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Category Payout
Payout for New User & Existing User ( DESKTOP / MOBILE WEBSITE / MOBILE APPS)

Grocery- Flipkart Supermart (Live in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Patna, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Vellore, Tirupati, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Vadodara, Allahabad)

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Books & General Merchandise (Auto Accessory, Toys, Personal Care, Books & Media, Baby Care, Sports, Food & Nutrition)

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Home (Home Decor, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Household Supplies, Kitchen & Dining, Kitchen, Cookware, Pet Supplies,Tools & Hardware)

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Furniture (Bed, Sofa, Shoe Cabinet, Bookshelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Cupboards, Bean Bag, Stool, TV Mount, Coffee Table, Office Study table etc..)

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Emerging Electronics

Audio, Gaming, IOT, MobileProtection, PowerBank, RestOfMobileAccessory, Video.

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User maximum earn commission on Emerging Electronics

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Core Electronics

Automobile, Camera, ITAccessory, ITPeripherals, LaptopAndDesktop, PersonalHealthCare, Storage, Tablet, TV.

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User maximum earn commission on Core Electronics

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Fashion & Lifestyle Categories

Fashion & Lifestyle - MensSports Footwear and LuggageAndTravelAccessories

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User maximum earn commission on Fashion & Lifestyle Categories - MensSports Footwear and LuggageAndTravelAccessories

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Fashion & Lifestyle (Rest of the Super Categories) - Bags, Wallets & Belts, Clothing, Eyewear, Footwear, Kids Accessories, Sunglasses, Watches, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Kids' Clothing, Women's Footwear, Kids' & Infant Footwear,Women Ethnic Wear, Women Western Wear, Women Lingerie, Sleep & Swimwear, Women Sports & Gym Wear, Women Accessories, Maternity Wear, Men Accessories & Artificial Jewellery

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Large Appliances

Large Appliances (Refrigerators, Washing Machines & Air Conditioner)

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User maximum earn commission on Large Appliances

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Small Home Appliances

Small Home Appliances( Air Cooler, Fan, Geyser, Room Heater, Hand Blender, Electric Cooker, Mixer Grinder, Electric Kettle, Microwave etc..)

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User maximum earn commission on Small Home Appliances

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Mobile Phones Tier A


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User maximum earn commission on Tier A Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones Tier B

realme 12 Pro 5G(MOBGWH8S46ZD2ZGH), realme 12 Pro 5G(MOBGWH8S2HYMNRZM), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8SFQGSBNDU), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8S2TF4CAGN), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8SCYWVCQEH), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8SR7MRR68W), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8STKHPCKGN), realme 12 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWH8SERYVVPV8), realme 12 Pro 5G(MOBGWH8SSGEEZRDA), realme 12 Pro 5G(MOBGWH8SBYXG332N), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGTKQGTQW4PZUF), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGTKQGKGYZDJZY), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGTKQGXJDVF95N), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGTKQG8T9ZHJMM), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGSXD7EFHHHGSP), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGSXD7DXBFQEDE), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGSXD7TV34MYXX), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G Qualcomm(MOBGSXD7TZZTJQXE), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFMH3FAA39), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFQEQUY4B2), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFPFHDXMZ4), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFHXHFTQCD), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFGH9A2S3N), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFN9ZHMXAF), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFCRGFQGDK), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHF7XYA2BDW), Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G(MOBGWFHFJMCH3GZX), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHF8BAKMGGS), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFBYVCSAXU), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFAFBPDZHG), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFC4XGEEAA), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHF3VKBTQMB), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFKHZDTC8Z), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFUZZQ8SEG), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHFGWZVVYSK), Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G(MOBGWFHF5HDZZSVZ), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGVGDQ5MV3HPEZ), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGVGDQ5JZ9YX2G), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGRNZ3RT5DNKKD), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGRNZ3GHQF3QEZ), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGRNZ3ER4N3K4F), POCO M6 Pro 5G(MOBGRNZ3FZBVRYHQ), OPPO A18(MOBGTR5XNFTHSJTB), OPPO A18(MOBGTR5XDTPJZR8P), OPPO A18(MOBGTR5XBFFHDXZD), OPPO A18(MOBGTR5XGARDZZJD), OPPO A17(MOBGGFG3DJBQJH5A), OPPO A17(MOBGGFG3KEZHSGZA), OPPO A17(MOBGMPHKWBPVCDW6), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UAKCPR6ZH), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UGKRCBT9J), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UFVE7F82Z), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UR4T25NGB), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UUUNXNYZ4), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UU3STRKZS), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UA2H4AAPM), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UURBKHWME), Samsung Galaxy A14 5G(MOBGHT8UMJBMCAWN), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SG9GJFV3P), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SAZEPPZNN), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SDHJVNGK7), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4S8G7YRCXW), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SWBKQJBNG), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SNYUZ9GVB), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4S4EZDRUWP), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SXH2BDXTV), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SHFTVUZTG), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4STPRQAZD3), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SZV64RMYH), Samsung Galaxy A34 5G(MOBGNE4SV2YGSART), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5H2JGQTN22), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HMRJKJUH4), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HGPYMDWUN), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HNYCNQJG2), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HAFHQJ4CB), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5H9XEBFU4H), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HTVRN2ERN), Infinix Smart 8(MOBGWV5HKPFCMQNR), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGBEVDXXEZC), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGB59GUTVDT), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGBRDHDKN4X), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGB9QJBVPX4), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGBF7F5KBV2), POCO X6 Pro 5G(MOBGWMGBT4TJHXW2).

