Flipkart affiliate marketing program

Flipkart Affiliate program


Platform where tracking is available

Fashion, Baby & Kids, ...

Cookie Duration

30 minutes



Incentive / cashback


Social media


Flipkart Affiliate Payout Categories

Payout for New User & Existing User ( DESKTOP / MOBILE WEBSITE / MOBILE APPS)
Grocery- Flipkart Supermart (Live in Delhi, P ....
Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, ....
Home (Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Impro ....
Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf ....
Emerging Electronics
(Audio, Gaming, IOT, Mobile Protection, Power ....
User maximum earn commission on Emerging Electronics
Core Electronics
Automobile, Camera, IT Accessory, IT Peripher ....
User maximum earn commission on Core Electronics
Fashion & Lifestyle Categories
Fashion & Lifestyle - MensSports Footwear and ....
User maximum earn commission on Fashion & Lif ....
Fashion & Lifestyle (Rest of the Super Catego ....
Large Appliances
Large Appliances (Refrigerators, Washing Mach ....
User maximum earn commission on Large Appliances
Small Home Appliances
Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyse ....
User maximum earn commission on Small Home Appliances
Mobile Phones Tier A
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G(MOBGDHVHXT6YM6ZF), OnePlus ....
User maximum earn commission on Tier A Mobile Phones
Mobile Phones Tier B
User maximum earn commission on Tier B Mobile Phones
Any Other Mobile Phones
Flipkart Gift Card
Gemstones, Gold & Silver Coins
Categories not mentioned

Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media

Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
Native Ads
Social Media

Disallowed Media

POP Traffic
Facebook Ads
SEM - Brand Keyword(s)
SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)

Countries Allowed

India Flag India

Important Information for Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Tracking Details 
  • Please note your commission can take up-to 72 hours after your shipment has been dispatched for delivery to track for Flipkart.
  • Please note that Flipkart does not allow to advertise affiliate links as a cashback offer.
  • New Customer is defined as the 1st order/transaction done by a customer on Flipkart.com in the last 6 months (counting from the date of transaction). 
  • Affiliate tracking on all Mobile Apps is possible only through Deeplink Affiliate URLs
  • You will not receive any referral payouts (affiliate commission) for purchases done on the following: Mobile Recharges, Value Added Services, Flipkart First subscription, iOS & Windows App Installs (both Direct as well as Fallback), and/or any other products/ services/categories notified by us.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes a purchase on Website/ Mobile site/App
2. Sale is counted & added

For  TV , there will be  zero commission  on the below PIDs for July 2023 :


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About Flipkart Affiliate Campaign

Be it for shopping, selling or affiliate marketing, Flipkart is one of the best online stores with its massive range of products and services across numerous categories like electronics, fashion, home décor, baby care, gaming, books, automobile, sports and more. Scores of affiliate marketers have made tons of money promoting the Flipkart affiliate program on their site. If you want to be a part of the Flipkart affiliate marketing program too, all you need to do is sign up with Cuelinks and start using our tools. This 2 minute content monetization tool helps you monetise your site easily and promote other affiliate programs along with Flipkart affiliate program. You will earn Flipkart affiliate commission based on the category of the product that a user purchases on Flipkart via your website....

Who Can Sign up for the Flipkart Affiliate Program? 

To sign up for the Flipkart affiliate program, there are no fixed parameters that an affiliate needs to meet. If you have an audience, be it through your website or social media, you can easily sign up for the Flipkart Affiliate Program and start generating affiliate income by selling Flipkart products. Don’t worry, on Cuelinks you can even find which category pays the highest affiliate commission on Flipkart. This is one of the many features that make Cuelinks a preferred choice for affiliates to join the Flipkart affiliate program via us.

How to Create a Flipkart Affiliate Account?

