Koovs Affiliate Program with Payout 8.10% / Sale April 2024
Koovs affiliate marketing program

Koovs Affiliate program


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Countries Allowed

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Important Information for Koovs Affiliate Program

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes purchase
2. Sale is counted & added

Coupon code ''KVS20'' is deactivated.

Please note brand bidding is not allowed on KOOVS keywords ( for eg. Koovs, Koovs Coupons, Koovs Offer, Koovs Deals etc).
If found guilty there will be penalty for such sales.

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About Koovs Affiliate Campaign

When it comes to trendy fashion online, Koovs is a go-to place for all kinds of apparels, footwear, fashion accessories, jewellery and beauty products for both men and women. Here you will find everything from Indian brands to international high street brands, along with some great discounts from time to time. You can make the most of this online portal’s huge product portfolio and affordable prices by signing up for the Koovs affiliate program through Cuelinks. In fact, sites and blogs about fashion can benefit a lot from the Koovs affiliate program due to the high commission rates offered for every sale. Just sign up with Cuelinks and add the given JavaScript in your site or integrate the Cuelinks API in your app. Then Cuelinks will take care of everything from creating Koovs affiliate links and tracking payments, while you can concentrate on your content.