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Accor Hotels Affiliate program

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Accor hotels - APAC Affiliate Payout Categories

Consumed Stay Lowscale - Member, Consumed Sta ....
Consumed Stay Luxury - not member, Consumed S ....
Booking - Novotel, Booking - Pullman, Booking ....

Media Allowed/Disallowed

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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Custom Email (Text)
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POP Traffic
Native Ads
Facebook Ads
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Countries Allowed

Indonesia Flag Indonesia
Thailand Flag Thailand
Singapore Flag Singapore
Vietnam Flag Vietnam
India Flag India
Philippines Flag Philippines
Australia Flag Australia
Malaysia Flag Malaysia

Important Information for Accor hotels - APAC Affiliate Program

Tracking - Online

Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords - Accor, Accorhotels, Formule1, Etaphotel, Allseasons, Ibis, Mercure, Novotel,Pullman, Sofitel, Suitehotel.. …. Publishers are not allowed to bid on any brands or mispellings.

Negative Matching for Protected Keywords - Required

Search Campaigns - Direct Linking - No

Search Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers - 1. The Ad must appear below the ads of OR Accor’s Hotel Sites 2. The Affiliate can only use their own website to push keyword traffic, this relates both to the Display & Destination URLs. The affiliate CANNOT use an Accor site as the display OR destination URL, otherwise Accor’s own ads will not appear. Note, that this condition also applies to subdomain usage which can also confuse web users 3. The Ad MUST NOT include Accor’s brand terms in the title of the ad. Including an Accor brand Keyword in the title is forbidden, because it could confuse the web user upon the owner of the Ad. Note, this also applies to misspells e.g. Accord, ibiz, novatel, etc Full detailed list of hotel brand names (forbidden to bid on) ADAGIO City - Aparthotel - ALL SEASONS - CLUB MED - CORALIA CLUB - ETAP HOTEL - FORMULE 1 - HOTELS BARRIERE - IBIS - MERCURE - MGALLERY - NOVOTEL - ORBIS - PULLMAN - SOFITEL - SUITEHOTEL - VILLAGES HÔTEL. Non exhaustive list of hotel brand names (forbidden to bid on) : PLEASE ASK FOR FULL LIST Accor Accors Novotel Novotels accor accors novotel novotels Acccor Acccors Novotell Novotells acccor acccors novotell novotells Accord Accords Novotele Novoteles accord accords novotele novoteles Acord Acords Novotelle Novotelles acord acords novotelle novotelles Acor Acors acor acors Novatel Novatels Acccord Acccords novatel novatels acccord acccords Novatell Novatells novatell novatells Accorhotel Accorhotels Novatele Novateles Accorhotel Accorhotels novatele novateles Acccorhotel Acccorhotels Novatelle Novatelles acccorhotel acccorhotels novatelle novatelles Accordhotel Accordhotels accordhotel accordhotels Novhotel Novhotels Acordhotel Acordhotels novhotel novhotels acordhotel acordhotels Novhotell Novhotells Acorhotel Acorhotels novhotell novhotells acorhotel acorhotels Novhotele Novhoteles Acccordhotel Acccordhotels novhotele novhoteles acccordhotel acccordhotels Novhotelle Novhotelles 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Hotel Novhotel Hotel Novhotels acordhotle acordhotles Hotel novhotel Hotel novhotels Acorhotle Acorhotles Hotel Novhotell Hotel Novhotells acorhotle acorhotles Hotel novhotell Hotel novhotells Acccordhotle Acccordhotles Hotel Novhotele Hotel Novhoteles acccordhotle acccordhotles Hotel novhotele Hotel novhoteles Hotel Novhotelle Hotel Novhotelles Accorshotle Accorshotles Hotel novhotelle Hotel novhotelles accorshotle accorshotles Acccorshotle Acccorshotles hotel Novotel hotel Novotels acccorshotle acccorshotles hotel novotel hotel novotels Accordshotle Accordshotles hotel Novotell hotel Novotells accordshotle accordshotles hotel novotell hotel novotells Acordshotle Acordshotles hotel Novotele hotel Novoteles acordshotle acordshotles hotel novotele hotel novoteles Acorshotle Acorshotles hotel Novotelle hotel Novotelles acorshotle acorshotles hotel novotelle hotel novotelles Acccordshotle Acccordshotles acccordshotle acccordshotles hotel Novatel hotel Novatels hotel novatel hotel novatels 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étapHotel étapHotels étapeHotel étapeHotels étappHotel étappHotels étappeHotel étappeHotels SophitelHotel SophitelHotels sophitelHotel sophitelHotels sophitellHotel sophitellHotels SophitellHotel SophitellHotels sofiteleHotel sofiteleHotels SofiteleHotel SofiteleHotels sofitelleHotel sofitelleHotels SofitelleHotel SofitelleHotels ... LIST NOT EXHAUSTIVE : ASK FOR FULL LIST

Miscellaneous - Special Instructions - Accor will not offer the Affiliate commission as part of the affiliate programme for: • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who does not make a Reservation within thirty (30) days of clicking on said hyperlink; • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who visits another of the Affiliate's websites within thirty (30) days of clicking on said hyperlink and makes a Reservation; • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website that does not include the tracking system required by the Affiliate platform; • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who makes a Reservation on an Accor website other than; • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who makes a reservation using a method other than the website (direct reservation with the hotel, telephone reservation etc.); • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who makes a reservation with a specific rate, i.e. a rate that is not available without a specific identifier. For example: Accor Le CLUB loyalty program, group rates, partner rates, company rates, travel agency rates etc.; • any Visitor resulting from a hyperlink on the Affiliate’s website who makes a reservation at one of the hotel chains not expressly listed in Article 10. For example: Thalassa Sea & Spa etc.

Non-Commissionable Items - Accor LE CLUB Loyalty program, group rates, partner rates, travel agency rates

Accor Hotels campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes purchase
2. Sale is counted & added

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