Zotezo affiliate marketing program

Zotezo Affiliate program


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1.User makes purchase
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About Zotezo Affiliate Campaign

Zotezo is India’s one-step wellness destination, which aims to promote good health, beauty and fitness in India. It brings a wide range of innovative and reliable sports, fitness and diet products, beauty and personal care products, maternity and child care products, home décor and home appliances for its customers. While taking care of the health of its customers, Zotezo also promotes the wealth of online publishers through the Zotezo affiliate program. If you have a site or blog revolving around health and wellness and lifestyle, the Zotezo affiliate program is perfect for you. To be a Zotezo affiliate marketing partner, all you have to do is sign up with Cuelinks and start promoting Zotezo products on your site or blog. You can either create individual affiliate links using our Link Kit, or add the readymade Cuelinks JavaScrip code in your footer, after which all your merchant links will be automatically converted in to affiliate links. You can also promote the Zotezo affiliate program through ads using Cuewidgets, or through Cuewords, which automatically identifies certains words and transforms them revenue generating hyperlinks.