Boddess Affiliate Program

Boddess Payout Categories
Category Payout

On order of Rs.1300 and above

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On order of Rs.1299 and below

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Media Allowed/Disallowed

Allowed Media
Text Link
Cashback, Reward Points, Incentives, Charity
Email (Text)
Email (HTML)
Social Media
Disallowed Media
Custom Email (Text)
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POP Traffic
Native Ads
Facebook Ads
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SEM - Generic Keyword(s)
SEM - Brand + Generic Keyword(s)
Countries Allowed

Important Information for Boddess Program
Tracking Details:
Tracking - Offline

Allowed-Disallowed Media:

Minimum AOV (if any) - Rs.1300/-
How many times orders are allowed- 2 times per user
Payout Applicable for all users or new/existing- all

Special Instructions:

1. Orders should be segregated among the multiple brands, for any specific publisher orders more than 20% for single brand won’t be entertained. Please plan the inventories accordingly.
2. 80% of the orders should be from a new user account.

Validation Criteria- Successful delivered orders except for RTO & exchange as per the client report.
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About Boddess Campaign
At Boddess – India’s finest beauty-tech retailer that aspires to transform the way people discover beauty and grooming by combining cutting edge technology, experiential retail and the finest brands from around the world. They just made our first splash in January 2020 and can’t wait to meet you in person towards the end of 2020. Stay tuned, because the future of beauty is here. Through personalized product curations, state of the art gadgets, and indispensable talent from across the globe – they're redefining the ultimate customer experience and elevating your commitment to beauty from a transaction to a lifelong relationship.
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