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Xoxoday Affiliate program


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1. User makes purchase
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  • Please report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of transaction. Know More

About Xoxoday Affiliate Campaign

Xoxoday, formerly known as Giftxoxo & Frogo, is a 5 year old company which started in 2012. With close to 200 employees and seed funded by Mahindra Group and Kshatriya Ventures, it aims to democratise the last mile activity and experience industry.We believe that Every city in this world is Unique with People making it different. It’s the Culture & the Arts, the Dance forms, the Landscape, the Rejuvenation Styles, the Work-Life, the Trade & the Commerce, Authentic Food, Modern Outlook, Agriculture, Passionate People, the Heritage Sites, the Adopted Culture, the Communities etc. that categorize them Uniquely. The true flavour of this uniqueness can be carved out Only ‘By The People & For The People’. Change manifests when the People of the City drive this Uniqueness.