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User maximum earn commission on Tier B Mobile Phones

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Mobile Phones Tier C

POCO C65(MOBGVVTXAFHYHDZS), POCO C65(MOBGVVTXZESSZY4W), POCO C65(MOBGVVTXBXRRZEUK), POCO C65(MOBGVVTXTQDGZ7JY), POCO C65(MOBGVVTXXYZHF5UM), POCO C65(MOBGVVTX2QNXDJ2W), moto g24(MOBGUFK4UBP7ZTXJ), moto g24(MOBGUFK4FEVX2D5T), moto g24(MOBGUFK4RNVPCG3M), moto g24(MOBGUFK4BDFF37GG), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFNNZER2WZW), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFNDPGNJ7HY), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFNE6KGXCCR), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFNHKNP8XFG), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFN6EZTDAPU), Samsung Galaxy F14 5G(MOBGNBFNDYQR9WH4), Samsung Galaxy F04(MOBGKY2VTP3XETBR), Samsung Galaxy F04(MOBGKY2V7QZ2QVFS), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4HPBEUCFH), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4HDHHKJPP), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4X5AEBBDE), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4NYZHCY9V), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4TBVGPXJZ), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4C9NZATQ6), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4DNFX5BFV), Motorola G04(MOBGUFK4HYNKBQWY), Infinix HOT 40i(MOBGXZGHGAD7H8QG), Infinix HOT 40i(MOBGXZGHKMQ5TSBT), Infinix HOT 40i(MOBGXZGHWQGSK9RQ), Infinix HOT 40i(MOBGXZGH2XZTHTZS), Vivo T2 5G(MOBGZBFU3KXMFYHP), Vivo T2 5G(MOBGZBFU2GHZTMGN), Vivo T2 5G(MOBGZBFUVZCHW6HU), Vivo T2 5G(MOBGZBFUHGYHNEMB), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHECFVMDCX), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHBJGZYRZC), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHEBUZRBQQ), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHKSHE9SFQ), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFH5BE5DG6Y), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHS87QNJ32), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHG9HQHTU7), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGNHT7J3HGB2CZ), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGNHT7HJFDHHAC), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHVPXVSKNJ), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHYRWUSHCF), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHD3XPKDPN), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHQHE7ZPSB), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHPUUFJJCA), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGNHT7UDGMMMBD), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFH4H3MMRAA), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHQFSQYBFU), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHABH3G73H), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHBEMUZSBY), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHSV7GUFWA), Apple iPhone 14(MOBGHWFHFBJVSW22), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPTB3VS24W), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPNMZA5PU5), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPDTKHHHZU), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPAQNVFZZY), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPYYWZRUJX), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPSMHFKHT5), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPFDXBQ9BH), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPCNEPMZTB), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPNEZZY2YR), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPGF8HJGS7), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPEXNGM7BM), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPASPYHVXZ), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPPKPQTZVZ), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPQMKPVK7Q), Apple iPhone 15(MOBGTAGPZVBANCKG), realme 11x 5G(MOBGS2WFBDQBD2B4), realme 11x 5G(MOBGS2WFP7X8263G), realme 11x 5G(MOBGS2W3YT99HRJ4), realme 11x 