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Payout on Order Value of Rs. 1100 and Above

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Payout on Order Value of Rs. 1099 and Below

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Important Information for Almo Program
Tracking Details:
Missing Transactions: Please click on this link to know more

Target Audience: Males 23-34 age group

Validation Criteria: Payout on Prepaid delivered orders only

Target Geo: Attached - Best performing Regions and Cities
1)      Karnataka
2)      Delhi
3)      Maharashtra
4)      Haryana
5)      Uttar Pradesh

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About Almo Campaign
<div><span>Almo, entrenched in the Italian art of sophistication, was born with the desire to bring to you stylish comfort day-in and day-out. Every piece that we create is tastefully stitched to perfection and panders to your sense of individuality<br>Built for a formidable man like you, who leaves no stone unturned in his journey to success, we ensure comfort &amp; functionality that never fails. Drawing inspiration from the Wolf, an animal as unbound and spirited as you, we have meticulously crafted each garment that is stitched to perfection to let you follow your heart and mind unshackled from any discomfort.<br></span></div><div><br></div>
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