To create a Flipkart affiliate account, all you need to do is sign up on Cuelinks for free, apply for the Flipkart affiliate program and get your Flipkart affiliate account approved shortly. Applying for the Flipkart Affiliate Program directly means higher chances of getting your application in long waiting queues or being rejected at times. So if you are a beginner affiliate marketer or social media influencer, its best to join the Flipkart affiliate program via the Cuelinks network.

Flipkart Affiliate Account Registration Process 2024 

To sign up for the Flipkart affiliate program, here’s how the process works: 
  1. Visit this Flipkart Affiliate Campaign page on Cuelinks 
  2. Click on “sign up” button on the right side or click on “Join Cuelinks”
  3. Once you are signed in to your Cuelinks dashboard 
  4. Use the Campaign Explorer to find the Flipkart Affiliate Program 
  5. You will now automatically get access to the Flipkart affiliate program 
  6. OR you might have to wait for an approval depending on some factors
  7. You may have to share some details like your traffic source & promotional method  
  8. Once your account is approved for the Flipkart Affiliate program, start promoting & earning
  9. If you face any difficulties during the Flipkart affiliate program joining process, give our customer care a call at +91-8291035656

To make the process simpler and increase your chances of getting accepted for the Flipkart affiliate program, its best to join the Flipkart affiliate program through Cuelinks, a free-to-use content monetisation platform that will also give you access to 1000+ more affiliate programs along with Flipkart. Almost all of our campaigns get automatically approved for you once you sign up with us.

How to Submit Application for the Flipkart Affiliate Program

To apply for the Flipkart affiliate program, interested affiliates need to visit the Cuelinks Flipkart affiliate campaign portal, fill in all the required details and then submit the application.

How much time does it take to get approval to join the Flipkart Affiliate Program? 

Barely anything if you join the Flipkart affiliate program via Cuelinks Network since being an established partner, we help our affiliate users & publishers get faster approval.

Why Join Flipkart Affiliate Program through Cuelinks Network? Benefits 

Thousands of website owners, publishers, and social media influencers trust Cuelinks to join various affiliate programs because of easy to use interface, free-to-use complimentary affiliate marketing tools (that make your work 2x easier) and our large base of 1000+ top affiliate programs in India as of 2024. Here are a few reasons to join the Flipkart affiliate program through Cuelinks:

Increase your chances of getting approved as a Flipkart affiliate 

Thanks to our long years of partnership with the company, we can help our affiliate users join the Flipkart affiliate program even with zero website traffic & a small-sized social media following. So new website owners and bloggers or micro-influencers are more than welcome to join the Flipkart affiliate program and get their applications accepted. 

Get faster approval 

For the same reason we mentioned above, we also help our affiliates get faster approval. So if you wish to join the Flipkart affiliate program fast, Cuelinks is your answer. 

Get help from your account manager along with Whatsapp chat support 

If you sign up for a Flipkart affiliate campaign with Cuelinks, you get an account manager to help you at every step of the process from applying for the Flipkart affiliate program to earning your first commission. 

Get access to the Flipkart affiliate program & 1000+ other programs with a single sign-up

Why limit yourself to just the Flipkart affiliate program, why not start applying for the 1000+ top affiliate programs Cuelinks has from the Myntra affiliate program, and the Amazon affiliate program to all other major merchants and retailers in India & globally?

We only earn if you do (no hidden fees or extra charges)  

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not have any hidden fees, nor do we put any additional charges on our affiliates. Our model is pretty simple, we only earn if you do. This means, you only share a small percentage of commission with us if you make the money. This is why Cuelinks is one of the best ways to join the Flipkart affiliate program for free and in a few simple clicks.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Commission rates for Clothes, Beauty & Fashion 

Flipkart Affiliate Categories Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates Bag, Wallet & Belt4%Clothing4%Eyewear4%Footwear4%Kids' Accessories4%Sunglasses4%Watch4%Men's Clothing4%Women's Clothing4%Kids' Clothing4%Women's Footwear4%Kids' & Infant Footwear4%Men's Footwear4%Women Ethnic Wear4%Women Western Wear4%Women Lingerie, Sleep & Swimwear4%Women Sports & Gym Wear4%Women Accessories4%Maternity Wear4%Men Accessories & Artificial Jewellery4%

