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Viking BE Affiliate program

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Important Information for Viking BE Affiliate Program

Affiliate Terms and Conditions
Viking BE programme conditions
The following terms and conditions must be accepted by the affiliate before Viking can admit the affiliate to the program.
Dutch Law applies to these conditions

a) Sales – is net sales (e.g. gross sales excluding VAT, rejected orders, and products returned).
b) New customers - means customers who have never ordered from Viking before and therefore do not have a customer number with Viking.
c) Commission - the percentage paid on sales of each transaction that can be traced back to your website.
d) Cookie period - the period in which a sale/transaction can be assigned to the affiliate after a visitor clicks on an affiliate link.
e) Transaction Queries - Collective term for submitting transaction disputes where, for example, no commission has been assigned to a purchase or the order amount over which the commission has been calculated varies.
f) Keyword Advertising - a form of online advertising where bidding/advertising is done on keywords in search engines or equivalent media.
g) Voucher Code(s) - also called discount codes, vouchers or promotional codes are online codes that can be entered at the time of purchase to obtain some form of discount or other benefits as a customer.
h) Cashback - is a classification of affiliates whose members/visitors receive money back as a benefit when conducting transactions with affiliated third parties.
i) Loyalty - is a classification of affiliates from which their members/visitors obtain loyalty points as an advantage when conducting transactions with related third parties.
j) Fundraising - is a classification of affiliates whose members/visitors have the opportunity to make a donation and/or raise funds for charity when carrying out transactions with affiliated third parties.

Commission structure:

•Standard commission: 3%
•Voucher/discount code partners: 3%
•Cashback, loyalty &  fundraising partners: 5%

Excluded products from the Viking Affiliate Program:
The commission of these products is 0%:

-Apple Products

Cookie period
The Cookie period for the Viking Affiliate program is set to 30 days.

Transaction Queries
•Dispute date may not be longer than 4 months from the time of the conversion date;
•Conversion reference format: 00xxxxxxx;
•The conversion value is excluding VAT and shipping costs;
•The conversion value must be entered in the local currency.

Keyword Advertising / PPC
Keyword Advertising via search engines, including but not limited to Google, is not allowed.

It is not allowed to bid/advert on Viking brand names; Viking in a broad sense and literal use, as well as bid/advert on all possible spelling mistakes, e.g. Vikigen, Vikink, Weiking and Vikin in all variants.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to bid/advert on brands of direct competitors.

It is also not allowed to bid/advert on brands that are affiliated and/or owned by Viking, including but not limited to: Office Depot, Niceday, Foray etc.

We reserve the right to exclude affiliates who bid/advertise on our brands in search engines from the Viking Affiliate program and to reject any commissions generated for payment.

Visible URLs
It is not allowed to use the URL of Viking in the visible URL of advertisements to bring out your own medium/website. E.g.,,, or any other variant of the Viking website such as:, etc.

It is also not allowed to use our trademark or brand name as part of the URL in a sub-domain, e.g.

We reserve the right to exclude affiliates from the Viking Affiliate Program and reject any commissions generated for payment if the above rules regarding 'Visible URLs' are violated.

However, it is permitted to use our trademark in the URL if it is a sub-folder of the main domain name, e.g.

Voucher terms and conditions
Viking does not allow the usage of vouchers by customers receiving cashback and loyalty points on their purchase. Therefore, commissions will not be assigned to purchases where cashback/loyalty points are to be earned in combination with a voucher redemption. In addition, Viking will only allow Voucher and Content Publishers to promote vouchers that have been distributed by the Viking Affiliate Team.
Guidelines for Cashback/Loyalty Affiliates (& Fundraising)

•Clearly communicate to the customer that cashback/loyalty points will not be earned when a voucher is used with the purchase. Please mention this on the Viking Merchant Page, so customers are aware of the voucher terms and conditions.
•If customers are able to supply Transaction Queries (TQ’s) on your website, make sure this message is also stated here, to avoid misunderstandings.
•Orders whereby a voucher has been used, will receive  0% commission and therefore no Cashback or Loyalty points will be paid out.

Guidelines for Voucher & Content Partners

•Viking vouchers may only be used by affiliates selected by Viking.
•Affiliates are only allowed to distribute specific codes with our permission. These codes will be communicated to affiliates via the Affiliate Newsletter.
•It is not allowed to take voucher codes out of our customer newsletters or other sources.
•Invalid, expired and non-affiliate voucher codes, should not be placed online, with or without an affiliate link.
Furthermore, we refer you to the general voucher terms and conditions which can be found at the following location, so that you, as an affiliate, are aware and can correctly inform your visitors:

Other terms and conditions
Affiliate partners are not permitted to place hyperlinks on websites associated with the following content: politics, erotica, pornography, weapons, violence, violence glorification, drugs, and criminal websites.

Additional information
•Cookie time sales: 30 days
•Maximum inspection time: 60 days
•Prepayment program: No
•Product feed: Yes
•Make your own deep links: Yes (deeplink generator) *
•Own publisher references: Yes
•Allow partner pixels: Yes
•Secure tracking links: Yes
•Reporting API: Yes
•Mobile site: Yes (responsive)
•Voucher Code Tracking: Yes

•Keyword marketing: Not allowed
•Email marketing: Not allowed
•Cashback sites: Allowed
•Discount code sites: Allowed
•Social media: Allowed
•Retargeting: Not allowed
•Display advertising: Allowed to a limited extent

*For campaign tracking it is advised to only use the campaign links that Viking has included in the Cuelinks system!

If these terms and conditions are not clear to you at any point, we expect you to contact the Viking affiliate team to clarify any uncertainties: [email protected].