Tata AIG Health affiliate marketing program

Tata AIG Health Affiliate program


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Tata AIG Health Insurance CPL Affiliate Payout Categories


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Important Information for Tata AIG Health Insurance CPL Affiliate Program

Tracking - Offline

Targeting Age: 25 to 40

Gender: Focus on Males

Audience Cohorts: 
Floaters 25 to 35 ( 2People Family) & 36 to 40 ( 3People Family)

High Income, Wallet Potentials more than 8 lacs, travel Active, Vehicle Owner,  Couples with kids/without kids, High income of purchase of health insurance, Corporate professionals.

Sub line : 
1.Secure your loved ones with Health Cover
2.Ensuring a Brighter Future for Your Family with Tata AIG Health Insurance or HI

Sender Name - TATA AIG

Creatives - 

About Tata AIG Health Affiliate Campaign

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG). Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited commenced operations on January 22, 2001. It offers an extensive range of General Insurance covers that cater to various individual and business insurance needs. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited’s core strength lies in 3 product categories, i.e. Travel Insurance, Marine Insurance and Liability and the company aims to be the most preferred General Insurance Company in the industry.