PNB Metlife affiliate marketing program

PNB Metlife Affiliate program

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Important Information for PNB Metlife CPL Affiliate Program

PNB Metlife CPL campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Conversion Flow : 
  • The user fills the 1st Page form details and clicks on the ''Get Quote'' button.
  • The user fills the 2nd-page form details ( i.e. Name, email id, mobile, etc) and pixel will get fired.
  • Conversion will be tracked.

Please Note:
  • We need to maintain a sale conversion rate of 1 % on the leads you achieve. If you cannot achieve this, then the billing will be done on a pro-rata basis.
  • Please do not make any changes to the shared content i.e. Mailer creative/subject-line/sender Name. Prior permission must be acquired to implement changes.
  • Any changes in content/inappropriate way of delivery in the campaign will attract legal action along with a heavy penalty.

Sender Name: PNB MetLife

Subject Lines: Is your family financially protected till 99 years?

About PNB Metlife Affiliate Campaign

PNB MetLife brings together the expertise of MetLife Inc., a leading global life insurance company, and the credibility and reliability of Punjab National Bank, one of India's oldest and leading nationalized banks. Our vast distribution reach combined with global insurance expertise and product range makes us a strong and trusted name in the insurance market of India.