5G(MOBGS2W3KYRQF4GZ), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZWRQNHGDF7SA), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZVNKZXGBHS2Q), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZWSZRKVHMZHW), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGRUFMS56SMB3S), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZWT39QURPZEF), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGRUFM57HBTHXK), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZWSSAXNGYWRJ), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGRUFMNGFUK2AF), SAMSUNG Galaxy M14 5G(MOBGZWSWUGFFWCEB), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXYWXGECSEU3E), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXYWWRS3CPZVD), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXYWXKXNUTZHH), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXFFKKX8HWPHZ), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXYWXEJMWZYUR), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXFFKZGRH6UTS), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXFFMY54GVFCJ), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXFFKGXBGQS5G), Redmi Note 13 5G(MOBGXYWXMQEFE9VH), Apple iPhone XR(MOBFWQ6BHVRDZGFQ), Dizo Star 300(MOBG2MCCSHNQZWDN), Dizo Star 300(MOBG2MCC6EXZ33N7), Dizo Star 300(MOBG2MCCFWT3GRF2), Dizo Star 300(MOBGB9ZSABGPCZFU), Dizo Star 500(MOBG2MCCHZREM5XC), Dizo Star 500(MOBG2MCCJRZACVFY), Dizo Star 500(MOBG2MCCRRJHQYCS), Gfive U707(MOBFY666PUTSQR5W), Gfive U707(MOBEZV2EGESKZT2Y), Gfive U707(MOBG6M4QDKVAGNU3), Gfive U873(MOBFMTFAGBF5NDZZ), Gfive U873(MOBFMTFAMS2PXZKS), Gfive U873(MOBG6KK8ZHA6GAY5), Infinix Zero 5G(MOBGCPF5FFPTTRHH), Itel A23 Pro(MOBG38PUVYUE5GHH), Itel A23 Pro(MOBG3FBDFF9XPGGJ), Itel A23 Pro(MOBG3FBDMUAJHGPG), Itel Magic2 4G(MOBG4YC6FXXV2YM6), Itel Magic2 4G(MOBG4YC6YQBUEZEF), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBGYFMBRFU6HJSE), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBGYH85VYKEC5HN), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBG53K6DHM8TCAH), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBGYH85RPBPZZGZ), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBG53KGJR2M3HNG), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4(MOBEQGGQBSJDPZYC), Lava A1 Josh 2021(MOBG5JYQUHGSHHSA), Lava A3(MOBFFTG38RKCAZRZ), Lava A3(MOBFFTG39EVNDGH8), Lava GEM(MOBF94EQFANKSARH), Lava GEM(MOBFMR92XWMXWMKE), Lava Hero 600+(MOBFV6XBGAHRZE9V), Micromax IN Note 1(MOBFX3R3GNFGENVG), Motorola a10(MOBG7ZG9GWPUHWRC), Motorola a10(MOBG7ZG9MZZN4EZE), Motorola e40(MOBG2EMWUMUFGSZE), Motorola G71 5G(MOBG6FWDYHDQRSDH), Nokia 105 SS 2021(MOBFH7HQXUCWYXMJ), Nokia 105 SS 2021(MOBFH7HQMBAQMGBX), Nokia 150 DS 2020(MOBFVD9GNYQYHWZQ), Nokia 150 DS 2020(MOBFVD9GR6GBG69J), Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G(MOBG6YQHYG5GBBF4), Samsung GT-E1215(MOBDADMTTV7HXGTF), Samsung Guru GT(MOBEBPT25VG3HGTZ), Samsung Guru GT(MOBG9SYXGYAPHJXZ), Samsung Guru GT(MOBG9ZWKBF3KCBQG), Samsung Guru GT(MOBG9UA5VRDPVWX2), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBE9NT85UDJGHHA), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBEBFNMNJYBCZYE), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBE8QNG5UEQXXVU), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBE9Z5TX6HSXKKZ), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBE9F9SQZQNUKCS), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBF7HYWUXJFP7YB), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBGA6GQDBHUERUZ), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBGA9U9XVMZ77NP), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBE9NT8G2QRT2Z4), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBDZ9AMJ472Y9MW), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBF54P4G66ZBJ9K), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBG9UNGRAUHZEUH), SAMSUNG GURU MUSIC 2(MOBGAFCZ7FDHRZRE), SAMSUNG S20 FE 5G(MOBG47FEDRWHUCKF), Snexian GURU 310(MOBG7ZZBAZPHTCJD), Snexian GURU 310(MOBG7ZZ9VC2TWQJD), Snexian GURU 310(MOBG7ZZCFUTA7MUD), Snexian GURU 310(MOBF3UEGZEJGR4ZD), Snexian GURU 310(MOBF3UEGXSVNEJZM), Snexian GURU 310(MOBGY3U7XYDG5RWC), Snexian GURU 310(MOBFZYX8G7E72B2P), Snexian GURU 310(MOBF3UEJWYF4SUQU), Nokia 105 DS 2020(MOBFJGSJSU4BWVBA), Nokia 105 DS 2020(MOBFJGSJPJYH6APY), Nokia 105 DS 2020(MOBFJGSJGCYNSVSE), Nokia 105 TA-1416 DS(MOBGC96FYY5TVSUF), Nokia 105 TA-1416 DS(MOBGC96FTSJBZQWA), Samsung