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Important Information for JioMart CPT Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Online (Only Android app attribution is here, no iOS, no Web/desktop, no m-site)

Keywords not to be used- Reliance Jiomart , Jiomart, Jiomart Groceries

Targeting - Pan India

Cancellation of orders will not be taken into consideration

Campaign Restrictions:

a. Bidding on Branded keywords on Google AdWords and Facebook is prohibited
b. Running of Search ads is prohibited
c. Running of campaigns on Meta suite (FB/Insta) is prohibited
d. Running of campaigns on any adult websites is prohibited
e. Traffic redirection is prohibited
f. Cookie stuffing is prohibited
g. Any orders received from bot/fraudulent ways shall not be accounted
h. Running of Ads on Google’s ad properties is prohibited (Youtube, Discovery, Search,
Shopping ads etc)
i. No commission on Jewellery items

  1. KPI's - Successful Sale via android app only.
  2. Geo- Pan India
  3. Attribution -  Last cookie wins
  4. Validation Criteria- Successfully tracked and delivered Sale via Android app.
  5. Validation Platform - Branch & client CRM
Please note that any communication related to distribution of the campaign in an open forum is prohibited.
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About JioMart CPT Campaign
"Welcome to JioMart - Har Dukaan Se har Ghar Tak! Now save big on your online shopping across a wide category of products. Shop for Groceries, Electronics, Mobiles, Large Appliances, Fashion, Home & Kitchen, Beauty, Furniture, and Books, and avail great deals on the best quality products from a wide range of brands.
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