing transaction.

Validation criteria :

Employment Status - Salaried
Minimum Salary - Rs.11000
Maximum Salary - Rs.40000
Loan Type - Personal loan
Minimum Loan Size - Rs.5000
Maximum Loan Size - Rs.100000
Avg. Loan Size - Rs.20000
Repayment tenure - 3 to 12 Months
Location - PAN India
CIBIL - 660+ / New to Credit allowed
Bank Statement - 90 Days is Mandatory
FOIR - 50% of salary
EMI Bounce Status - No Bounces in last 3 months
EMI / Credit Overdue - Should not have any EMI dues while applying.
Gambling - Excess of 15% in Salary
Employment Proof - Required
Aadhar Card - Required
Age Minimum - 18
Age Maximum - 55
Excluded Sectors - Aviation and Hospitality
Lending App - Less then 20 Lending App Installed

Hard kpi-5% BS upload approval

soft kpi-25% Final approval custom event

Geo: IN
MMP: Appsflyer 
Fraud Tool- P360

No Payout for incent traffic

About Nirafinance Affiliate Campaign

NIRA thinks that Financial Responsibility means knowing what things are worth investing in, not because of their perceived luxury, but what they can do for you in the long run. It means understanding yourself a little better in the context to the world. NIRA encourages you to examine your needs and desires and visualize how you want to grow.