Flipkart Affiliate Program Commission Rates for TV, Washing Machine & Electronics 

Flipkart Affiliate Categories Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates Television 3%Refrigerator 4%Powerbank & Mobile Accessories 3%Laptop & Desktop 3%Washing Machine 4%Air Cooler 4%Electric Cooker & Kettle 4%Mixer & Grinder 4%Audio 3%Gaming 3%Fans 4%

Flipkart Affiliate Program Commission Rates for Books & Stationery 

Flipkart Affiliate Categories Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates Auto Accessory4%Toys4%Personal Care4%Books & Media4%Baby Care4%Sports4%Food & Nutrition4%

Flipkart Affiliate Program Commission Rates for Smartphones 

Flipkart Affiliate Categories New customer order Exisiting customer order Mobile Phones Tier A1%1%Mobile Phones Tier B0.5%0.5%Mobile Phones Tier C0%0%Any Other Mobile Phones0%0%

To know the latest Flipkart affiliate program commission rates for different categories, take the help of Cuelinks. Get the complete details of the Flipkart affiliate program in one place.

Flipkart Affiliate Program Cookie Duration

The cookie duration for the Flipkart affiliate program is 30 minutes which means if a user visits the Flipkart app or website through your special affiliate link, the cookies will be stored in the user’s browser for about 30 minutes. So only the eligible purchases made within these 30 minutes would be counted.

What is the Shopsy Affiliate Program?

Shopsy is an emerging zero-commission marketplace for sellers in India. The company is owned by Flipkart and mainly focuses on digital social commerce. Shopsy affiliate program in India works on a cost-per-sale basis which means for every sale an affiliate makes, they earn a commission through Shopsy.

Is there a Shopsy Affiliate Program?

Yes, the Shopsy Affiliate Program is available to join via Cuelinks for free and in only a few simple clicks. Affiliates can earn as much as 5% to 7% in affiliate commission by joining the Shopsy affiliate program.

Is the Shopsy Affiliate Program the same as the Flipkart Affiliate Program?

While Shopsy is a part of Flipkart, the Shopsy affiliate program is different from the Flipkart affiliate program. Both programs offer different platforms to promote as well as varied affiliate commission rates. For example, Flipkart affiliate commission rates are a little higher as compared to Shopsy affiliate commission rates, presently. But on the other hand, you get more discounted deals and products on Shopsy making it easier to promote and earn a hefty commission.

Does Flipkart Affiliate Pay for Clicks?

Flipkart affiliate programs pay its affiliates up to 12% for every click that converts to an eligible purchase. So if someone visits the Flipkart website or app & makes a purchase by clicking on your affiliate banner or link, you earn a commission.

Flipkart Affiliate Program login 

Log in to the Flipkart affiliate program in a few simple clicks with Cuelinks. Simply click on this link and enter your registered email address & password. Navigate to your dashboard, go to Campaigns and search for Flipkart affiliate program. You can now view all the tracking metrics such as the number of sales made, revenue and more.

Is the Flipkart Affiliate Program Closed?

The Flipkart Affiliate Program is still available to join for all. New bloggers with less website traffic or social media influencers with fewer followers can also apply for the Flipkart affiliate program and get faster approval through Cuelinks. So what is holding you back? Join the Flipkart affiliate program for free in 2024 and start earning affiliate commissions from Flipkart. 

FAQs Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program

Where can I apply for Flipkart Affiliate program?

With Cuelinks you can easily join Flipkart Affiliate Program easily and upto 15% sale commission. 

Can I do affiliate marketing with Flipkart?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing with Flipkart using Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing platform for free.