Guru Music 2 SM-B315E(MOBE9VZBPVEGZC6X), Nokia 105 SS(MOBEWXFKRHBRWFD5), Nokia 105 SS(MOBFMBW8XKFKC8BA), Nokia 105 SS(MOBFMGCMJMZ3TKBG), Nokia 105 SS(MOBFMBW87RPQU3ZX), Nokia 105 SS(MOBEE9APCYMDPG8R), Nokia 105 SS(MOBGC96FRD7DB2R7), Nokia 105 SS(MOBGC96FVTHVNXNH), Samsung Guru(MOBDA2CFCQ6CFHTZ), Samsung Guru(MOBDADMTTV7HXGTF), Samsung Guru(MOBE9NT8G2QRT2Z4), Kechaoda K55 Ultra Slim(MOBEPZ6C6G4AHPSJ), Samsung Metro(MOBEUGBKUHTFERGW), Nokia 3310 DS(MOBEVR8XEGPBYE33), Nokia 3310 DS(MOBEVR8XS9RNZMSG), Nokia 3310 DS(MOBEVR8XWVWHE3HU), Salora Volt 2(MOBEVWCYD9RQ7BM3), Nokia TA-1174 / TA-1299(MOBEWXFKUAXUKQQA), Micromax X415 (Black)(MOBEZ9S7FF3FHWBN), Samsung Guru(MOBF54P4G66ZBJ9K), Samsung Guru(MOBF54P4WHZ6PX6G), Hicell C9 Metro(MOBF5DJF9EUDARJ5), LavaGem(MOBF94EQFANKSARH), Redmi 6A (Gold, 16 GB)(MOBF9HGZGZBBA8RX), LAVA A1(MOBFA799WMUH23TH), Kechaoda A26(MOBFCVSRURZV2NFR), Coolpad Mega 5M(MOBFDCH4E8EQB4NG), Coolpad Mega 5M(MOBFDCHZNZQJNAGZ), LAVA_A3(MOBFFTG38RKCAZRZ), Itel Power 400(MOBFFYCAFTMHKQEK), Kechaoda K33(MOBFGPG3GPZXKMUE), Snexian Rock (Gold)(MOBFGYGFZAWS9JRG), Micromax 378(MOBFH5RF9ZPSENZY), I Kall K39 (Yellow)(MOBFH9RDEFBGYBYR), Nokia 110 DS(MOBFHB83S427C8DZ), Micromax X415 (Blue)(MOBFHHGGUASXJGHR), Micromax 378(MOBFHW5YMQGDR9PC), Micromax X746(MOBFJWXBJMUVYQFG), Micromax X744(MOBFJXF68N4GGTGY), Micromax X412(MOBFJXFH6QUFHXKV), Good One Magic (Black)(MOBFK3PA2EYPZQVS), Micromax X741(MOBFK7ZSGHXTQ5FE), Good One Magic (Blue)(MOBFKNY3ZAW84RBY), LF5000_A5(MOBFMCVTHY5WEPFH), I Kall K112�Dual Sim Multimedia Keypad Mobile(MOBFMFZSVKYS8XRX), Micromax X749(MOBFP86S7N94RDFF), BlackZone ECO X (Yellow)(MOBFPY7H7ZHBHFHT), LAVA_A9(MOBFSMH9WHC3WHZZ), I Kall k6300 NEW (Coffee)(MOBFTYU5AGWV5GWE), Lava Pulse Mobile Phone-With BP & Heart Rate Monitor (Gold)(MOBFUKNKFVVB4RH5), H2_HERO600+(MOBFV6XBHVTGZZMQ), Nokia 150 DS (2020)(MOBFVD9GNYQYHWZQ), Nokia 150 DS (2020)(MOBFVD9GR6GBG69J), Nokia 125(MOBFVD9GZZQPFPPW), Micromax X419 (Black)(MOBFWGA9R6ANE4HF), Nokia DS 225(MOBFWGC95P78HQ7R), Nokia DS 225(MOBFWGC9PZYFARHA), LFF00_FLIP(MOBFX5SWAVQQE4HW), Itel IT2163 (Army Green)(MOBFXUGH9WPRYJAU), Itel Power 100 New (Black)(MOBFXUGHQDA9ZVJA), GFive U707 (Black & Red)(MOBFY666PUTSQR5W), Salora KT24+ Vishaal (Rose Gold)(MOBFYGBJWF94QV8F), GFive i2 (Dark Blue)(MOBFYPGRCMZWPK57), Energizer M1 (Black)(MOBFZ5UTC88A8WGZ), I Kall K3310 (Coal Black)(MOBFZZ4A8JWRFNQA), I Kall K444 (Flame Green)(MOBFZZ5NDQDJGAVZ), IAIR Basic Feature Dual Sim Mobile Phone with 2800mAh Battery, 1.77 inch Display Screen, 0.8 mp Camera with Big LED Torch (FPD14, Green) (Green)(MOBG2CGS3FXNKSG5), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4 (Mystic Gold)(MOBG53KGJR2M3HNG), Lava_A1_JOSH2021(MOBG5JYQUHGSHHSA), LF1000_A1_2021(MOBG5JYQZHBMYAQD), I Kall K130 New (Dark Blue)(MOBG5KFAAZE3NCEB), Itel A25 (Gradation Green, 16 GB) (1 GB RAM)(MOBG6F6G2CRDDDEG), M80(MOBG6H4QHWHA23T5), GFive U873 (Blue Red)(MOBG6KK8ZHA6GAY5), GFive U707 (Black Red)(MOBG6M4QDKVAGNU3), Micromax X416 (Red)(MOBG6XZB398Y4ZGP), Micromax X818 (Maroon)(MOBG6XZBBGUEFGH5), Micromax X818 (Blue)(MOBG6XZBJN3GNEQZ), Micromax X413 (Blue)(MOBG6XZBZFHNMYQY), Nokia 110 4G(MOBG6ZFZ6HKGAEYV), KARBONN K9 Yuva (Black & Red)(MOBG72AVVB6MCEX9), I Kall Z5 (Pink, 16 GB) (3 GB RAM)(MOBG72HRWE2QDXWF), LF3000_A3POWER(MOBG74YSZDJ5ZJHT), I Kall Z5 (Blue, 16 GB) (3 GB RAM)(MOBG7FGFFAE5KWBP), Good One G5605 (GOLD & BLACK)(MOBG7NG58BB4HEBH), Lava_A1500(MOBG85FZCZN2NS5D), Snexian Guru 313 (Gold)(MOBG88WHNTYHF4MV), Micromax X809 (Blue)(MOBG8HZEAHWT8FZ6), I Kall K55 Keypad Mobile 2.4 Inch, Dual Sim Red(MOBG955S94HD94RJ), GFive A7 Black + Blue(MOBG99GH3VQPRKWH), SAMSUNG GURU 1200 Black(MOBG9RBBXCEUEYH4), SAMSUNG Guru Music 2 Blue(MOBGA9U9XVMZ77NP), Intex Turbo 220+ Black+Gold(MOBGAGSVFKS4GTVT), Cellecor A40i ROYAL BLACK(MOBGBFQGGAPRZUYD), KARBONN Y1 Black, Red(MOBGBGB2BGAXVCRQ), Hero Punch(MOBGBKPP7BQN5F9J), Hero Punch(MOBGBKPPRD8KPJ7K), Nokia 105 TA-1416 DS Blue(MOBGC96FTSJBZQWA), ringme 2153 Red(MOBGCACRTWRGCQDK), Itel Ace 2 Deep Blue(MOBGCC98RKMXSTFH), I Kall Z5 Pro Navy, 16 GB 3 GB RAM(MOBGD34ED2PZHYYJ), I Kall Z5 Pro Purple, 16 GB 3 GB RAM(MOBGD37V8P9SKMYB), Eunity U1 Bullet Black(MOBGDE7XXQTGQ9NE), Kechaoda K55 Pro