LifeExtension Affiliate Program with Payout 5.40% / Sale April 2024
LifeExtension affiliate marketing program

LifeExtension Affiliate program

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Important Information for LifeExtension Affiliate Program

Campaign doesn't help with missing transactions.

Allowed/Disallowed Media:

Search Campaigns - Protected SEM Bidding Keywords,, lef org, lef com,,, lifeextension org,, lifeextension com, life extensions com,, www lifeextension com,, life extension foundation org,, www lifeextensionfoundation org

Search Campaigns - Non-compete SEM Bidding Keywords  
lef, lifeextension, life extension, life extensions, life extension foundation, life extension magazine, life extension vitamins, life extension products, life extension supplements

Search Campaigns - Prohibited SEM Display URL Content,, lef org, lef com,,, lifeextension org,, lifeextension com, life extensions com,, www lifeextension com,, life extension foundation org,, www lifeextensionfoundation org

Search Campaigns - Direct Linking  

Search Campaigns - Special Instructions for Search Marketing Publishers  
Ad copy must not misrepresent the brand or products and must not be misleading (e.g., ads may not try to impersonate Life Extension). Internet ad landing pages must comply with the requirements for Prohibited Web Site Content. Publishers must comply with all applicable governmental laws, regulations and orders relating to their activities hereunder, including but not limited to the federal Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Lanham Act and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and similar state laws and regulations, reporting and licensure requirements, and export and import controls, if applicable. Publishers shall not make claims that the Products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease in violation of DSHEA. You cannot use 'Life Extension' or any variation of it in either your search terms or ads in paid search campaigns.

Web Site - Prohibited Web Site Content  
Life Extension Content is protected by copyright. Use of Life Extension Content must be approved by the Company in advance. The Company reserves the right to withhold or withdraw consent to any use of Life Extension Content at any time, and upon such notice the Publisher will promptly cease and desist the unauthorized use of the Content. The following are requirements for all approved use of Life Extension Content: The Content must be reproduced verbatim. Online, a direct link (absolutely NO affiliate code) to the original Content on must be displayed at the immediate top or bottom of the Content, and must appear above any medical references. The language for the link should read: “Reprinted with permission of Life Extension®.” Online links within Content are not permitted, with the exception of a link to the original Content on Use of “Daily News” or any other News articles is prohibited due to syndication restrictions.

Web Site - Use of Logos and Trademarks in Web sites  
Publishers must feature Life Extension brand products as premium-quality products by (i) maintaining up-to-date customer educational materials about the products and (ii) displaying a telephone number which customers can call to obtain product information from knowledgeable staff. 

Publishers may use any coupons or promotional codes that are provided through the affiliate program or otherwise available to the public

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