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Payout on electronics:Car DVR, Car Audio, Car Chargers, Steering Wheel Covers, Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Helmet Headsets, Car Headlights, Bluetooth Car Kit/Hands-free, Daytime Running Lights, OBD, LED Car Bulbs, Car Body Decoration & Protection, License Plate Lights, Car Headrests&Waist Cushions, Car Organizers, Car Seat Covers, Car Tail Lights, Motorcycle Lighting, Car Fog Lights, Warning Lights, Car Interior Mats, Car Signal Lights, Car Decoration Lights, Vehicle Work Lighting, Car Rear View Camera, Car Brake Lights, Side Marker Lights, Car Light Accessories, DIY Car Interiors, Car Cleaners, Car Exterior Lights, Car GPS Navigation, Reversing Lights, Protection Gear, Car Air Purifiers, Car Pendants & Ornaments, Car Sun Shades&Visors, Cleaning Tools, Car Alarms, Car Covers, Car Interior Lights, Car Shift Knobs, Head Up Display, Motorcycle & ATV Parts, Emergency Tools, Cleaning & Detailing Tools, Car life appliances, Cables & Adapters, Projectors, Access Control, Pocket Watches, Novelties, Mice & Keyboards, Test, Measure & Inspection Equipment, Soldering Iron & Accessories, Watch Accessories, Laptop Gadgets, Sports Earphones, Smart Watches, Stationery, Hand Tools, Projectors & Accessories, Wired Earbuds, Earphones, Computer Peripherals, Speakers, Steel Band Watches, TV Boxes, Digital Voice Recorders, Dress Watches, Smart Trackers, Gaming Earphones, Microphones, Office & School, Industry & Business, Fingerprint Padlock, Personal Care Electronics, CCTV Cameras, Power Tools, Smart Home, Drives and Storage, Headphone Accessories, Mechanical Locks, Smart Wristbands, IP Cameras, Quartz Watches, Smartwatch, Mechanical Watches, Security Sensors & Alarms, Digital Watches, True Wireless Earbuds, Telephone & Business Headsets, Personal Protection, Car Electronics,

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Payout onSO_Category_IO: Cycling & Bike Accessories, Binoculars, Handheld Flashlights, Headlamps, Lanterns & Tent Lights, Bike Lights, Camp Kitchen, Camp Bedding, Fishing Reels, Backpacks & Bags, Flashlights, Sports Support & Protective Gear, Fishing Rods, Exercise Bands, Fitness Accessories, Balaclavas & Face Masks, Armwarmers & Legwarmers, Diving Masks, Golf, Underwear & Base Layers, Hunting Clothing, Fishing Clothing, Yoga Clothing, Fitness Bags, Flashlight Kits, Camping Furniture, Athletic Clothing, Hiking Clothing, Swimming Wear, Swim Caps, Surfing, Hats, Caps & Bandanas, Socks, Cycling Clothing, Outdoor Clothing, Tracksuits, Track Jackets & Windbreakers, Activewear Sets, Sweatpants & Joggers, Sports Underwear, Running Shorts, Running Tops

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Protected SEM Bidding Keywords www.miniinthebox com, miniinthebox, mini in the box, mini in a box and any other terms with the word Mini In The Box, it's misspellings or derivations, Trademark + Term (coupon, etc) is NOT permitted. Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords China Wholesale, dropship from china, e source, made in china China Supplier, online supplier, direct sources, Online Buy Dropship China, Global Wholesale, global source, online shop Import from China, Online Wholesale, china product, Marketplace dropship wholesale, B2B China, Worldwide shop, gadgets, phone accessories Prohibited SEM Display URL Content www miniinthebox com, miniinthebox, miniin the box, mini in a box and any other terms with the word Mini In The Box, it's misspellings or derivations. Prohibited SEM Ad Copy Content www miniinthebox com, miniinthebox, miniin the box, mini in a box and any other terms with the word Mini In The Box, it's misspellings or derivations. Direct linking (Use of Display URL) Not Permitted Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers 1. Trademark bidding in other countries is prohibited. 2. Bidding on competitor terms is allowed. 3. Use of the display URL is prohibited. 4. The use of MiniInTheBox in copy or headline of PPC ads is prohibited. 5. Use of registered domains with URLs matching or similar to any trademark is prohibited (ex.,

Publishers will not receive commission on coupon codes found outside of network interface, including codes used by other MiniInTheBox marketing channels (such as email or social media). Coupon codes that are exclusive to specific publishers (i.e. vanity codes) are assigned to just one publisher. Affiliates who steal or use exclusive coupon codes assigned to other pubs will not earn commission on sales redeemed with the protected codes.-Any promotion method which causes loss or damage to miniinthebox, we reserve the right to recheck or deduct the commission.
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