Rose Pink(MOBGDF3RNYVZQYDF), Nokia 105DS PLUS Charcoal(MOBGE2UHQZZE5TFN), Kechaoda K55 Pro Silver(MOBGE3XXDXZ6WH7W), GREENBERRI GB 310 BLACK + ORANGE(MOBGEBNG3SYYSDJT), Micromax X389 Blue(MOBGFG8TCTT9GVYE), Snexian GURU 310 Black(MOBGY3U7XYDG5RWC), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4 Silver(MOBGYH85RPBPZZGZ), Kechaoda K66 The Music House 4 Black(MOBGYH85VYKEC5HN), Kechaoda K116 Dark Blue(MOBGYMCXYMZEDVFN), Nokia 105 TA-1473 SS(MOBGK7ZZFEFXJWHU), Nokia 105 TA-1473 SS(MOBGC96FTSJBZQWA), Nokia 105 TA-1473 SS(MOBGHAHZBYZTMAXY), Nokia 105 TA-1473 SS(MOBGC96FRD7DB2R7), Nokia 105 TA-1473 SS(MOBGC96FYY5TVSUF), Vivo Y02t(MOBGPJWPTTYSZKQH), Vivo Y02t(MOBGPJWPVE86NYTG), Realme C53(MOBGTEVGHM9ZPZBB), Realme C53(MOBGTEVGGM7CTGXU), Realme C53(MOBGQY93QMZFZJVN), Realme C53(MOBGQY9378PDVDDC), Realme C53(MOBGQY939DG9GBQ8), Realme C53(MOBGQY93HQSAGAXG), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJWHQZS6BKP), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJWVWYAAVG5), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJW6YHHQDYU), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJWWRYSFC5P), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJWBPFYJSFT), Samsung Galaxy F13(MOBGENJWF4KJTPEN), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUQMTHYHSH), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUFNDXSGHS), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUSEFSWASX), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUZDW5JHYW), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUF389GDMP), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUZEMCKRGE), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUPTU7DNCA), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFU4HBKKFSN), Vivo T2x 5G(MOBGZBFUZHRYUKVR), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFKKDQ2A3V4), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFK2MGRNG4Q), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFKKGYD9ETX), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFKTHKQSJEG), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFK4CSR7GGH), Redmi 12(MOBGRMFKAHNTZPWE), POCO C51(MOBGSPJPFSS9JJDW), POCO C51(MOBGSPJPH3UZHMEQ), POCO C51(MOBGZCQFCWNDK89P), POCO C51(MOBGZCQFWM5HZHXX), Realme C51(MOBGSQGGZ7HQMEZD), Realme C51(MOBGSQGGC7NY4PXC), Realme C51(MOBGU8PYQNEGCN7H), Realme C51(MOBGU8PYH4CHK2YS), Infinix HOT 30i(MOBGNPK2U9WQFJZX), Infinix HOT 30i(MOBGNPK2ZTGZBRXE), Infinix HOT 30i(MOBGNPK29ZWFHGGD), Infinix HOT 30i(MOBGNPK2GNWPUGWW), 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5G(MOBGBEU7RTZFGZUQ), Moto g82 5G(MOBGBEU7KZR9AGHS), Moto g82 5G(MOBGBEU7M8JS7BUA), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQTF5WJZWGZJ), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQRR6Z8CA6PU), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGD7GSMZYV6URY), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQRYPFFZE9GA), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQR7KJTRFSJM), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQSU8SPQYSCW), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGDE3GW7YDYDDV), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGDD7K823GNF4D), Mi Redmi Note 11 PRO Plus 5G(MOBGCQSBUPZHUNZB), REDMI 10A(MOBGDRGHADGM3XJS), REDMI 10A(MOBGDRJ2N7HM7GZA), REDMI 10A(MOBGE9E3TSXTNGHG), Mi REDMI 10A(MOBGDRGQXGRHUJS2), Mi REDMI 10A(MOBGDRGHYWAAZDVD), Mi REDMI 10A(MOBGDRGY2TNHJQTW), Mi REDMI 10A(MOBGDRGV2UAGZYZG), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUT9M84NDDYQN), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUTCX7GZMWPHZ), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUSCC57HCZGKG), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUSEP5YQJK4RE), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUTBVDZHZSG2P), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUT5YRUHBGQH3), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUT9YYVEXJHF2), Redmi 9 Prime(MOBFUSED4AYBFUVH), Vivo 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(1)(MOBGCYGPFEGDMYQR), Nothing Phone (1)(MOBGCYGPWXYRRNB4), Nothing Phone (1)(MOBGCYGPXKY9H62J), Nothing Phone (1)(MOBGCYGPPQJTUNMZ), Nothing Phone (1)(MOBGCYGPYZCNURHT), OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G(MOBGFPE5YNUF6NDV), OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G(MOBGFPE5MK68PHTJ), OPPO Reno8 5G(MOBGFPE5BHY8QGEH), OPPO Reno8 5G(MOBGFPE5ZNPQQWXV), Pixel 6A(MOBGFKX5YUXD74Z3), Pixel 6A(MOBGFWEZ5SKU84Z8), Infinix Note 12 5G(MOBGFGVXFAY9A5Z3), Infinix Note 12 5G(MOBGFGVXV3SYNHQ6), Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G(MOBGFGVXVMTFJGTD), Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G(MOBGFGVXPBSV9FG6), Lava Blaze(MOBGEUHVHACP42QV), Lava Blaze(MOBGEUHVFUZZBHJW), Lava Blaze(MOBGEUHVFVZFGFFG), Lava Blaze(MOBGFA7T3E3NJBSQ), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZYZSNW7JX), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZYSVXEAHC), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZKWEHRZBV), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZR25JKP8Y), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZMXMNUCYF), vivo T1 X(MOBGG56ZFNPMHBWE), Infinix Smart 6 HD(MOBGGMHWHDPHYSNX), Infinix Smart 6 HD(MOBGGMHWZZR7GB6R), Infinix Smart 6 HD(MOBGGMHWHZCN2MSG), Infinix HOT 12(MOBGHY3ZZNPU26HB), Infinix HOT 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Plus 5G(MOBGGG2YQRVKYPYH), Galaxy S22 Plus 5G(MOBGGG2YVYQF6PDY), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YTNPAFPYW), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YE6TMSZM7), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YB7VYZS4G), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YA4MHBBZZ), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YMRSPFFSP), Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G(MOBGGG2YXGCNUHAW), realme C30s(MOBGHBJGUT83KCY8), realme C30s(MOBGHBJGCTJKDSSG), realme C30s(MOBGHBJGV3HEVRZW), realme C30s(MOBGHBJGXUPMKZEF), realme C30(MOBGF37GTRVMRJVK), realme C30(MOBGF37G7FRK8FBJ), realme C30(MOBGF37G8TGKHFWJ), realme C30(MOBGF37GWT4TGVZM), realme C30(MOBGF37GUWGZQYGR), realme C30(MOBGF37GMBMYRFBK), realme C33(MOBGHBJGFKM7MNQH), realme C33(MOBGHBJGF9QZYSZX), realme C33(MOBGHBJGGVPHHTYQ), realme C33(MOBGHBJG3M6FB35G), realme C33(MOBGHBJG8NWDGK6T), realme C33(MOBGHBJGZ3GYDFD2), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZYZSNW7JX), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZYSVXEAHC), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZKWEHRZBV), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZR25JKP8Y), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZMXMNUCYF), vivo T1X(MOBGG56ZFNPMHBWE), Samsung Galaxy S21 FE(MOBGBNBDZJ5Q3RXK), Samsung 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Turbo(MOBGM5WMRVKJTZD4), Infinix Zero 5G Turbo(MOBGM5WM4WZJSUZH), vivo V27 Pro 5G(MOBGN48FH5QXAZ3K), vivo V27 Pro 5G(MOBGN48FCBHMFUX9), vivo V27 Pro 5G(MOBGN39EKJPAXYYX), vivo V27 Pro 5G(MOBGN48FWCZPCHXG), vivo V27(MOBGNCWFNAFYBVPC), vivo V27(MOBGNCWFZZUHHAFD), vivo V27(MOBGNCWF4SRPVPRU), vivo V27(MOBGNCWFHEACGHEE), Moto G73(MOBGKHNBYHG9SBGG), Moto G73(MOBGKHNB3VDGJFVZ), OPPO Find N2(MOBGN2NDCSQ3F3JY), OPPO Find N2(MOBGN2NDWGYJTN8R), POCO X5(MOBGNBFB6VKBCARX), POCO X5(MOBGNBFBPH6Q5ZN4), POCO X5(MOBGNBFBJ3FZHRPX), POCO X5(MOBGNBFBZBKUEVM6), POCO X5(MOBGNBFBUJCBTPUB), POCO X5(MOBGNBFBABFZR3UR), Moto G32 8GB(MOBGM2EHJUTMXMFV), Moto G32 8GB(MOBGM2EHGUNGDDQR), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFNHKNP8XFG), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFN6EZTDAPU), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFNDYQR9WH4), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFNNZER2WZW), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFNDPGNJ7HY), Samsung F14(MOBGNBFNE6KGXCCR), moto G13(MOBGM2EHGGHQ9GN7), moto G13(MOBGM2EHC4YKWXMB), moto G13(MOBGKHNBZCGVVYFQ), moto G13(MOBGKHNBEWZG4KYR), redmi note 12 4G(MOBGNYHZYZ4CNTCM), 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Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media
Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Custom Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Custom Email (HTML)
Native Ads
Social Media
Disallowed Media
POP Traffic
Facebook Ads
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Important Information for Flipkart Program
Tracking Details:
Flipkart campaign does not help with the missing transactions.

