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FundsIndia CPI Affiliate Payout Categories

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Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
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Important Information for FundsIndia CPI Affiliate Program

Tracking - Online

Click Attribution window- 7 day

Event Attribution- 30 days

Min Investment- 1K

User Journey:- Customer will fill name, email and phone in first page then they do OTP verification then they will add pan , dob details then they will add address information, KYC details then their account will be activated. Then they will have to invest in mutual funds"

Creatives : https://cdn0.cuelinks.com/campaign_files/139/FundsIndia_Creatives.zip?1697613792

About FundsIndia CPI Affiliate Campaign

Mutual Fund App, SIP, Stocks, Save Tax: FundsIndia
Online Mutual Fund investment, SIP and stock investment app. Hassle-free, paperless transactions with zero fees. Expert financial advisors to suggest the best mutual fund, including debt & equity mutual funds, and income tax saving MF to save tax.