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Important Information for Mcdelivery Program
Tracking Details:
Mcdelivery campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes any purchase.
2. Sale is counted & credited.

Payout Cancellation -

1. Payout for the entire month will be canceled for any publisher that is seen to be running a campaign with unapproved content.
2. Cancelled orders are not eligible for Payout
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About Mcdelivery Campaign
<div>One of the most popular American fast food chains in the world, McDonald’s serves around 68 million customers daily in approximately 36,899 outlets spread across 120 countries. Present in India since 1996, McDonald’s has over 400 outlets in this country serving its delicious burgers, French fries, puffs, wraps, desserts, coffees et al. Just like the menu of McDonald’s, Cuelinks brings an equally delicious McDonald’s affiliate program for its publishers. So, just start getting people to download the McDelivery app or order a burger through a link or ad on your site, and you can start making money out of the Cuelinks McDonald’s affiliate program. Read the additional information on this page to know what is allowed and not allowed while&nbsp;</div><div>promoting the McDonald’s affiliate program through your site or blog.</div>
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McDonald’s Affiliate Program : Get McDelivery App Installs!

McDonald’s is a popular fast food restaurant chain all over the world. It is popular for its classic french fries, burgers, puffs, and daily meals. Moreover, its low to mid range price point attracts almost all types of food audiences. This McDonald’s Affiliate Program is based on CPI model where a McDelivery App Install gets you the commission. You can earn more when users sign-up and order food. Make a note that this campaign might be available only for West and South region users as McDelivery app operates there. 

Why Cuelinks for McDonald’s Affiliate Program?

Cuelinks gets you a dedicated McDonald’s affiliate program manager so that all your tracking, validation, and payouts are handled effectively. You also get detailed reports with analytics to understand your campaign performance better. Moreover, promotional banners, tools, attractive layouts, and call-to-action ideas will be provided so there is a win-win situation for everyone putting in their efforts.

McDonald’s (McDelivery) Affiliate Program Commission Rates

This McDonald’s Affiliate Program is based on CPI model where Commission Rate is upto ₹18.75 to ₹22.50 per McDelivery App Install. Additionally, the commission rates vary depending on whether the user signs-up and orders food. Thus, if your user installs the app, signs-up, and orders food then you will earn maximum. It is also applicable for existing McDelivery users.

Note: The McDonald’s Affiliate Marketing Program campaigns are subject to change anytime so always check for the latest details on the top of this page. 


Is the McDonald’s Affiliate Program worthy?

Yes, definitely the McDonald’s Affiliate Program can get you good revenue because of its worldwide brand recognition, reasonable pricing, discounts & rewards, and vast amount of experience in the branded fast food industry.

Are the McDonald’s Affiliate Program commission rates low?

No, the McDonald’s Affiliate Program commission rates for McDelivery CPI model are good. Yes, it's not that high but considering this big brand you should definitely give it a shot!