Tracking Details 
  • Please note your commission can take up-to 72 hours after your shipment has been dispatched for delivery to track for Flipkart.
  • Please note that Flipkart does not allow to advertise affiliate links as a cashback offer.
  • New Customer is defined as the 1st order/transaction done by a customer on Flipkart.com in the last 6 months (counting from the date of transaction). 
  • Affiliate tracking on all Mobile Apps is possible only through Deeplink Affiliate URLs
  • You will not receive any referral payouts (affiliate commission) for purchases done on the following: Mobile Recharges, Value Added Services, Flipkart First subscription, iOS & Windows App Installs (both Direct as well as Fallback), and/or any other products/ services/categories notified by us.

Conversion Flow:

1. User makes a purchase on Website/ Mobile site/App
2. Sale is counted & added

For  TV , there will be  zero commission  on the below PIDs for July 2023 :


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About Flipkart Campaign
Be it for shopping, selling or affiliate marketing, Flipkart is one of the best online stores with its massive range of products and services across numerous categories like electronics, fashion, home décor, baby care, gaming, books, automobile, sports and more. Scores of affiliate marketers have made tons of money promoting the Flipkart affiliate program on their site. If you want to be a part of the Flipkart affiliate marketing program too, all you need to do is sign up with Cuelinks and start using our tools. This 2 minute content monetization tool helps you monetise your site easily and promote other affiliate programs along with Flipkart affiliate program. You will earn Flipkart affiliate commission based on the category of the product that a user purchases on Flipkart via your website.
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Flipkart Affiliate Program 2024: Earn Upto 15% Affiliate Commission on every Order

Flipkart Affiliate Registration 2024 is live on Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing platform where you can easily join the Flipkart Affiliate Program for free and start earning good Flipkart affiliate commission from day 1.

What is the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program?

Flipkart Affiliate Program lets you earn commission on getting a sale via your online platforms. You can be an influencer, blogger, YouTuber, or anyone with some audience so that promotion can be done and sales can be generated. Join Flipkart Affiliate Marketing for free with Cuelinks.

Flipkart Affiliate with Cuelinks Performance Marketing Platform

There are many crucial reason to start your Flipkart Affiliate journey with Cuelinks and those are -
  1. Easy Signup to Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program
  2. Flipkart Affiliate Campaign is a exclusively offered by Cuelinks and known as one of the very active affiliate marketing campaign
  3. You can register for Flipkart Affiliate with lower audience base
  4. Good Flipkart Affiliate Commission with Cuelinks
  5. On-time commission payout to your bank account
  6. User friendly Flipkart Affiliate dashboard to easily manage and track your Flipkart Affiliate Marketing performance.


Why did the Flipkart affiliate program stop?

Flipkart has at times stopped their affiliate program in the past. Reasons being marketers degrading their reputation by using malpractices to generate sales, not following affiliate marketing policies, etc. However, for a long time now, the Flipkart affiliate program is in full swing and welcoming marketers from all regions of India and Cuelinks giving you the opportunity to register for the Flipkart Affiliate hassle free.

What is the Flipkart Affiliate App?

Flipkart affiliate app is where you can check all your campaign details like commission rates, payout categories, audience behavior, etc on the go. Thus, makes it super convenient for publishers to track and monetize their content. So, in Cuelinks platform we have inbuilt Flipkart Affiliate App to track and monitor each and everything related to your own Flipkart Affiliate Marketing in no time.

Why is Flipkart affiliate registration not working?

Few years back, publishers used to get the ‘something went wrong’ error while doing a Flipkart affiliate registration. The reason why Flipkart affiliate registration was not working was assumed to be unacceptance of new publishers due to the high pool of existing ones. However, now things have changed due to advances in the affiliate marketing world. Moreover, Cuelinks gives chances to even those with a minimal audience to start their Flipkart affiliate marketing journey, that too at good commission rates!

How to do a Flipkart affiliate login for a new account?

Flipkart affiliate new users need to generate an API token for getting logged in for the first time. Don’t worry, the Cuelinks team will assist you from start to finish on this. Also, they will guide you on how to get the best out of your Flipkart affiliate account.

How to do Flipkart affiliate registration?

Flipkart affiliate registration is done & dusted in just 5 mins! Simply input your name, number, email, platform url, and other basic information to get registered. Soon you will get verified, after which you can pick your desired Flipkart campaigns, add some monetization codes, and start earning!

How to join a Flipkart affiliate for free?

Cuelinks offers free Flipkart affiliate program so you can join just by signing up. Moreover, the team will help you in getting started and also let you know which campaigns will best fit for your content, and how to monetize well so that your efforts get you the money you deserve.

Flipkart Affiliate Program commission details

Commission rates in the Flipkart Affiliate Program will vary based on the product categories. You will be paid based on the CPS (cost per sale) model. Total commissions will be paid after tracking and validation. The best part here is that the tracking and validation success rate is 95%!

Flipkart Affiliate Program terms and conditions

You need to follow Flipkart Affiliate Program terms and conditions to get paid successfully. For instance, Flipkart T&Cs say that you cannot use POP Traffic, Facebook Ads, and SEM (Brand & Generic Keywords to generate sales. Flipkart might permanently ban you as an affiliate partner so make sure to follow its policies strictly.

Flipkart Affiliate Program in Hindi

Sadly, Flipkart Affiliate Program is not available in Hindi. However, Cuelinks team have assisted 100+ Flipkart Affiliate marketers in Hindi so your campaign performance will be taken care of. They will also teach you to understand important metrics which are essential to make more money.

Flipkart Affiliate Program requirements

Flipkart Affiliate Program requires you to be an social media influencer, blogger, Coupon and deal site owner, YouTuber, Telegram channel, Whatsapp group/channel owner, etc. In short, you should have a readymade audience to market. However, with Cuelinks around, you can be anyone, even without any audience as the team will help you get into the Flipkart affiliate network, and grow in time.

Flipkart Affiliate Program customer care number

You can contact the Cuelinks Flipkart Affiliate Program customer care team on [email protected] anytime. You will also get a dedicated executive for all queries once you start your Flipkart journey on Cuelinks.

Flipkart Affiliate marketing kaise kare?

Cuelinks takes care of all the monetization work behind the scenes so that you can focus on your content. Thus, you just need to sign up, monitor reports, check commission rates, payout categories, and keep earning!

How do the Flipkart Affiliate marketing links work?

Flipkart Affiliate marketing links are money making links. When a user clicks on it, he/she gets redirected to the Flipkart product page, and a cookie is created. This cookie stays for around 30 minutes by which if the user makes any purchase from Flipkart, sale is counted, and commission is tracked.


Where can I apply for Flipkart Affiliate program?

With Cuelinks you can easily join Flipkart Affiliate Program easily and upto 15% sale commission. 

Can I do affiliate marketing with Flipkart?

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing with Flipkart using Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing platform for free.